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Beauty is in the life ...

The beauty is in life, as it is passed into the unknown and from the splendor of the moment.
The first day as the last, will be wonderful moments where you do not want to miss anything of what the passage of time has given you. The memory does not stop at the point of what we now see as the bank of the river, everything flows without end, the beauty of life is in His infinite majesty. You man or woman, can fly at a time in this universe and remember how much love there is in life itself. you, I know.How not to do so as everything around us is wonderful ... Because one day you can say I am life, in life. So when did the hatred of the events and phrases will vanish to make way for the ecstasy that lives in you. No one will ever make sense of this because in his passage from this life to the wonder that is called the zero point, will find not only the beauty and pain of the moments that have marked its flow. You will be in excess of those sad memories as a star and you will see everything around you blossom like a spring in his lush, endless, and you will see will not say why this is not true. No one knows the great secret of this life, but they all know her beauty will sooner or later. Everyone will have the light around them and all will be wrapped by this well that we have so often called as "disappointing" in our stay in this part of history. How could we not be happy in the rain, past the moment when the fear of getting wet feel the merger with the elements to be one with us, we will see and feel the joy explode in us with a laugh and remember the moment before the fear of being caught without protection from the rain. Unique moments that we come together in this beauty to remind us of how much gratitude we owe to all that lives in us and on ourselves.
The life that marvelous story that never sees the end, never sees what we think, because as absence of color are just a black and white and shades make all forget how beautiful. The discomfort is just live without fear is that we place in this sea that borders the ocean in all. We can say it is not just the fact that now happens to me, no one will ever say we do not tell. But you who are the observer of this sequence of life, you will see how much energy is released in you and how you can be the light of darkness which assails you in those moments that call unjust. But they remain only the possibility of a say in how much wonder there my be a step between me and the infinite, the wait is the only constraint that arises in you this discomfort. You will understand how you can stop when the time will recognize that they are only aspects of something greater than yourself, and you want everything in a way tailored to your person, you can not understand how this ever. You will then caught the sense of who you are and how a butterfly will fly towards the beauty of the moment and not suffer even recognize that you hated. How grateful will you, because the experiences have shaped you in your divine being who will not see only the dark, going toward the light you up.You will never be inseparable now, you will experience the beauty of life in his distress, such as dark stairs to heaven bright. You can now say that the words are simple, but it is the middle of a story that will belong to everyone, you can not see what I see, but it's only a matter of seeing with my eyes closed and not in you to see what we now see and hatred.The beauty of life reminds us all that love overflow in us, and how useless it is to live the bank of a river flowing in the constant time without end. The melody of the river is in you, and you get everything without asking why. What may be asking now, before a right to live ... now all a thing.We made nothing of this now, off to the claim that everything is as we want, but nothing is as we think and if you think it's just the simple case that touches us and tell us all there is to discover this beauty. You can not understand all the ways in life, made a few things. We can understand how much we really abandoning a life without wondering why. There's like magic ever told we will see the beauty of life, and we would appreciate a non-existing time for this ... The memories will become just the beauty and simple people like us understand that everything we've done and seen over time, it was only our greatest fortune to be able to say ...
Everything is wonderful now ...
Who writes these words is not the simple example of a fantasy that picks fruit in arid desert, we always want to defeat. It 'simply the narrator of a beauty that lives with you, as an indissoluble exist between you and what will be. His story is the gratitude displayed in the breath that makes it live and that he shares this beauty without thinking about what is the reaction of the reader. The reaction is only the seed of the future, to say tomorrow because it's just life. Beauty is also this, but nobody ever tell you better than you at that moment that awaits you now.

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we are inhabitants of one world, without borders

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ZERO ...........


the soul has no face, no color, is only an illusion of form.
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