mercoledì 7 marzo 2012

martedì 6 marzo 2012

Si tu me quieres.

Dónde estás ahora, no lo puedo saber, lo imagino pero no lo sé..
Te amaré infinitamente por ser mujer, mujer que me ha amado... Hoy estás donde yo no puedo llegar, un día estaremos juntos...
Ahora amo un recuerdo, ahora vivo un presente, ahora estoy esperando, pero no buscando un momento,
Todo regresa en la inmensa vuelta de mi quedamiento, pero no te olvides, ni ahora y ni nunca, que yo amaré infinitamente...
Si tu me quieres.

martedì 21 febbraio 2012

We have his word

We will be in the moment nel'uno a heart to give him the chance to be there in all its wonder ....
We will have a body to move through a world of discovery, we will be tested through the experiences of this journey. There will be a living hell without unspoiled paradise, there is not extreme to try anything, we are men in the world and worlds to tell him. We are his words, and there is no name to tell ...
We will have time to scan, our finding that in the beginning we were, pure awareness. There was no reason to end the experience remains. We came from infinity that time has not, as finite beings walk and then return to what we were in a principle that you can not tell.
We will have words to tell, on behalf of ourselves, the failure will be evidence of an ego bigger than our own form, but nothing is lost in error, if the door to better recognize. We will have the fork in our hands and we will decide everything. We say many things in the name of love, but love has never talked to voice vibrated in perpetual silence finds no limits, and he will not tell anyone about truth in his own name. Possession is merely the consequence of a genuine fear, a disease unknown to treatment and we would try everything, and then back into the silence of the soul. We will have everything for us when one of us will not put the shield in the name of love itself. He does not protect you from him, wherever he is speechless.
We will have the privilege of compassion in his name, we are his words, silent. We will see the world through, we only bet of ourselves when we find the pain of others. The junction will still be present and we will have everything in that moment. We can avoid and give, if we give in the way. When we say we will not be giving him everything. Can never be that he ask for me to tell you, we will not say anything. We are too small a word from him and never say anything to his flowing towards us. We will contact a primordial but was extinguished and there we understand many things.
We will have everything and everything will be, in the humility that distinguishes us, we will not be a role in heart will understand. We will follow the instinct which does not explain, we will manifest errors and ego. Each test may drop, but the experience puts the fate and know nothing without experience. The purity of the principle must be the goal, everyone will have everything and the junction is only what we can do. Everyone will have the gift of freedom and this runs like a horse on the prairie gardens of Eden, but just remember that we can not be after all, we will be only us and there we learned the same paradise. Love.
We will have forgiveness in every mistake, when we forgive ourselves. The imperfect is normal to carry around and this is the way uphill to a stranger who gives. Perfection never say when it will total a word to the other that we will see, we have accepted the world and we will accept ourselves, perfection is only a mirage at the end but the little that we really will be treasured in the name of ' love that belongs in the heart.
We will have the courage of our actions, reactions, only a consequence of a cycle and we will still fork, this will never know what happens. But fear not border anything until we know to be listening to our conscience. Tremble like leaves in the wind, but then everything will be peace, we will live in goodness and evil will never have. Fear is just the experience to understand the courage that sets us apart forever. The value of a show is coming in and never thought of it. We will be in a present and what we live.
We will have many things to remember and much to do, we have his word that we will not say in his name. We will be human beings simply recognize what we see and we could never say I have not had the chance. For the love does not differentiate some. love does not know him and not you, knows everyone equally, he is in addition to our being here, is so expanded that exists in everything and everyone, we recognize his eternal vibration. In silenzione, we are his word ....

martedì 31 gennaio 2012

A world in twenty words

How sad can exist in an instant even a lifetime would tell him. The world is the immensity, the world is the reality that all living and that everybody is looking ...We are just a collection of people and life, and yet all this seems all too little, the words are like the most beautiful peaks of the mountains where oxygen is thin, love, friendship, brotherhood words such as light ...In those peaks where little could enjoy the fragrance of these words full and never empty, the hope remains far as the horizon that would see the white snow and the sky near the sun, but this is still too little. We are far from this passage, as if now for a few shows and the world only downside in twenty words choked in the empty box of a virtual world where everything is enclosed. Two stamps space to say I am me ... .. And over all is too complex, too big, too poor to understand the inner misery of a weird solitude. And like all stories do not find time this is a truth the infinite labyrinth of love. Saying I love is a whisper, afraid to say friend, then in that little box lights up and everything becomes as simple as a micro cosmos that exists in a universe that we never see truly; real life. Who are the culprits, no one can be ...We are travelers to walk barefoot in the sand where footprints last for the second wave of the sea which then returns a void.What sadness there is in all this, no one can ever tell what there is of true ...Everything is confused, it all becomes too small to tell the world that few have twenty words to say what our reality in a few know how to listen. We are alone, and that's that sense of melancholy that veiled tired us step by step, one day after another to live what we have.We would have to say and listen, we want the sea and the mountains, only one hemisphere of two worlds, words and love, listening and sound. But when we abandon all of our pain we are in truth only and alone we are born, unique and indissoluble, rare .... How much simplicity in the world of twenty words where everything is, where between masks and truth merge emotions and pain, everything is simple there is no struggle is that we can not actually be in reality that seems to escape even more. So we are real nell'irrealistico digital world where twenty words make a man and a woman alive .... How much devastation can be around us to live the greatest fantasies of a dream never told between wants and loves that await at the door, but that never arrive ....God can see what he has created and what we have changed in the last ice age of the feelings and words that seem to have no value ...Lyric of the heart, emphasis of a white box of twenty words sometimes too real and too far away, where in reality no one says and nobody listens. One I love is the most beautiful word you can say and feel and is always well hidden. Friendship is always true or never so little, and it seems rare for a dialogue between the console and the other. A world in twenty words is the summary of a life that perhaps we have grown tired, who knows if not us, if not them, if not always ... And if there must be in an uncertain future where there is only the mirage of that 'oasis in the heart that would never be too far away and well, everything seems so distant at times. And as exiles in a world that does not prevent our being true, we take refuge in this tiny universe that touches latitudes without moving.And as weary travelers looking beautiful horizons in the future that the eye does not see right now, but everything is never forever, always only a simple constant change that we can do when expanded in the heart we recognize that we are much more twenty words in a world too small to hold what they really exist in us.That day the word I love you, friend, brother, the sun will be a journey that'll make all together again ... ... ..

The words are not everything

If eyes could talk they would say a lot of things, that the voice does not yet know ...Two prying eyes are observed between windows and bars, night lights are now lit and the red tinge this scenario. How to scrutinize their faces, how much passion there is, almost the smell of love is felt in the air. And you're looking for the second observer to say something banal conversation and then feel the warm skin between the fingers. As a sneak thief bribe your soul in that desire is there and she running after that, around the corner .. Would you like to say what he wants to fire you, then you think, the words are not everything and look at the shoes that support the body, a beautiful woman. A gait sublime as you savor the flavor in the palate between the fantasy of possessing at least one minute. She is already far away and you're still there, still, between the forbidden dream ..The night has just arrived and lovers like ghosts out of red, now want their moment of passion, they want warmth now choked between walls and awkward lies. And you observer circles her, you saw her again at nightfall, now quick steps, here it is again .... Now look crosses her watching you, not a mark on the face has no expression. You see his eyes deep, deep, passion you'd expect, but she does not move anything her statuesque expression freezes the moment in you, you approach almost weighed down by fear of what might be saying something. The city lights are now dim, the sounds seem to vintage melodies of a sonata and you, you are close to you ....We observed only seconds that seem eternal, full and empty, the words are not everything, I am nothing now, you have no word of what you put in the pocket of your imagination. Now feel the smell, feel the breath, as you may say words, what good is saying ...When the hands are now in the first contact, and life flows through this moment, what good are words when the ecstasy of the moment is to see the midnight sun and the musicians playing that song sweet, and she now close to your breathing. He wants his life, just want to love .. Eyes to tell that ocean of words that the voice would never, contact primal of love without sound, but full sun in that only they can see, the spell is now, the kiss is now, and you do not even know why a . But what a moment because it does not matter, you are now in the fantasy you wanted the lights and the stage of a life to be born again without saying anything. The passion, voracious race ever a time that you would like it to end. Now the flavor flowing from his lips, the sap of life, now fantasy spaces, now it's all true, the words are not everything ....

venerdì 27 gennaio 2012

Mystical dreaming

Mystical dream
between oceans and starry universes,
empty words to confine,
real emotions, feelings of death,
that gravitate into hearts of metal.
Where the eye can see,
the sound of love will call,
gravitational defrost now tired of men
in the mystic dream of a will ...
Of a not be what the mirror shows.
The sweet dream accompanies this strange feeling of flight,
is falling,
balances tightrope walkers in the balance between stars and depths,
where now the love is only the end ...
Of a principle denied,
by those who are carriers of the heart of metal;
hanging on to this hope of games off the evil of a living
and a fate avoided
for fear of belonging to the merger of two souls,
hemispheres of their dance in these abstract
love you tomorrow and create the real universe,
between the mystic dream of a man who no longer knows how to recognize
what life
always told him.

giovedì 26 gennaio 2012

Do not get corrupted by negative mind.

We speculated how much until now passatto through our intellect, and how many of these thoughts are twisted?Too many in thousandths of a second and think about all this does not lead you to always see the negative things. We are accustomed to chronic pessimism, almost like a fad. We go places, we meet with people at this point begins a dialogue and in most of the time living in this pessimism. We put the trial in all, as if we were the judges of life. It could be said to be a common custom to date, as it seems normal for everyone. But when we analyze the conversations it is clear that we are in a permanent judge to shine and this leads to the negative that exists in us, we are not positive because we put our anxieties, fears, doubts, and all that junk we could define what mental we say. Do not put him with the sense of a reported speaking to us, this would be a critic and do not always have the courage to be seen for what it is. Then we find a way to vent this in conversations based on what happens, we see people in the "safety valve" and as such entering into these conversations we put our thinking above all, we are judges and Executioner at the same time and in that we are not alone, because in conversations involving several people.The negative mind is playing in this case the "master" with us and we can not at times be aware of it since, those who participate in the conversation of the media are like us. In them there are, differences of character, ideas, etc.. but this simply determines their approach to the conversation in a different way but still not convey that sense of neutrality that would be healthy for all the touches.This dialogue made the perpetuation of judgments and negativity, leading over time to erode the sense of beauty in us that we made up.People become increasingly arid, and eager to have the greatest ideas ever to say and feel happy. We do not recognize what the root might be the true sense of the good in us, because the negative mind corrupts the whole mental system at that time. We have several ways to restore this, leading to the zero point on our opinion and putting my mind at the disposal of the heart. We at that time the possibility of having some smile more, and this does not mean sacrificing if not identical to be negative and judges of all.We can consider that judging is very simple: we say that's wrong, not including the half that elevates us the truth we do not see and we will not accept. It 'a project our dramas to what we see, it is done intentionally or not does not change it. We do this and this remains the fact. If instead we take a period of time the exemption from commenting on the negative, we begin to feel what we can tell our silence, we will have a sense of recovery. Will initially float all our fears, hesitations, doubts, failures. We are human and all have sides that are not pleasant inherent in them. We recognize this and recognize how much space we have given the negative mind, without understanding that the neutral is the way to happiness. At this time we can avoid conversations that pose always exaggerate, to judge and shade in all, then we can eliminate the time that we can not, we can not, do not want. This is the first step that leads to direct us to the inner understanding and as such brings to us the correct way of things and to follow will benefit from this.The zero point, which we then understanding requires a simple meditation session done in the absence of noise, and without reciting anything, is in practice a self-analysis of what the mind tells us that, so we listen to what happens in us.In this step, we have dedicated to listening to the sense of what buzzes in our heads, we will see when there is bad in us. Simply recognizes that invades so our mind is too big to feel that we can then make an objective feature of the individual event, things, etc.. is a strong awareness that if you associate with will be happy leads to dramatically improve our relationship with ourselves and the context in which we live.Need reminding that this is a simple way to recognize in us what the mind is negative and how we can try to correct this. Obviously the effect can also be amplified and improved, but in this case we must make decisions that lead to different starting courses focused on discipline and as such there are many. But the simple fact of trying to understand what we are and what in us can be non-compliant with a happy life, in itself helps and encourages them to make steps towards specific courses bring into balance our being and lead to awareness and consequently an improvement of our standard of living.

Psychology and meditation new frontier of the human

various forms starting from the stress and anxiety and panic are passing on the agenda. The forms that affect people have different levels of incidence, but this gives a general profile quite worrying. As of today you can still fight well these forms of "disease". What is extremely important that it is always the primary step that says: I recognize that I have a problem. In this space to give people chance to be helped. Which is difficult because often associate these "diseases" although mild and transient things that can not be told and as such on the closing forces people to unnecessary suffering, no need to blame at how we can now be biased in this, what is important to give a simple explanation of how to begin healing.The conditions of the human being must be placed as a primary source of life compared with everything, and as such be serene and happy is an undeniable right of all. Having said that preconceptions are only obstructions that do not carry the right to happiness and peace, as I am to say that evil is not a crime, neither is seeking help from someone specializing in this field. It should not be afraid to be helped, much less what people may think of us in these moments. Also because it's easy to put summary judgments if you do not live these dramas that can be defined that hurt and feel bad about those close to us.The recognition that it is experiencing a period of pain dictated by the mind, must be seen as an obstacle to be overcome like all things in life. So to move towards a specialist is a decision that helps to begin to return to the stage that we deserve better. The work we're going to do for these people is always hard at first because of our discomfort factors emerge and as such is never easy, but you must also understand that this is the primary step towards the "healing." Then if we go to this psychological work to combine meditation can help because we have a double work on different layers of our being and this amplifies the benefit. Consider that there are a lot of meditation and give something to all those who practice them, are their real cleaning tools for the mind and not just act on our inner being so well defined. In fact all meditation always works on the mind neutral, ie that which is interposed between the positive and negative, but other than that works on precise layers inherent in us: fear, anger, pain, anxiety, etc.. as well as physical states of various kinds.Then combine two types of "cure" is a new frontier is not unknown to those who choose freely to date to match the ancient traditional cures to a discipline such as meditation and this finds its optimal condition. Obviously both of the two solutions should always be followed by specialists, because the so-called "DIY" may not be appropriate because the species in meditation, since it is assumed that a psychological therapy session can not be done alone, must be followed by people who know how to direct us to appropriate behavior to approach this. Also because it is not easy to understand how meditation functions initially for several reasons: they tend to want immediate effects, the mind itself is opposed to this practice of putting resistance that emerge in what we do while (a series of thoughts that begin to flow surfacing in the mind and tend to make us desist from this), respiration must be corrected and consequently all the positions of the hands and arms, and finally any mantras that are recited must have the exact correct pronunciation and phonetics.
If we look at the speech brackets mantra, a phrase is not random and as such must be pronounced correctly. It has a well defined sound, and this is effective because it makes the sentence itself. When we recite a mantra also going to stimulating the meridians (series of points on the upper palate) that act as stimuli themselves. So even this may not be random therefore always better to practice at least initially rely on courses where it is learned properly contemplated and then as a daily practice, coupled with therapy sessions already established by the specialist.This article is not scientific, but it is part of a series reported experiences where this combination has yielded positive results and as such is the only generic without specific written to follow (kind of psychological therapy, type of specialist courses leading to the practice of Meditation and meditations appropriate to the individual case).

venerdì 20 gennaio 2012

Kundalini yoga, the experience of consciousness

Right now many people are looking at themselves the way of mindfulness. Many people wonder how you can get to that center which we call soul.In life you need to know what brings us toward the path of the soul, the awareness of being human is not always easy to know what there is to get her to recognize the truth, and if you get to this you excel and become beings humans in closer contact with our higher self, the universe, God ....Today there are many disciplines that lead to the understanding of who we are and our inner life. They all have the gift to form in us an awareness of our being. But talk about Kundalini Yoga has a very logical reason in this: the Yoga of Awareness is only right and then make it known to those who did not ever heard of.The power of some disciplines, such as Kundalini Yoga is that in addition to being a discipline is also a science itself. In it not only covers the physical aspect, but also the mental and spiritual. In this we must not forget that the Kundalini Yoga has existed for millennia.The great beauty that resides in this discipline is that it focuses on the competitive aspects that lead human beings to be compared with a model stereotype. We only us to be our model for growth through our potential that we have discovered so far. The main aspects are always focused on physical training through classical yoga positions (asanas), but in this Kundalini Yoga has something more, offering the classic static position of some figures, given by the dynamic motion exercises. Also remember that in this discipline as well as breathing exercises that lead to enormous benefits for psycho-physical level, meditation is contemplated.The meditation that is often a mental barrier for many, because of no exact knowledge of his potential and because of this practice are recited mantras that are not always properly understood, by those who actually comes close to this discipline. One of the reasons is that the various subjects that are different from the practices which then performs the actual meditation itself. It should be noted that meditation is a traditional practice that leads to deeper understanding of ourselves, and at the same time is a real help for various psychological factors, which in some cases people may have, notwithstanding the benefits that can be known to the reading Meditation and lately have been written several articles that describe how a meditation practice consistently leads to extraordinary results in humans. We must also observe the most common effects: as the strengthening of our will and human intent with respect to mental barriers. Consider also a factor that we examine: practice meditation (whether you use mantras or not) helps support sporting activities with demanding exercises at aerobic thus bringing to pass more often than those mental barriers that prevent the achievement of results sometimes impossible.The mantras in Kundalini Yoga meditations are used not only in but also to support very demanding exercise. What puts a limit on those who hear the word meditation, mantras, lives only in the early stages as described above and that puts people in doubt and uncertainty than they actually are. Me that once the initial threshold and any preconceptions about turns in an extraordinary practice that puts us well on each floor.Some people once began a course of Kundalini Yoga learn the value of using not only the lessons but also to begin the daily practice of meditation for a few minutes, because even just a few minutes of meditation per day over time lead to a benefit in us lasts the entire day.One has to understand one thing that is the basis of the health of human beings: we are not composed exclusively of only two body and mind, this is just a thought that brings a wish not to consider the spiritual aspect that dwells in us. This does not speak specifically of a religion, but simply the contact between us and the one that exists apart from us, leaving a total freedom of thought. In Kundalini yoga this aspect is provided through a complete practice in the lessons.The same lessons as I said do not focus only on physical aspects, but beyond that work on more complex aspects of how the immune system, glands, etc., and are well integrated in the headlights factors that make up the human body, mind , because when the spirit of our "being" is in complete harmony on all levels is in better contact in the relationship between our health and our surroundings. As such, we find our self in us and therefore we are in this state of awareness in touch with our Higher Self (the specific conditions we find in the most subtle and intimate contact between the door and us all).Some may also wonder what the real need in the modern era such as this to find the spiritual aspects. The simple answer comes from a very obvious factor, we are too accustomed to think in watertight compartments, which in some cases are actual patterns. When these patterns are compromised for various reasons in different cases arises because of the pain, discomfort and in extreme cases of the disease entities. If in this we can do is recognize our contact between us and what exists beyond us, God, the universe, etc., complete freedom in this, that we help support us in those cases that we dropped out of the scheme that we had prepared or that there had only been with him for a long time in our lives. These patterns hold up to make it external or internal factors that support or are in short of the bases is not as strong as you think, because they are structures of the border often dictated by an ego too pronounced, or only by those beliefs that leave no margin necessarily appropriate in us who serve in those cases where we have not worked through all the possibilities that can exist at a problem. So we are not able at that time to have an effective solution, because when a person lives on patterns does not expand his vision to the real knowledge. When dwells in us true awareness, the patterns are much the non-existent, so we know that we do not seek long-term solutions to everything and we are more likely to live in the present, through the acceptance of things, to correct processing problems and Therefore we have in us a positive attitude to life itself, knowing that even in a great pain before we can overcome it and reconditioning at a later time not as a past trauma that persists in obstructing our present, but becomes an experience where we see a growth is always positive. This simply says that the relationship between the mind and we become more balanced. We work with time and through the practice of Kundalini Yoga we can obtain the full awareness, simply because we bring our service to the mind and the heart of the service, intended as a primary expansion of our soul. As such it can be stated that where "the mind sees, the heart says," and where the two are in perfect relationship, the body is in the best position harmonic. The human being as such is in the best condition for his health understood in all its forms. Obviously this must be understood as not an immediate occurrence that says: bring a few lessons to be what we thought of being. It should be considered a very easy thing, we often have an idea of ​​us that does not reflect reality, this does not say that we do not know who we are, but just do not know lunge our potential, our excellence is not simply the truth that ultimately we made up. As such to get this achievement is not much time, but you should not put all things as in the claim before the sacrifice is small or large. In this there is one thing that can be defined in the practice of Kundalini Yoga miraculous enough apart from normal evening dedicated to the lesson with the teacher, a few minutes every day which can be a simple meditation or exercise (which can be searched for a why we want to improve), to obtain a benefit that will last throughout the day.This says that to experience Kundalini Yoga has many benefits that can not be summarized in a few words for sure, but at the same time we can put into our awareness as a primary destination. The awareness is now a way of being that has no boundaries and that is deteriorating agents over time, but that puts us in the best condition to be infinitely happy and feel good about ourselves and others.

giovedì 12 gennaio 2012

solitary thought

Sneak in existing,
remains the memory of her
popular over time,
wound in the soul.

Solitary thought,
remember that story that tells the time,
thou man master of your destiny, your destiny only servant,
remember now, but rememberest instantly
selfishness of the flesh of the heart that are base requirements.

Easy to tell,
the loneliness that deceives, consolation forced exile of truth.
She injured woman then living in your heart,
space of the idyll,
enclosed space now.

You want to know,
in your recall
her life today;
but you're just a memory of an accomplice.

Now the lonely thought,
is the shadow of that sun that does not look much,
The Big Chill does not pass the hill of flowers at that time,
but only in the mind, visions and admissions know now.

Your awakening is the love that is missing now
want the warmth and look back in time,
who opened her heart in you.
The cold is alive in you,
admit the error of the mirror,
admit everything and everything will change.

It 's time to close the memory,
what good is a past
... what's the point.

In the past you want to sail,
tremble and enjoy,
in this imaginary world, now is the time to change,
only what you can do.

What was there left,
what you can do is your present forever,
and love will be your reality simply.

Solitary thought,
voice of conscience which raises man,
listening time,
to give the only true answer.

And it starts all over

In life there are no absolute certainties, we as dreamers always try the comfort of things. .There is nothing wrong in the end, we are human and not superior beings, with our faults and feelings which need to be alive. We could tell so much about situations that we live well and would not be enough to define a story that is not time, is too large to be in a book, is too immense to be contained in something. Then we simply have to experience a story, but one at a time ...
One day a person fell in a difficult time in his life, perhaps did not immediately recognize why, but the pain pervaded so much that he stopped sleeping and eating. The tears did not even need to placate him was that the ball of pain he had. She was crying in the corner of a room and no one could understand why. Then as in the fairy tales someone gave him some advice, one that can not be ignored, but only accept when you no longer see a way out of a situation that has no solutions. So take this advice, this person casting the pride of what was and embrace humility, took the verbal advice and put it into practice, admitted to the world of being sick, he admitted it and did not put on why he was doing. Then he took the direction indicated by the advice I had received and start to work in his deepest unconscious layers by extracting from him a past hidden. At that moment opened up a channel between him and his soul and knew his feelings, his pain for life, his fear of living and accept the consequences of his actions, his feelings and thoughts. In all that you showed the truth and he never gave up acceptance without saying, this is not true. Then he felt the need to find God in him, and the value of life in the timeless virtues. This was decided not to think too much time to devote to something that would help him to recognize who he was, and what there was in him really. A discipline became part of his life, like many, but at that moment was right, tough and loving at the same time. The dedication was complete without asking the arrival in anything, do everything, and followed the rules even if it is painful and hard, he opened his heart to the world without saying I'm never wrong. It was like opening their doors to the unknown that always scared because of that sense of incomprehensible that we have in us, when there are no certainties but only unknown. But he did so unaware of what could happen. I embrace life for what it was, never say where she was the direction it was like living in the moment present in every day by recognizing the stones hidden in the past and never really taken in hand. Nothing built something immediately, but he went straight ahead, and living simply abandoning the pretense that it was this wonderful journey to the center of his heart and his soul.In time everything back light, light that does not remember for how much and decided that this was shared between him and a higher world he had left to go. Just as he has brought this to others, the means are just simple steps for something that is all we ever really belongs.
When he felt that happiness was also born from his desire to live more in life, more present for everyone. A simple gesture of gratitude towards the whole, the universe. But the mere existence of this story does not live in order to become a happy, no point in living a straight life, must coexist a fall. Does because it is just the perfect living the imagery of those who do not really feel the perfection of hard ascents in the underworld, which are simply havens that we can have endless ...
Nothing lives in total good and life back in a few moments of pain. He resented this and saw how it was still small compared to the whole human being, a real particle of dust on a cubital. Not including the immediate event, there is not always right for this privilege is perhaps a growing leakage without waste and without fear. But the fall came up again in his life, because without a true, without a real motive, but as happens when the fall to see the pain you are already in pain itself, and this can only hear you. The error was not included in that he does not understand that every street that you live is not single and unique. But more than simply our will, we can not always feel when we are absent from what we believe is right. We only put the single vision and not put into question if we really are doing or experiencing the thing properly. It 's like being blinded by a knowledge too poor to say I know life. We can not but know that we have lived and learned, and never what we are living if we do not have a base, but he discovered how easy it was to fall in pain after watching the top and the bright light of his being in total. Then with a last effort after it was already falling back in pain once again recognized the mistake he had committed, he knew how emotions can not be in fantasy, but must be exposed for all to be understood, that the pain can not be sustained without acceptance total, and as if a voice at one point told him that. And he said to himself, between smiles and tears, now it's just time to start over, nothing has stopped me in if I have not really understood where I was wrong.

lunedì 9 gennaio 2012

Beauty is in the life ...

The beauty is in life, as it is passed into the unknown and from the splendor of the moment.
The first day as the last, will be wonderful moments where you do not want to miss anything of what the passage of time has given you. The memory does not stop at the point of what we now see as the bank of the river, everything flows without end, the beauty of life is in His infinite majesty. You man or woman, can fly at a time in this universe and remember how much love there is in life itself. you, I know.How not to do so as everything around us is wonderful ... Because one day you can say I am life, in life. So when did the hatred of the events and phrases will vanish to make way for the ecstasy that lives in you. No one will ever make sense of this because in his passage from this life to the wonder that is called the zero point, will find not only the beauty and pain of the moments that have marked its flow. You will be in excess of those sad memories as a star and you will see everything around you blossom like a spring in his lush, endless, and you will see will not say why this is not true. No one knows the great secret of this life, but they all know her beauty will sooner or later. Everyone will have the light around them and all will be wrapped by this well that we have so often called as "disappointing" in our stay in this part of history. How could we not be happy in the rain, past the moment when the fear of getting wet feel the merger with the elements to be one with us, we will see and feel the joy explode in us with a laugh and remember the moment before the fear of being caught without protection from the rain. Unique moments that we come together in this beauty to remind us of how much gratitude we owe to all that lives in us and on ourselves.
The life that marvelous story that never sees the end, never sees what we think, because as absence of color are just a black and white and shades make all forget how beautiful. The discomfort is just live without fear is that we place in this sea that borders the ocean in all. We can say it is not just the fact that now happens to me, no one will ever say we do not tell. But you who are the observer of this sequence of life, you will see how much energy is released in you and how you can be the light of darkness which assails you in those moments that call unjust. But they remain only the possibility of a say in how much wonder there my be a step between me and the infinite, the wait is the only constraint that arises in you this discomfort. You will understand how you can stop when the time will recognize that they are only aspects of something greater than yourself, and you want everything in a way tailored to your person, you can not understand how this ever. You will then caught the sense of who you are and how a butterfly will fly towards the beauty of the moment and not suffer even recognize that you hated. How grateful will you, because the experiences have shaped you in your divine being who will not see only the dark, going toward the light you up.You will never be inseparable now, you will experience the beauty of life in his distress, such as dark stairs to heaven bright. You can now say that the words are simple, but it is the middle of a story that will belong to everyone, you can not see what I see, but it's only a matter of seeing with my eyes closed and not in you to see what we now see and hatred.The beauty of life reminds us all that love overflow in us, and how useless it is to live the bank of a river flowing in the constant time without end. The melody of the river is in you, and you get everything without asking why. What may be asking now, before a right to live now everything ... nothing.We made nothing of this now, off to the claim that everything is as we want, but nothing is as we think and if you think it's just the simple case that touches us and tell us all there is to discover this beauty. You can not understand all the ways in life, made a few things. We can understand how much we really abandoning a life without wondering why. There's like magic ever told we will see the beauty of life, and we would appreciate a non-existing time for this ... The memories will become just the beauty and simple people like us understand that everything we've done and seen over time, it was only our greatest fortune to be able to say ...
Everything is wonderful now ...
Who writes these words is not the simple example of a fantasy that picks fruit in arid desert, we always want to defeat. It 'simply the narrator of a beauty that lives with you, as an indissoluble exist between you and what will be. His story is the gratitude displayed in the breath that makes it live and that he shares this beauty without thinking about what is the reaction of the reader. The reaction is only the seed of the future, to say tomorrow because it's just life. Beauty is also this, but nobody ever tell you better than you at that moment that awaits you now.

I'll want to be just myself

Your brakes will not become live imagery ...
I grow up I want to do the job that I feel, how much time will pass before it is what I want. I see what I want to be the greatest, when did I make this I will also. A voice then we will say at once: I'll just be myself ....What joy there is in free-riding without seeing anything to be like us, we can see the sky and the earth and recognize how many of us in it there is. We will see people's faces and see ourselves in our being alike in form and essence away.What then may be all that's just the simple gift of seeing what few see beyond their desire.
Just one voice. do not need to say that we are choirs in our beautiful flaws, colors, feelings and opinions, we are and will remain a sense of diversity complementary and indivisible for the human future. We may be in the street but the weight of this dell'assomigliare not stand forever. We can be what we want, simple reactions of action fake, but we can not wait even for the best part of this. The truth does not blind and deaf.
It 's simple chase the dream, but it is much more complex to be alive. When we recognize ourselves in ourselves, without looking at what we have seen for some time as a point of arrival with more and better prospects for the future, we have only completed a better future and unmatched. Just because we are a step beyond the difficulties that the arrival inner terrain that lead to the path of no certainty. Uncertainty is simply an ally of a defeat is like the hidden human doubting almost certain now true. Reject all this means accepting an abandonment uncertain destiny to live indefinitely in space and in this live illimitante full of mystery touch the best possibilities, the reason is simple: when it falls on the wall of fear that leads to delineate an association convenient, begins in us the 'true expression of what we in our absolute potential. It 's like being left alone on an island, we can think to seek help the first time, but then when we see our primary needs are live, we will start an ingenious mechanism of the supreme and we will do what I can not think and who will not this, he will place a border of the imminent end and not the fate that has placed an extreme situation.
The examples are many, and as always we would like to try to be able to say, it is true. But what is true or false does not lead to certainties to be questions without answers. We are full of questions to which we will answer questions that will generate an endless cycle unproductive prohibiting the evolution that is normal for our highest good. We have two choices: live with questions or making a living sense of ourselves. When will we realize that being yourself in all respects is only the means to live life with no problems accepting the mystery and its proof, we just won everything in this passage of time that accompanies us for the time of this earthly sojourn. This resourceful and we will not attempt an arrival that we think best, we do not know if it will ever actually and in the end will really be a certainty of happiness.
Happiness is the vision we have no glass in a mirror when we see reflected not us, but others or other things that we think elevino us beyond what we are. We are what we are and that nobody will ever change and that we can only live in the fullness when we recognize ourselves in the mirror. That's when we can say that I am happy because we are just ourselves.
The phrase without time limit remains: I'll want to be just me, this is the phrase that carries over without obstacles that we overcome today and in the future