giovedì 30 giugno 2011

The day will

The eyes are crossed, eyes to scrutinize what the soul wants, no one among many and in a magical world stops time, two lovers in the crowd, not words, but already love it ..
Too many people to fill that stadium, concert music with the sound to invade the hearts of the fans, the lights go out is now the beginning of the show. Silence for a moment, to create smoke coming out of the atmosphere, lights begin to glow and the melody breaks the silence, the crowd roaring start in its sound that exposes the joy of the event. All spaces and neighbors stood, all focused on the notes that they are listening, singing in the song that they hear many, many live the excitement dancing, looks like a normal moment of happiness, but this does not exclude a love that is about to be born.
He, like many young, in his exaltation of the moment and feels like to be observed, subtle perception, in the midst of that event, he turns around and does not understand that strange feeling, perhaps imaginary, but pushed as a drive that does not bridle his research. Twists and turns, rises and jumps, amongst all those people, you see ...Eyes that look, a petite girl, beautiful, sweet and penetrating gaze, is no contact between them. Everything becomes silent for a moment, there is no one, the space between them is absent and with an eye have already said everything. Absurd to think of him, that which pervades his mind-thousandth of a second, then stay in contact, like a magnet that can not break away from that look that attracts the magnet, she is far away, incited the crowd is now full and the instant the absence of everything is back to the reality of the show. His heart beats fast guy, knows he must reach it, the thought is not unique and the girl as a symbiosis brain feels the same. Moving madness now! Folly to go against that mass of people crowded, but nothing holds back what should have been, that no eye contact feel, there is the sense of the forces received and there is no 'deafening noise that everyone wants.
Start a slow sway through the crowd, the two boys are moving, slow and tiring, but the eyes are in a communication to all this raises, step by step, the distances are shorter, pushes the crowd, but they are driven by a force that is beyond what the body is opposed by the masses that flock. Steps and steps yet, now they are close, they both stop .. Wonderful moment, who wants to be contemplated, even by a small distance, steps and steps, are close and never been away.
Now they are facing each other, there are words that should be wasted in the crowd, the hands have the first contact, sweet and light, touch and feel what the eyes had already told, nothing is absurd, the time is magic, a day that will come.The show is not yet finished, the hands remain in contact, but they are absent in the crowd, you observe and try to continue to live the concert, but this leaves them increasingly. There are hearts waiting for the end of all that surrounds them, time passes and the concert has just ended and the curtain falls and all lights in the stadium, people begin their procession to go away. Them, those two guys, who like a spell are met are firm and do not move, now they are just words and have not yet been said, perhaps for the moment neither of them wants to interrupt the beauty of the thing. It 's time to go and they also step by step, hand in hand leaving the show now over.
The day will come, will their magic, live for now that the end is not looking for that moment is beautiful and sweet, everything else can wait now. The night is still full and the moon smiles you young lovers, who at that time are placing their never-ending dream, there is no thought of tomorrow, this is now and do not want to spend all this. What you will find out a little at a time, in what the eyes have already told their distance.

The silence speaks

The face displays the expressions that sends the mind, unconscious expressions that protect our life and this reinforces the word, the contact is away, countless hidden spaces and distant horizons that do not admire the landscape in its majesty and peace.
Everything is amplified, noise alone, his face contorted exposes the dissent of life, pain of living that seems rampant, comments and words, are too full of this, why? It remains an endless search, capillary, which is not always appropriate responses at the time that people live.
Wayfarers of the words that are not exposed responses, meetings to seek what they seem endless illusions, then you realize more and more, everything is pure and as an actor reads a fantastic live experience of acting together, everything is beautiful in the end, silence took the floor and seems to be a controversial show, but it remains a possible experience. Only it is not obvious, because it is in us and that we live in the states, the need to relate this to anything, who would understand? Madness is the word on the use, beautiful and mystic who says everything and nothing in the millennium which we live, where normality is always apparent, but the end is always given as an absolute limit to those in which his life can not understand nor hear.
The silence must speak, this is just a feeling, because if we live for moments or even forever and play it's no wonder the players do not want is a never put anyone on a different level, freedom is to accept This is a fixed point that arises in the non-judgmental, easy to live in what the theater of life offers. The person who feels determitati concepts, is free to think and say whatever he wants, so nothing changes if a person claims a thesis is absurd to say is not true, then in his talk, my living and your silence, but silence is not exposes words, silence is deep and everything will be told not penetrate, they will, as a thing devoid of appearance.
The great thing is to feel free of these patterns, in the end, the question always arises of how to do to have this. I think and I say this for my simple experience that you have to give something for something, and that nothing happens like a miracle according to observe life without doing anything would be simple and complex at the same time, but I remain convinced however, that we can have a particular condition only if we start from a principle of acceptance and listening to ourselves, where we are observers of us. Then decide what path do is spontaneous, there 'meditator, there is' those who dive into various kinds of practices that provide for our self, the options are endless, but all are not without hard work and climbing.
Wondering if you have results? It 'the first error that one does is to not ask and do you accept the bet and the risk of the thing, but it is nice to be free and peaceful and all without a hope becomes what we want. Over time it all makes sense and the pain of living with those interminable sentences that break in the mind fall silent and the silence begins to speak, but then again this should be a research done consciously and not so much because I say I can or can not have this but simply because no one can ever promise to let us have, and ask the expectation undo it all, is a simple way where walking without posing too many problems and get a result that is coming is always a gift full of mystery.
Is free to walk away with nothing to ask and becomes the "rumor" that lives in the mind, because the silence has now taken the word, who say that we are, say and refute it, nothing will import, if we'll get to that, we will be actors with actors and silent in ourselves and always happy. We will not be absent in contact with life and pretend to be actors in the midst of the actors who are conceited and always want to be beyond us, we will be involved and ridereme happy, but we've found, and no peace and no one can touch us in our deep, back home after many quarrels, the faithful will remain in that place where he was born, will not be with us and in us. This is the one that says "silence speaks" a simple life where we are free and calm and happiness there is taken away, because it has strong roots in us, and then remains and is perpetuated.

The diamond that shines

In us there, what in nature shines its light, malleable only by himself, Diamond that radiates light, and has value ..All have their value and shine, all are modifiable by other human beings, will not be what you are, but what you have unconsciously learned to make yourself heard and Matt ...
Simple words that tell of the wisdom of others exposed, and everything becomes everything belongs sharing, but it remains opaque object, the copy reproduced words that do not prosper and not harm, imagined that grows between hopes and expectations, which is not supported if you do not exhibit the extreme theories, too bad I would say if I had created the world!, But I am and remain a particle irreverent and subtle, made up of my thoughts and personal matter and that nothing should be so, free will to read ...
Diamond shines in us who we are exposing our simple nature, flaws and strengths, appearance, everything is included, but in the end only if we shine in what is our true nature, in which case no point in talking to expose who we are, the our arguments and ideas, all they see in their silence, what they want to see. Life often is this the only way to accept it, it remains true that not all application, but that there will be no rules except that, if the thought of others becomes opaque projection that we will come to the rebellion this is wrong, but is unavoidable We are human and as such an action is a reaction.
What then happens is the result of a series of developments, aimed at bringing to the outside impose our light, it becomes disperse our shine, we real diamonds shining souls, we have fallen into the trap. To be and not belonging, is the phrase to remember, we know who we are and we should not show it, but talk we must not impose our thoughts, we leave that everything flows, everything goes as it should, so the light will never end. So there will always be someone who will test, there will always be situations that will put our experience to trip, it is normal evidence of a newspaper that is not linear, we are unique and spenders, shining souls of the way that we accept the consequences. Everything lives in a space where what happens is simple understanding, processing and acceptance processes that do not affect our shine, and we know no one and nothing is opacified. There will be moments where the sadness in us, we belong to the pain. Life, life, life, like a mantra in my mind that eliminates the recurring thought that deceives, we know that will not break what about us, not what will not make us shine. And if we fall, and then say, no harm, "I do not know what life teaches us," a phrase that remains simple and understandable, free thinking and free interpretation. People will see this, I say and I repeat it, but should never be our pride and not a disappointment, envy going on in life that are just too many, though a humble person understand his way and will shine like a diamond, can decide whether to expose or be over, if you will expose more people to put in a position to rise and not fall to us and our words. Why this? One will wonder, humility shines and who does the pedantic is always opaque, intrinsic desire that feeds the ego protagonist. Everything will be all day, no matter, one step at a time and the time is stopped, this is my simple thought.
At the end of a diamond that shines is to accept that these conditions are not deprivation, but simple and natural to listen to the soul in its depths is teaching us, free listening remains as free is the life I want for everyone.


Experience the terror that we put on a pedestal, a desire that all of our resemblance, being weak leads to compassion, will turn the world around us, but we will never be happy, happiness will always be overwhelmed by fear of the truth, which remains hidden, as a reminder that we cancel, and that we no longer find in the book of memories, memories exhausted, in all that you want to see the next to be similar in unison ...
Freedom means the end of the scream, fear is a concept not a reality that lives within us always, shows its full strength and we live in unhappiness, would tell the other way too, we will look dazed, who wants to be happy today?, Everyone, but everyone swim against the tide.
In the morning ask the question you'll hear today? You answer this question? I do not know, letting go is simple, the mind is to see the deception, which fills the ego of the attention we want, not want the hand of others, we do not want to compromise, and we remain attached to what it is, we are at the mercy events that would hide what really.
Now, the infinite want, want your happiness, fear is not constant juncture, we decide it must be the constant that we share too many, no one wants to isolation, which shows in her smile without a reason, should not be always a reason to say that we will or we will not be, we are. Happy, happy shall we be if we decide that this is in us, there always was, Let us experience it more.
Everything is not for everyone, this does not belong to everyone, but too many moments we spend to feel the tears that wet clothes in the chest, this is normal, maybe ....Normal is that one day is a day, 24 hours, where we see the diamond that shines its light, and not afraid to say and not to be instant and constant, we are all human and fear is a sign that the mind negative places us as a wake-up call, said to be intuitive to what happens, it says that is the whole, this is misrepresenting someone falls, hands to comfort waits, waits, but the solution is instant, we used to breed be in need of all, we all need in life, but not to be raised to our nature, we are beautiful, perfect, but we are weak to the adverse conditions that put us on their knees, in us there is a cure, the way in people remains the vehicle, through, not the solution.
"Free thinking always, the merits of a thought itself," which I speak, do not impose listening, everything is a stream of my feelings, I would say that the life, air and land in all, I story ...
Arriving as always exposed to conclude this thought, is the reflection that every free person can do, to decide whether to be happy and live it as a mantra in the morning puts in us the way, is a habit that starts and who goes, it seems incredible to say, but if you decide in the morning that happiness is within us, she lives in us and manifests itself, is not an abandonment of hope is the thing, then there will be tough moments, but she will always be in us. Or decide to stay what we are leaves in the wind, weeping and looking for a solution to our happiness, research and research of miracles, but miracles are within us, not in words and things, are vehicles, but if we need comes the desire, the true nature of being the one that we are being happy and joyful, but if this is taken and you think that everything that surrounds us and only do what we must do, we are still unhappy, there will be moments of happiness, but it will be induced and not lasting.
The stimuli used to understand and to hope that they do not solve what we have to solve, easy to think that as the sun rises every day, so we that we are part of this universe we are happy every day, there are eclipses, there is night, but always shine like a sun in our happiness.

Me, You, we

In my live I have the words in your will You in my IO is not me, in the form of earthly life will end sooner or later, in words that recall the time, you'll see your own, that no one can change the We will be the words of the future ..
The ego is excess of what the person says, I own, I am, I will, I live in my forgetting what life can give, give a smile and gets you inside the other people, this would be the future of us, united and harmonious in the ever ..
Dissolve the concept of 'me, life is difficult but this will happen if you love, love deeply and feel that grow in you that makes you open the treasure chest in your totality as the light that you know make, then your ego lives in his ego, and becomes a you, in life, the 'I' is and remains to take a stand, to love, but there is no position but to be one with the other, one of us. you to an observer.
When a person believes and lives this simple feeling life, universal love to put the source of happiness, he feels that there is no need to say I, I, I will tell you more, this is because we're here on earth as a living and live their lives not outside but inside it, we have a flow, then I can not find a location. In the words that we say and write it will always be an identification, but that will not speak of us as personal self, but that will mirror a truth that will manifest itself directly, but will be no words to identify the thought that in turn is identified only the reader, sharing apt to tell what many do not know how to see or understand, is not a position or a person that is a thought that you can take and make their own reading, or waive forever if not heard.

My self, I tell you in your lives and I say it loud, in my little writing I do not put me at the center, as an individual, I put a free thinking, which can give read or not, if it becomes a give you, if you live six You're free to live and to make it an us if you share it, I'm alone the hand that writes and not what he enjoys, the thought is the one who has no primary forms, if not, would a search of glory , but that time would stop ...
In my experience it will all end, this is normal, but what I have said will and this is not the consolation prize, because the concept of me, you, us, is alive in me. If you live in does not seek glory and satisfaction with life, but try to give happiness and this always returns back is a you coming to you, and if this is widespread it becomes an us, that today is great and universal , the happiness of living in the truth of exposure, and not the background of the suburbs where everything is me, just to be at the end in themselves.
This will not happen because in giving we always together, it will happen just because the thought lives and has a return of light and energy and it becomes us, an indivisible whole of thoughts, words, feelings, which put this as stars in the universe, in a flow in unison, which is not the end.

Awareness of the new millennium

Traits were told a path of life, summed up in words, where the mirror never lies. It would be easy to understand its true value, between words and visions, everything is uncertain, unreal, perhaps the mystery of the millennium has not changed, remains unchanged.Everything is the variant that man decides, abandonment of what was beginning in him, and then look it up again driven by the profound disagreement that life makes you understand ...
Nothing has changed in the interiority of our experience, could not change what had been conceived in us, we made it dull, to try what everyone saw it as a full-blown arrival. The power being above the events, live in the control room, a dream come true, everything is ours and nobody should judge him, we sweat, we get huge pitting to be number one, this was the evolution of the mind that has brought this experience to the extreme, not to hear and not what we think we are in ourselves, our true essence.Speaking of awareness of the new millennium, is nothing but twisted look at this evolution, which leads to a total illusion, but it highlights only and always, when events put people under pressure and all in the mind and made appearances in the fall . This is not a rarity, or an exception, it would be easy to talk about exceptions to date, is not a real sense of what life has to offer as well as external touch and the image we want.If everything is correct proportion, but when the gradients are created, where you are at the center complete with a frantic search of a destination, cancels completely out of touch with your soul, you are matter and mind, you are clever, sharp, smart, all become appropriate adjectives, but there is also the one hand, the relationships become less and less true, just heard, we show how acts and mechanized surface, where the greatest expression of love as a feeling is experienced as a right, where there is a free feeling of two people but only one dominant.To say that I think is beautiful or not as a thing that is obvious. Aware that advances and spreads there 'always a little too extreme and the duality of things, and only touching the extremes can have a full opening to life.
Everything can not change and remains unchanged, becomes a mere always be alone in themselves and look for more and more satisfaction. The question of whether we want to call it, arises if all this construction falls, because you find yourself completely caught by an inner knowing, it becomes like being in a boat that floats, but no oars and no longer driven by any current , falling because you do not have energy, stimulation and has been closed, because not used to get carried away, from what exists in us, the true awareness that life would be ignored and despised right now, but if you do not stay locked heard nell'involucro of our soul.
awareness is in this sense is to understand and accept to be led to a newfound sense of life, and it is not always easy, because even as you are completely destroyed inside, there is still a piece of mind, pride, and until There are last to fall, there is no version that takes, fell too, then everything happens. Pride is man's struggle in the den of lions and how the last breath that we exhale in the change of mind trying to find the materials el'egocentrismo soul that shows its radiance, to make us understand what in us is really important and that has no limits, because the soul is the essence of solid contact with the divine and the universe keeps us in this great life, the rest is a trivial appearance that falls with a breath of wind.
The awareness of the new millennium is an antithesis of what will be, many now reject this view, because it remains a well-known not want to believe what exists beyond, we are too tied to what we have in our outward appearance is for us all , lives on the pretext that this is always attached to life, which they say has done so, then I am and I have, everything is lying without knowing it, and we all can be useful for us, no one denies that money is not a servant or that joke is useless, have no ambitions of stimuli and this is wrong, but as is always the unknown that we will live.
This is a deal not want the intimate essence that lives in us, then we expose ourselves become too fragmented, where everything you want and pretend, but in fact you only get one hand, and always, there 'who can not be satisfied , do not judge the thing I would say, there 'who is increasingly sad as the soul, but in the end is a sharp mind, there are many variants that determine the individuals who live and suffer in their shallowness and asking for help, asking the way will lead to deeper understanding of self, the search for knowledge that the soul becomes essential, but this is not a question that may have an answer to lighten the improvement or the real and found happiness and inner peace, no answer is to have this, the road is the only way, where questions are absent and because nothing, if we accept the challenge and want to find ourselves and free ourselves from that which haunts us, or that has slowly degraded our life, we must accept and understand as the essence of deep, what's to come to show, will not be changed, because in this case us is soul, the soul is eternal forever.
This is a foretaste of what has long wanted to write but not a post, but something that was more fully what? Fate will tell her to take an advance that is now changing. That's not to a shift in the fortunes of mankind, and will remain just a mystery that takes shape in my heart and hands to write a little time.It will simply be a new journey that will run through my thoughts and my writing that has long been aware of the soul has already been stated in the blog, but in this case will be a trace in a logical series of topics that make up the awareness that we c 'is.
Will write a simple pull over without wanting to existing philosophies and concepts previously reported, also because in the absurdity of my being a person who exposes her to feel free, there is no reason that push me to say what many have already said. There are similarities in the exposure, but this is logical and obvious, because the thought toward an awareness and towards the "light", can not be different in its entirety, are different routes and different thoughts, but as a crossroads to several branches lead to the same concept or to the same result. Analyze themes as love, friendship, spirituality, and everything that exists in our internal image. is the only way to regain what we have without many words, but not that often we lose touch and feel. What happens? Simple! I think many people are now lost and are sticking to the wire to see who they are and what they want, see the "light", and the way that true happiness. This will be a simple as telling a whole is falling and no one is born, to meet again beautiful and bright as if time had never laid hands on us.
It will be a simple exhibit which will take shape soon, for now this is an advance that I felt I wanted to dedicate to all those who until now have been reading the blog. And I want to take this opportunity to thank dedicating this to them.
A hug.

the way

They tell of this road, not described and not marked, the road that lives in the collective imagination, beauty and light that appear, and you are at the height of your inner self, but this exists? It will tell what they feel the existence of a path that is not the end but a beginning.
Life is to live on and this is the beginning, the rest live in a small thought, like time, is a surface and we are always confined to the will of the memory. It is the memory that indelibly marks and will follow you, makes you rejoice and weep, still nice to have a memory of the past, it is said that those who do not remember the past can not have a future, is essentially a kernel of truth, but remains the rule and the rules are and will always be hardships of our inner growth. Outwardly, there must be rules, because the world would fall victim to the folly of some who have in the past have been able to appeal to the collective, with ideals and spirit of aggregations acts to his will, a subtle game to deceive people in this high and they felt together, but unconscious only be part of manic self-absorption, where the chief proponent of the ideal was the center, was and remained his life for himself and not for others, who aware seeds victims and closely monitor their life to it. At the end there is nothing left of what was behind this because there was a man or a woman land and not in contact with the divine in them called the end of what the devious minds imposed, and total lack of listening History is full of such tragedies.
We can not forget, but we should avoid it in us, to find the way, the coveted and shiny that everything changes and improves. Ask the question of why, it remains legitimate, but why spend exciting in the doubts that change brings, we want certainty, we realize, but the way is not matter and you can be sure of one thing that does not touch and is not visible This is the essential reason for evading the past if not totally, but at least in part, also because the thinking of the past leads to the future, to hope and desire that all happen. If we remain in this concept or idea, nothing will change, we will be victims of ourselves, we will not see today, not ever we shall rejoice, we will always use us thoughts of thoughts and questions of questions, answers, why not listen, even if dates on the thing, we would like to accept only what the mind has imposed on us and we will be blinded by this, our deep aromas will close and we will be increasingly isolated in ourselves.
The circumvention of this event remains to be free and live a simple one that exists in us, a throw away that melancholy which accompanies us more and stop those drives fantastic projection of the apparent happiness, that we think of a better future to raise moments. But they are, and remain, not infinite moments and this is one thing to understand immediately, not after, free to decide says: If you decide to do it now, and stay in what the soul said, she is the first item you together with the heart, the mind will not master the instrument and of yourself.
Now the question arise that you say, but this did not explain how to make this change in practice, to arrive at "away", the explanation is allowing the abandonment of thought and listens to the path that will lead to this, can be a single answer, in a complex journey through the consciousness of the new millennium, but there will be the vehicle to hear and take it, but it will slow you arrive, everything that lives in a hurry is a last and not the "way" is not in time is an endless impromptu, which is taken once and is never broken. Aspire to and ask questions is to give space to the mind and this makes us what we're trying to escape now and not tomorrow ...
The road is the beginning, therefore, to examine this is to acknowledge the nth degree, second, we are really willing to accept not knowing where we really take or suppose that it is better? This is the only real question to ask, because remember what I had once taken the "way" becomes a return to the past and the past should not now be caught and heard, but must be set aside only to be seen like a photograph that will be indelibly remembered, but that will not affect what we're doing, and will not put the same vision towards the future. If you answer the question to be placed at the totality of its acceptance, you will be aware of what is to happen, and be, you have said a partial end to the life that was and he hugged yourself as never before, felt the thrill of risk and not thought about me. Accepting this is the first step, but the road is still stuck in you, you're part of it and you're not the one who walks, you say, but still nothing happens! But nothing happens if you thought he searches for a signal, it must be said.
If you have accepted the real risk is and whether they have accepted it without, but do not put the limit of the questions that are trivial truths and search for a response, which are useless now, live it for what it is now, the mystery is nice when it happens and says, the most entrancing is the surprise you've ever tried, and this must be yours, if you have the heart and soul willing to risk! If you agreed with the curious mind, you have only tried the "way", but that of comfortable, convenient and simple and there is nothing in this, because it is a touch extreme in its entirety and surrender to it, and then be part of a stream and live it.
Now you will say, again and again not to have understood this and I really just want to tell the "way"? Here it is abandoned and not think, read and listen to enter the flow of speech, if your heart feels what I feel I'll soon see, but does not bring the question of time, you know that time does not exist in this and know that I am not the absolute truth, but only through an experience that I want to donate.There is a free acceptance and this is the step that if you want you can do, the way is bright, but it is so mysterious that many people crave, but not really ambirla, this will not allow him never ever to be in you, because you live in our deepest self and once we are free from mental patterns, they say, and prepare questions and answers on, and bring out all the ambitions and fears mentally distorted and complex that we always used to have. There are no excuses on if it does not, not I, not I, and I do not understand, no limit and the limit should not be there, the risk as mentioned above, should not include these words which should not include the ' ambition, it must be true and humble, always try to see it that way.If you can avoid those questions in an instant and mental instincts, feel a serenity in you strong, that calls and calls without your noticing the EIA, and the purity of not thinking you are creating is amplified more and more in trying to do and "she" is close to you more and when you least expect it you're already in it.
The journey is long and not short to arrive at what you want, but you have to be left unresolved the fate that arises, is the frame of mind that you must avoid in order to feel the way you describe it is an abstract logic, but for those who lives, it would be foolish to say there it is! Would you say always, but for me nothing happens, so everything is connected to a following of abandonment, that does not mean not exist, means understanding that you live in your true and total truth and this is another essential tool to hear it in the way you make yourself to be aware and happy. But you have to follow and be free from bias and free from comment, if you can do, you'll see happen, as has always happened. Think one thing and think of it deeply, the pain comes looking for her and the pain is because of this research is a new way to regenerate and find themselves in, so you do not have much to lose now, if you know that the pain in you is alive and feel, want to leave and this will happen, as all the wonderful things you have to be patient and understand you and accept what I said, your decision will remain and will remain your arrival. But once you are full and everything will look different.

give love

Feel it in you ..Live it without asking, in essence comprendine the whole light, Donal ..Make the gesture that you did not think, do the act that was unthinkable and hear a reflection of the light beam in his return spread in you forever.
And he shall be called the love will be there, call your contention for not doing and she will laugh at you, you will call and nobody answers, you will only see in the flesh tremulous and beauty to be consumed in the act that there was no reason, unless the superficial pleasure, you will regret in the total and say the word hate, loneliness, and say you have often said.
Everything has a point of human comprehension, but call love is not to be involved, is a living will and imposing the will, you are not waves of the sea, six live sand if this stops and swept by the wind does not hear the calls. Be the light wave, once trying to be what they imagine to think, try it and see the unveiling of the mystery of not looking ...
Love is life, life is love, always, we are born in love and we have not asked, and this is eternal, everything reaches a climax and all returns, no one should be sorry for what he has done, if you called love and no one answered, and if you understood it was that you were listening to remember it was fate and not a universal law, every moment that changes the destiny will be, forever.
Experience the wave of touch that you give, live it and feel it penetrate you feel it's a reflection, and say, gives this and not think of the divine in you will not be absent from the act that you love the leader, and no one forgets him, even.Heard him come back and you'll understand ...
Love is not a word, not a rule, is not that feeling alive, never extinct, unimpeded, free, donate it remains in the sign of the return and believe in you and will understand the difference, that maybe have not understood, you will feel Total life flow in you, you and I will be there, but a deeper us. You will and you will be without words, that for the time they called and did not respond to that desire exposed, which is nothing but illusions that exceptions and often pain in the back, no one knows the absolute truth, but everyone can say I love you.

martedì 21 giugno 2011

What I do not tell

Do not tell those fears that you feel, words in mind, the silence between you and us, fear of misunderstanding that the world calls, echo that reflects the false, but that is deaf, you will not ever be one instant, you will be with us what you want, now reaches ....
Shelters in the mountains, trees and snow cover are the scream of your pain, you have fears that limit in place. Escaped from the city, which noise posed to hearing your fragile, now live in total silence. But imagination is what you had in you has remained, hidden in your inner essence, you would not tell the world the fear that bordered between imagination and reality, you're right, the misunderstanding is total, but it is not always what you think.
Write this letter one day, you speak, say what you did not want to say in time you were with us, words that will no longer afraid, no one will read, until you'll be ready to pitch. The beginning is tremor in the hand holding the pen, read the package and do not know, if you do it or not, the words in the mind are too early you do not find, do not be afraid, the story begins in the night dreaming of your brakes , and the nightmare will do it now and you will see it in its naked reality, admire what he fears and anxieties put you, for you will see that in the end are just words, nothing more.
Write now, everything that I never said to anyone, understand the facts, you're not alone, you're with us that we have seen from above, now that you've started, you see how easy it is, what hours and hours writing you did not want to say, all you hear is not annulled, but now you do before the junction, the apex of the ripe fruit that you have to say stop to grasp what you are doing wrong. One thing led to another, the book lives are taking. See, simple is what is in you, is there, words just words. What do the words Possoni fear the end, are compositions made of vowels and consonants that come together and form always just words, you are exposing your own painful feeling that slow is fading ..
Hours reread what you wrote is true that you spoke and what a voice you did not want him, no matter now, what was it in the past, your present living now, the mountain where you are is just a hide away. Reread and reread those words, with a smile that you see are words that do evil, but who have reason and falsehood, take the beauty of what you've written now and dance alone, you feel the first step and done. One after another the way you're taking, unwitting or not, time is and remains the guardian of light that will show you.
Now back with us again, nothing has changed since then, you will hear our voices and tell you that you re-read what has been, no longer feel my throat tighten, you will be free. You now walk and back, a hug will be all the words you hear and feel your pain that you hid hidden, subtle and violent, mind, and deception that takes its toll does not tell you why. Do not get more demand, because you do not need these questions now, in you reread what you have on paper sealed, the answer is what you see now that you're back among us. Everything will be a new beginning, I feel strong in you and we with you we are one, all one, we were always far and near.
Heart and soul ... ..

the sphere

Admire the crystal ball that shines, fragile and delicate ....Aspire to is a mystery that fascinated his knowledge, read a lot about her, foretold the future, and had roles will always ..
The ball resembles life, shows us that in imagination, beautiful to think about this, almost a dream of the forms of our essence that we can see, a thought that remains fascinating to hear that the core is our center, the inner soul where everything is the essence of truth that we, the center that maximizes contact with the divine universe. Inside us is immense spaces and has no boundaries, it is pure and communicates with the outside through a narrow issue that crosses all, the heart is its truest scents, emotions he feels in his true identity, he does not deny. Admission is total, it will be absurd, but my idea is, perhaps imaginary, perhaps true, but the beauty of life is to have ideas like these, and maybe you feel free, there are books to read, there is nothing, just an idea one has ..
The exterior of the sphere is the area of ​​contact with the outside world, are the objectivity of life, the mind that thinks and processes for better or for worse, with its strengths and its flaws, but remains in contact with the necessary ' outside we have. Many describe several versions of the human being in its purest essence define the self, the self, the ego, sometimes looking back to a narrow definition of the thing, I found myself immersed in countless versions, perhaps too complicated or too reviewable Everything is nice if you read it, but eventually over time, and I imagined in my little life to be a simple fact of a few things, soul, heart and mind.
In my dream this was a sphere shiny and fragile, like life itself, in the end it was nice to think that, simply, without words to be examined to find the definition, perhaps it will be a personal illusion or magic thinking, but what remains of this is the emotion you feel in telling exposed a thought, an intimate and almost shameful secret!
Besides, everything in my vision is a connection that comes from outside of the ball inside, then vice versa, an energy discharge that propagates continuously, I will not say what it is always better to be on the outside of the sphere or live out the unique core simply say that I am listening, for me are two different perceptions, and very separate, perhaps some will be different and why not! Maybe this will be an idiot, okay! But what remains is to expose it, simply expose themselves and say what the innermost thoughts decides, in the flow of words that gives the night ...
This is a story out of the box, but why always be in the scheme at the end, everyone will have an idea of ​​himself as a whole, so I often wonder, then talk to many people and hear about thousands of ideas, I say beautiful , wonderful, because this is perhaps true freedom as personal identification, which does not count in the telling facts, but has the general idea we have of something that is ours is ours and we can not forget it!
For me it will be a sphere, perhaps another will be a spiral, but then again in this subtle tell between illusion and dream, it's nice to understand what there is in us, no matter what form or name is, it's nice understanding and willing to tell.
"In the end everything is listening and I'm waiting to understand all of what I feel, is for me a way ..."Between a crystal ball and a veiled fantasy, which is reason alone to hear the good stories that any knowledge ..

Life in a path: Thoughts on display

Life in a route path is infinite, space and past, current non-existent, the past is memory of what once was, you decided to take the path, your will, the supreme grew, now forgotten and then remembered when the you go back to the dark, everything is the result of what must be, and not a magic born into nothing.
"This was nothing before," seemed to be full and truthful, everything beautiful in its artificiality, it was all yours, all was your reflection, everything was in your possession .. Now that there is no 'longer, feel the emptiness under our feet, everything is against all do not understand, they are all useless. "
Life teaches personal history that each of us lives, fall and rise again, it is normal and not logical, logical there 'nothing but eat because you are hungry, drink when thirsty. The radical change is because we want, but do not want to admit it, I do not feel like a logic signal, it is not logical for what is over .. When it happens it looks like a punishment, a hoax, the end has no reason to question and do not need answers, what happened had to happen. Everything is not a sign of an end, not optimism and pessimism is not, it just is not. The skin changes and no questions and tell ourselves that that time has done this same thing happens at the end of the path that life changes, the time change, so what you answer, if you do not find the justification of convenience, I This story like all the thoughts because they are exposed guinea pigs exposed to the thoughts, not the wise and not the master, are the guinea pig, which tells of his cage, watching the experiment when it is finished.
Life in a temporal path, it does happen a lot this is something that happens and everything changes, there is no 'written notice, we're not at work, we are everywhere and it happens and you, like me, you can not escape from this If that happens, I have done, is the burden was worse.I covered up the truth with the drug, but the truth was stronger than the same, nothing has been the rush to get rid of my shadow, she was always with me.
In the end I let the flow of change take its course, leaving to what it was, and no search of answers, but of myself in myself, I will not have the example, are nothing more than the writer I do not say what they feel and think, because thinking is to build and this is not a building, it's my life.
Would take too long to tell what happens, but without saying it has already begun the recount, only now say that the thoughts on display speak of me, and maybe you or them, talking and no one answers ... There is no 'answer, because there 'There is no question that now is a telling sense of being explained, now and not before, why? It should not be a reason to say what one does, and I say from the bottom in which a read, if you want one, if one does not want it do not read it, the questions are the same, if so many people do not ask there 'the same answer, this is the same thing, give answers and give the illusion, I tell myself, so everything is illogical ...
But if you read what I gave you, I'm happy, if it gave you, I'm happy, I remain happy only because I am myself and I put the thought of not exposing a thought .. The expose and let the free thought of the thing .. see beyond it too.
Remains a free exhibition, a stream consciousness, which is free and that speaks of my living things, so inner outwardly also because there would be great stories, a life like everyone else, but I wanted to say no because of the thoughts exposed fully explain, explain why the end is not always beautiful, I could call them stories, fables, fantasies, in the end the only words to me were these were spontaneous. I just said a simple thing, why talk about others and not talk about what I feel, so do not feel is a logical application, the application is too personal and does not come from me or you, but always comes from those who live, which draws its conclusions, it takes the fun of things and discard what does not feel right, and not perceive. Write your thoughts on display tell a senplice is this feeling that the reader decides what to take and make. I am sharing so I wrote this series of articles. I can only thank them has read, and I also thank those who have not read them, this must always be freedom.

mental projection

Cancels the truth, you are blinded, there is only you in your loss, your and anyone else, you expose yourself to words that are nothing, you are absolutely unaware of the truth and you deny that the mind ...It 'time, but storm that destroys the beauty that life is seen in its purity of the ethereal ... always.
We are human and very vulnerable, this is our stand, it is impossible to deny the evidence, accepting it is the only way to strengthen our existing universe. It happens and will happen, that we may become in deep wounds in the soul, life is not always a straight line, but subject to the circumstances, this is not a sign outlining the end or a beginning, but impromptu moment, if you lived with the awareness of what .
The relationship with other people when this state of mental projection, (EGO), leads us unconsciously pervades always mean what in us is stable, we always associate and transmit it, it seems trivial, but to observe it with detachment leads to stress that, in this state who is exploiting the situation he speaks of the fact that you create at that time.
Just a simple box, this mechanism that turns the unconscious, subconscious, and I say because if it were aware of the silence would be sovereign in this, the defense can be defined or frustration, there are many terms that are not otherwise resolve the matter, everything is illusory and Truth does not win this, because it does not belong to anyone, both those who are wounded in the soul, to the one who is opposed to this dialogue, no one can explain, for one simple reason, which shows a simplified logic: How can I find a point (defined as the junction point in a linear axis which the direct dialogue between two individuals), if two lines are not straight away? very impossible, so that the dialogue established the flow is discontinuous and there is listening, who is projected for several moments, just only listening to himself, constantly exposes its concept and sees the absolute, who is on the other party tries to explain but will never be heard, because in a box if there is a total or absolute shallowness and depth, there is no connection, listening remains clear and free of logic and emotion.Instead, those who are prone to this feeling exposed for defense, is invariably to assert his reasons, which eventually lead only to a dried up the dialogue itself, so both are always at a point, but that is only a start and nothing concludes. Difficult in such situations to find the way of communication is a total distortion of true thoughts that you would, if exposed without the intercession of mental projections, but it happens that those who are hurt can not understand why going through a phase where it is too strong feel the deception that the mind arises, there is a real imbalance between positive and negative minds, so the communication is affected, is a lie to themselves and expose it as an absolute truth, where there is no self-awareness, but only dell'intello distorted logic, thoughts and circumstances that are embedded as ideals.
There is also a more complex form of mental projection, observable by those who quietly say they want their idea, which is free, but it establishes a dialogue is not always right and not suitable, is a desire to participate at all costs to manifest to a lesser extent their exclusive truth (the correct definition egocentric), which often hides endive or other scents that are not loving and sincere. Moreover it is known that absolute truth does not exist, there is a relative truth that is seized only when verbal communication has a beginning and an end, then the persons involved can not see in ways similar, but at the end of this dialogue, no will walk away with it, will be completed at the end of that dialogue, partly because the "brooding", always amplifies the error, then the exposure does not happen over and done this and not allow any kind of growth and this is a dialogue conscious and healthy, there are thoughts that hide other, because nobody holds a grudge, there is a total acceptance by both, and it often happens that even if the so-called "reason", we are not serene in admission. This is linear and continuous because it is logical to accept the truth and aware of the error leads to knowledge and to keep improving, everything must be understood and never excluded, and exclude everything that you do not accept, and stokes indefinitely becomes a deception that does not hurt the balance that time there is in us'.
This as always is part of my personal feel and understand life, that one can accept or not, remains free as the life that one wants to live in its truth and its forms, no judges and no one says.

The voice of sorrow

The pain does not respond to compassion, does not remain silent invocation of the grace you ask, comes along and decides ...
Life with us always think that everything belongs to other people, sometimes as indifference to escape from the fears that we are distant and at the same time, we see the world rolling in pain of innocent victims, we see the suffering of the sick and eyes of the truth that we go through in an instant, merciless hear the scream, but nothing, stand still a moment and turn your head, to us it is far, only one station is the fear of living it.
Too many times he turns his head to clear the vision of what the heart sees, the soul is absent, but excludes the eye and without, the mind wants to impose the life that altruism is the last moment, not all but of many. The voice of sorrow, you feel it is the merciless and absolute storm, shutting out this feeling, you have fear, indifference is the weapon that takes away the sight of it makes us feel safe, and does not entertain the expectation of something that nobody wants. Who wants a pain? None. But do not turn your head before it, is a step in the understanding, which is not in the logic of the mind, is to hear it through the soul, take a full awareness and round, sometimes try to soothe the pain of others , immerses us in the extreme happiness, we are not gods or saints, we are simple as always, that in giving we receive and tell what is going to receive is to know it from the bottom, giving is granted, staff shall not be judged, not measures. What happens after you have felt the pain of others is projected in a receipt which gives calmness and serenity, "Acceptance" that puts in danger of extinction fears that are associated, we are strong and conscious after, this is what we are given.
"They will say the opposite, and nobody will say anything, tell of fear and no one will judge you, do not say and do is endless and all are silent in the light."
The voice of the pain is excruciating, but the voice of love is the addition of all in his infinite, we can not make it all bright this is what I think, but we can put a ray of sun in the hopes of those who are less fortunate. Planting a seed of a daisy and see it flourish, with nothing to do, sit and wait for what we shall see, this is what happens once in a lifetime if we do not ignore the voice of sorrow.
It will remain exposed and personal thinking, this, but that does not extinguish the hope, but it sows, no one is deprived of the heart, no one is indifferent, no one ...

giovedì 16 giugno 2011

The mind is neutral

To choke tears were swollen rivers as a burden of pain that brings you into the darkness ...Thoughts, voices were incessant, the storm of sand that covers everything ...Dead eyes were the negation of what you see now ..Curved appearance crushing weight you do not want more, live hoping that everything changes, people will listen if you do not ....
The mind is the connection that carries everything in life, we are in contact and we can not do without it, we would be free only if everything was imagined to be dominated in the dream, but even there we would be using the mind, too many moments take us with you. We would like to turn off the fears, the pain and not feel the weight of what the circumstances of first place, but all that remains is to decide what to do, always run after the wish that the time to soothe this state is formed, but time is not is still a friend, all you can accumulate and become unmanageable, we lose the awareness and the energy center off slowly as a cloud of millions of miles from earth, now we are out of contact; we have to decide: and hope remains, or begin a journey made meditation, where we're going to touch the mind that neutral is between the two minds that we have, negative and positive.
When we are strong scents of the illness, has created an imbalance between the two minds and we are in possession of a solution, medicine causal in us there 'and should not be purchased, but applied to meditate is to clean and realign the balance between them (positive and negative), becomes causal because thought is not extinguished in the moment we practice, there is a high and everything is clear in mind, let it flow and have no fear, no fear need at this moment, we are doing the right thing and what emerges is what haunts us, but we are aware at the time that this becomes apparent. The practice leads quickly to eliminate this and feel the neutrality of the moment, we improvised and we feel the contact with ourselves and the universe, ever closer. We're coming to the well-being that meditation brings, give all the meditations and act on the various problems that we are not in place of a physician, but are significant in aid we can apply to restore a balance.
Meditation puts the person in a deep contact with itself, you find yourself in a sense, it is extraordinary to say the least, it remains true that the first experiences bring to mind the thoughts that live in our subconscious, but it is necessary to understand what is wrong, the pursuit leads to a wonderful feeling, where everything is neutral and pure, it always starts with just a few minutes to familiarize yourself, then you get to do it for 11 minutes, and this extends even beyond, on what we're doing and what we're working on.
The techniques of meditation are always something to learn from a master of any discipline that covers it, for at least a correct start, then quickly we can also decide that we do meditation, then will it be just a set of such requirements Our research is based meditation, understanding that all work on the mind neutral. Also because we are unique individuals and never the same, then the meditation must be appropriate to us and our needs. If carried out properly and continuously give always, this is a matter of fact, true that every person is free to think as an individual to serve or not, but I speak what I practice and as a student of what I can only say that it is a feeling and well-being to try everything I buy and improvements in our lives are fast, but only if you believe in this you can get to have a mind neutral and meditative mind also that they will touch the divine in you.
That goes on to describe a general and not an explicit way to meditate, this is appropriate because of the logic that provides for such disciplines, which are never to be underestimated, but should be, if desired known and practiced, partly because the words do not give justice to what, I'm just telling personal experiences that have nothing to do with the total number of individuals, is still evident here and expound on my behalf, that after practicing and practicing this hour, shows a very noticeable improvement in me, that makes me decide to share this and other cases, to make known albeit it brief. This way I choose to expose my private and personal experience is given by an idea which has matured over time through the people who read the blog, thanks to them this has become focused on writing a personal experience that leads to the vision of thing in any way not affected by external intent, and also because I express my simple opinion today, many people are looking for in a personal way of sharing things that interest them and this is because every fact reported no interest of convenience, gives a simple Exposure of an experience and creates an interest. This interest will come and I hope, then grown individually, because everything said with the motto: "if you do get" in my view often leads to a lack of interest or a practice that has no continuity, then. But it should be noted, that doing so has no limit and get more practice as this is the final consideration that affixes.
I always thank the teachers of all disciplines.

Life is love

Everything was created in the name of the One, which brought the end of its immensity, in a word, love. Everything was conceived in the way of this and all spoke in the name of this, nothing was spawned in a different sense of what we were and we will be us and we are now having to change everything ....
The ball which live and which we tread is alive, the primordial essence of a life full of love, where the elements come together and merge, they are a creation and generate their lives, love lives in this, is prosperous and vital , but we are beautiful beings and stupid, we found all the ways to undo what was easy. We turned the sentiments in the image of our ambition and lust, we fell to then meet again at an end. All talk and no one listens, wars and hunger in the world are evidence of what should not happen, but that happens in the name and on behalf of men born in love and become sterile beings with no hint of the heart, perfect minds only with ideals, affect everything, but everything could change, but who wants that? Few and many, no one has numbers today, count the fact evidences of gestures and words, this is what he sees the watchful eye of all.
Nobody changes the destiny it is he who decides, but everyone can understand and everyone can decide what they want, if this is a real feeling. There are smaller steps that do not exalt the chronicles speak of people who create asti and pains in the name of lack of understanding of what they would naturally, but hear only what the mind wants to say, only impulses and impulses that are not reasons for actions the ultimate goal. There is still hope for change, but progress remains slow as a cross carried by men, who teach what they already know why we were there in us since time immemorial, was born in us and we were born in the name of that word, love . We live in the land that is Love, in its raw essence and in its manifest nature, which occasionally irate evokes his dissent, nothing compared to what we do, a drop in the ocean remains.
This is not the writing of divination, it will only expose what a person feels from the bottom, is not an ideal time to create excitement, a feeling that is exposed only voice in the words of diffusion, to remember what everyone knows, but only some want to hear.
"Love begets love", generates the rest of what we see, the truth be enough to give birth to what was destined to endure the eternal, as eternal is the one who created this, who observes and listens to everything and that we lives in our hearts where love never ends. But this we will be us to decide today, the architects of our lives and our destiny, no one will be excluded from what was, will light a truth that will sooner or later no one will be without this and without the Last Judgement, we will be judged by what we have done.

lunedì 13 giugno 2011


On top of my journey and my experience lies the infinite, all-seeing his creation, all in the words of this world, I would like to touch it, breathe his wise words, I felt a hand on his shoulder, the search is always a ...
Journey on the path of what's left, everything remains even after a crash, debris from the past that are not afraid now, rebuilding would be required, but the alternatives always wear comfortable down the pact. A pact that will remain forever between heaven and hell, I read this was a one day sentence in my mind was tired, the apex of an ending that I would like for me.The money bought the glorification of power, the command was the one feeling, everything seemed to be in the hands and sweat of a lifetime, nothing could be different, everything was to my ego had wished, there is nothing left to other , I left everything.
The hypocrisy of the ally who claimed to be a servant kneeling what he saw, the magnificence of such a man, hands and legs as he did, from my thinking being, I felt that everything would be my time would borne fruit in a garden now barren, concrete showed the appearance in the green, a squeeze of lemon peel was now alone.Perhaps fate had made a furrow where banks placed my walk and never hear the waves, back straight left, straight in the eye to fix the unknown, I just wanted what was the desire, the illusion of a lifetime, made of what everyone wanted, to rise above, only to hear the arrival.
The arrival came as a scythe that reaps the victims, was not a sweet spell, the precipice, the mountain top, back and forth, all around was a vacuum, inertia fall was only what the mind had decided, after hearing the 'air cut through the body in flight, rub the skin, such as flat as a sheet and heavy metal, sink without end, impact, and the ground gave me.Everything fell, and I followed the impact, difficult to me now I said there was nothing in me. seemed simple words now, but it was unnecessary to seek a return, nothing is returned quelcuno told, your will is supreme, and told, not only word I ever said it,-it is not true, I was the one and now none - because this? Why Me?
"There are no answers in the decisions of the deep, they said, you have that you want, you say, you wanted the truth, you are now in the true, but the result would be easy, without suffering to achieve it."
Moral of a fairy tale happy ending that did not place, story to be rewritten without bases of inspiration, but this is and remains the test story was to expose a hidden truth, was now obliged to tell a lot of that was drowned in real time.
I knew only one thing among many that I felt, no one is, one is in excess of what a man is, he remains the supreme, creates and discards what he wants, does not seek and do not admit this until the bottom of the door to 'real admission, perhaps the sentence is done, but the concept is variant, the one who is above you and me, you know, has created has made and thought, we are and we remain a with high hopes in us and the error remains free to decide our own.
It is not moral to tell, but simply a reflection of a story that talks about what we want, but in the end our will is not it? Remains of the town look like a will?
I seek the answer, but I feel that one or two, do not change if we are aware of a truth that we continue with our hearts, without feeling the need to be or belong not to the universe that gave us the 'but a real one ..

The energy of the music

Music, notes and items that come in and trigger emotions in us, absorbs us all and we look in sound dimension that we are listening, and there are feelings that animate the body and mind, soul and heart, the four elements that are totally immersed in it.
Sound frequencies, pulses are ecstatic that we perceive in a subtle way, as true mantra that we may raise or move to tears, that power is infinite, all feelings can penetrate through the sound. The melancholy, happiness and all the nuances of decay come into contact with the frequencies that the ear perceives through music, a subtle input that makes us live the moment of dissociation from the real life we ​​are living, is an energy true for well being and truth.
Listening to music genres of that are endless, but in this case, listening to music, sacred and dedicated to the wellbeing of mind that you are dedicated to sound samples of mantra meditation music that comes from listening to nature, lead to the elevation of the divine soothes us in, there is in this case adrenaline and energy discharge, there is a purified energy that creates a phase of welfare projects and the mind to the true dissociation of negative thinking.Listening to this music, in which case we will be taken by a neutral phase where everything becomes clear, only to try to listen to these genres, you can feel certain sensations, difficult to explain the meaning of mental silence that happens, we are completely absorbed in as if it belonged there, and we feel an energy that propagates in us by making us, relaxed but ecstatic, raising his palms to the sky there is a feeling that energy did not quiver, but a continuity that gives instant peace of mind, if these sounds are then associate to meditate and become a real contact with the universe.For centuries music has had key roles in ancient civilizations, real rituals that were in it the reasons of existence and were used in divination of various kinds, such as harvest, sun, etc.., This now does not disappear completely even in our super modern civilization, everyday life also because it brings more to the changes, which start on the mood, the real malaise of the soul. These sounds after a busy day that we all as individuals, gives a well-being and relaxation that you feel now.This course has a very personal nature, which seeks to take nothing for other types of music, is simply a broadening our knowledge in terms of audience. Each of us is always aware of their needs, this is an experience that I live and as always the story.
The music expresses the soul receives, and music are in the circle of light with sounds that make us be in touch with ourselves and the universe of love ....

Will drop the ego

Thousands of pages written in the story of the mystery of the fall of the ego, the beauty that you see and admire, torrents of words that flood all, and all searches that lead you to believe we have arrived, but this does not happen if the words say that expose arrival, you will be even bigger this, and do not you may have noticed, illusion, a word that is clear ...
It sounds simple, too simple, and it is, drop the ego, but it remains a point to be noted, the life we ​​live can be changed, shaped, drawn redone, everything can be done, but in the end I will not be the total his fall, there is an external influences, and we can not escape, we are in a world that taught us to fight and we struggle to live if we go ahead, touch the pain and lies every day and now we are infected with this, the but we can improve, but an ego equal to zero belongs to the rare, touching a person in a million, but this is not the example, is and remains the last resort that is fascinating, and when you are captivated by an incoming long for, if all you want there's something in the ego '!
Then write methods and meditation, but an ego will for sure, my thoughts is not absolute and does not want to be, a thought is presented, derived from a hard and painful, a known and read forever, everything must be including, in the inner understanding and knowledge you can find the account, the exact center of the truth that we want to exist, but in the end have a one percent of ego was, in a world of far worse things, is much more humble understand, think and talk about that you understand to be an excellence, which has nothing of real, that it feels without description, because if you look at who said he had reached the zero point, and not speak of the enlightened millennium reached the actual point ZERO ego, you realize that these people are the indoctrinated, speak with impersonal sentences and say what they read. It 'easy to fall into the trap, the mind is a trap that degenerates into automatic, just the word that remains impressed, that creates a brick house on the night sky.
Nobody believes this is simply a reflection, one can read or ignore, nothing matters, there is in us 'the truth, but never absolute, and in us there is' the possibility of exposure shared or not, I remain easy to think that a zero is absolute, but a magnificent and is a prime number, which in the words he states that there is ego, the minimum percentage, gives happiness and essence, the belief is due to a departure, if you start it come to understand and what was once the primary ego as being employees, becomes secondary, almost zero, but never totally accept this in silence is to be right, this transpires in the end no one should even say that.
Maybe we got them we unconsciously point ZERO ... ..
But this happens when the mind is dissociated to what we want, we understand that our means listening with freedom and not repress even defeat, in which case it will be demand-will fall Ego? - We will come to full acceptance what? Decide this is to try it ....

Path of Love

On the night of stories, talk, mistrust which change in confidence, it seems that the real magic is in us, everything is emphasized, in a synergy, love accepts all, wraps, makes it less lonely, this is the path ...
People, strangers, talk, is random, solitude exposed dialogues that become deeper, you can not understand, no skin contact, you can feel, emotions that are tied, connections that are not reasons, and not set limits, the limit is the absurd, not understanding what's true is going to happen.
Everything is dissolved, there is a rule, is free for the moment, love without color, which enters into the hearts, turn on the light, it elevates the soul, you do not know why it happens, maybe you do not want to know for a moment of your life, reasons and not live. It all makes sense, but it is time to think, alive this feeling that fills what you did not, there are no demands, nothing but amazement, feeling of belonging, without bond, is strange, but live, you'd be screaming the word is love, the hold, because you are alone in the room, but you feel it, in his chest beats the heart, warms your back, feel the caress of the hand that does not exist ', difficult to describe, but it is Do you wear this and keep you.
Love is the way of connection semtieri infinite universe that welcomes all, you'll never be alone, you'll be full, it will remain forever. There is love that refuses to love, different forms of the same feeling, understanding the pain that make you joyful in hearing who is not taking nothing, craving your body, STI is love in your soul and soothing the pain that affects your stay, and allow to radiate from the radiating golden light that is putting you in touch, you're the star and you're not alone ...
Look at the night, see how much light around you ... You are unique and similar, star of the path of love, the constellation is next to you, you you are part of that firmament now shines ....The light is not the end solutidine says, are only the words that say, without a time that does not belong to you more, you'll see ..
You'll hear, you will already inside ... Or maybe you are, you always read into what people do not ever want to talk about, live in the true path of love that is giving you, take it and do it your in your heart, a gift that no one will take you never go away, now you're happy and you will always be, this is the tale that the path you're doing, the tears of the past will be just for the joy, no one can stop what I was born before us, the future will only the result of fate, that smile does not tell you and challenge. Win this challenge, dare, dare, do it now, feel it in you ...
You will be free in the eternal, you've already done what they had to do and now you're in the path of love ....

The force

It is not the mass that drives your life, the wind is not running, it's nothing you can see, nothing that'll never, everybody talks about, full of themselves, but the result is a story of dust that will spread to the poles of breaths world ..
The force remains the bully, that humanity has turned to the imposition of his creed, believing that it remains just a mass of fools that hang from a cord injured, they all toghether in order to feel more, all sold at the market price of illusions.They all feel that energy, that force remains a moment, it runs as fast as the excitement that happens, no one shines in this case, traces of sand on a pass that no one will remember. All feel strong, when the speaker highlights, but in the end, it remains a mass, separated, never really united, current living and then are deleted, this is the search after a voice call to the office once again. Nobody ever admit what everyone sees, never, never say a word, the spark ignites the soul, because it affects only an inconvenient truth, better smile from the clouds and listens ..
The real power remains in the shadows, does not occur to the mass, a mass that is alive everywhere, no one sees and no one takes to the streets, are the souls of love, in life people have understood themselves and aware, alike, and many are not screaming, but they do listen, but everywhere are united, are in addition to all shine in the sky, do not use the power of taxation. Their look is the signal that does not place barriers and constraints, do not lose and can not lose, not fads or riots of a belief and a moment of anything that is induced by others, are only mass "in a number of , all and none, one and infinity. "
In them we discover, the trilogy of life coming back, heart, soul, mind, is the synergy, a harmonious circle, joining the force and issues that no one can stop one or all of the same thing, did not form , has no color, no space, there is always the time.
One will always say that this does not happen, it will say just because it was in denying that, he feels the only belong to the form, you feel strong only in the mass cheering, louder than words, which shows, if only ten people scream and contradict the will fall victim to his devotion and feel wounded ego that has raised so far.Other people are gone from the speech that he wants to deny, and scream at all costs, are impenetrable, nothing can do this, their root is stable, see and understand, and are united in the universal thought, this is what happens, There are also moments that are found, they will be ten, but a hundred thousand, ten bodies that are amplified to infinity, giving what is real good, understand it is not unusual when you hit the bottom of life, and only in ask your illusions of hope, the friends of a time there will be, will be sidelined, or deluded by words sterile and a pat on the shoulder will be what remains of what you looked like the perfect and true, all your fellow I'll make you feel the burden of loneliness and more obscure. At the end you will understand and will you come to the point of no return, where the truth is suffering, but that leads to the change that people toghether in the shadow of immense light, continue to give hope to the world, you will be lost, but you take the path with humility, you will be free from dogma and unstructured wrong with qualse six lived, you'll learn a lot and hear yourself like never before, in return you what you lost, it will be hard but you do, no one falls from before that. Then you will be part of it a true force, energy is transformed and not to cancel anything or anyone, you are free and you'll see that around you there are wonderful people, filled with words that ask for nothing, but you will not listen to exalt without saying we will and we will do, everything will have been in today and always will be part of the smaller number who once thought, but feel the power of "one hundred and no one," you have reached understanding and this will be a gift in you will forever.
You will be silent in the circle that gives universal love, you'll see the great illusion that thought to transform into light the path that the world is yours, you never know what else is loneliness and unhappiness, this will be a memory that will live with a smile, giving yourself with your unique strengths, what you have today between the lines.

mercoledì 8 giugno 2011

Walk in the divine

We, maybe we live, we believe, we are ...Always looking for ourselves, finding that the street lights along the path of light, and we will be, no one prohibits what we want, there will be no words, misunderstandings, we deaf people walking along the street, who sees no end but that makes us only more and more real ..
Surrounding matter that tells of a vision, made up of images and hopes, achievements, goals, everything is always the same, we are united in a world that wants to say be happy, if you will. You will come to get, what you put on, the observer, your desire will grow even more and ran for more, you will not share this, you arrive, you'll be the king, the empire does not hold, the fear will devour nights , telling the icy breath, you try to have nothing more. A step back seems an insult to the unfairness of life calls, you will be subjected to this point, bare skin, eliminated in the wind, everything is afraid of losing what you have.
The cause is not the mistake, not even having money, the error is always being greedy and no prosperity, live in the silence of the fears that sing the odes of the Arctic, freezing through the heart, the smell, the only thing that is, being free to have and hear what exists around us, without being in armored chasm that nothing makes this.
Too many fall for a drop of water, which broke the glass full, a drop, a tiny particle that nothing would do, if not add up to what could happen, years and years, refusing to listen, to lead the small particle the unimaginable happen, takes little to no drop, nothing so exceptional, divine which is us, is always in us, not precarious balance, as a matter of living through her tears said, after the fall of that had been created, simply listening is the medicine that one takes, no magic, no illusion, the divine is in us.
"After the fall will be rivers of questions, to understand how to retrieve the lost and none will have the right answer, no one can stop what must happen, if you deny yourself your freedom, now you find you have to think back and think again with his hands to his face, but nothing should now think, the mind has deceived you yet, now you want prosperity, you will get it .. "
You look at who will tell you this, do not understand the what, now exists only in the concept of matter lost in the embrace you, with all of yourself, listen again, that's true you'll see life without the limit of ' be who you are, you will understand that happiness is simple, you'll understand what we already knew, but did you want to ignore, to get you all the possible fears, you did it by only by abandoning the ego that makes you king, now you are only subject of this. To everything there is a remedy, just as he had to look back, understanding, listening, all the deep that we will be exalted in pristine purity, embrace ourselves, and feel the soul one more time, the divine is in us, not is that abstract thinking about theorems and stories, will return to see the money, matter and if we generate more, silently, we will not be afflicted with anything, feel the beating heart and warmth to expand, we'd like, but they will be pure, understand and share the occlusion Olympians who thought we had achieved, everything will be clear and simple.
They really know what we are, we will be humble and perhaps poor and rich, perhaps, we will be both things, rich and poor ego of love, money, rich and poor ego, we wonder who we are, we will not be unique, but similar , we will be friends in the world, we will love, and live all right, humble and serene, with a smile to give, and maybe even some words to give, to those who only ever sees this as a mirage, or sees it as a which does not touch him.
Everything happens in an instant, again, this is a memory that will always feel that after one of the alternatives that life poses.