my biography

One as many, as no one .. I am writing to give rise to passion and my ideas of life, full life and full of feelings and emotions that arise from the facts of daily life.Why call a blog awareness of the soul? you say! through simple practices like yoga and meditation I have increased my knowledge within, which was poor for some time, then one day I got sick and there I knew something had to change, a long path has led me to know myself better and understand who I was, so finding happiness in life, in small gestures and the desire to write, I had abandoned for years.Like all revolutions are huge passions back then, they say! So I created the blog, in the interest of sharing the happiness and excitement with others, also because it is my philosophy: "by life who love to receive love is the only way you become used to excel, not intended to become a star but excel is to be humble in what you do, do even the most humble of things work, but do it with passion and humility, that means having "grace" and be intended to "excel". I follow my discipline of Kundalini yoga, which you can read in countless articles and books, the discipline has changed my soul and body, I light a path, that of peace and friendship, respect for others.
Writing is life for me, to transform the emotions and stories of the people in sentences is an honor for me, I'm not a writer or poet, as are all of you.The idea of ​​creating awareness about the soul is born in December of 2010, as already mentioned freely express my ideas.Freedom that allows me to meet people and talk to them now disseminate my writings through the most popular social network, but it's up to you to share what I write if you are enrolled in any social and you think you deserve what you write.Maybe tomorrow there will be an evolution to what I write, but today I'm happy to give emotions to those who read my post.
To know more leave a comment in the blog will be a pleasure for me to answer you and keep you informed of all developments consapevolezzadellanima and friends on various social networks on which they are present:
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