sabato 30 luglio 2011


In us there is a mystery, unravel the enigma of the over brings us know what fascinated us in the stories. We have read and dreamed of this story that brings us to the desire for a happy life, but we have not really tried this. We stopped and we were waiting, and this remained so for now ...
We sailed in the sea of ​​words, books of all forms of lighting, we are fascinated and involved, we try to reveal what lies within us. The charm of the thing, it leads us to immerse ourselves in more and would like to touch our deepest core self. Hear and see the mystery unravel the puzzle to our understanding and approach. Now lives in the growing urgency of the malaise created an increasingly looking to ourselves, tired and perplexed the life that surrounds us, and we have heard too many people tell us of their arrival and their way of spiritual light. They are useful feedback that we see in people, but they still have and not ours. In us the riddle does not compare to anyone, much less the way to attain, the goal is the welfare or creative energy and this is fact.
But all this, then at the end because we really belong? And 'the question that everyone at times fails to ask and believe that with perseverance to follow examples and readings are adapted to him, this may be reflected only if we are willing and integrity in what we feel within us the energy and real , but not the emotion.The excitement did not last long and always goes out in these situations, the totality of the puzzle is to understand the event that gradually takes shape in us and does not follow strict rules, often the best of the true essence without knowing anyone and therefore do not enter comparisons that may confound our progression. A given fact remains, as always say, often the way of research, is pain. This one can not escape. All trips in search of its hidden essence, as the enigma that is contained within us and these are clues are like fragments of the pain that you make up slowly.We often live in the elimination phase of the thing, and we stay away for a real refusal to accepting that freedom as knowing what is within us is put to the test. This is all you need to delve into the research and understanding that we sometimes attempt, but the first step to overcome is that of pain is not constant, but has moments strong and vivid as life itself. And 'true intensity and therefore the price is acceptable if we are determined to understand what we will find in our self.
Unraveling the mystery is to understand the primary balance that keeps us be the flow of life, to which we are in symbiosis. All can have implications not beautiful at first, but if one does not see this step as well, is only found to be far away from understanding the enigma that exists in him. You do not need a will to think and I say it's true! But this depends on us as we are always seats, compared to what we are. If we are at peace with ourselves all that is good, but if we do not dare to see what in us can be output from the malaise.
All these steps are described that should always be viewed as a starting point, and I for one will never say that there is instant miracle in reaching the extreme point of themselves. It 'a hard and painful way, but in my personal life and try this, I always try not to expose it as an absolute, even for you will be banal to say that words are vehicles, but must be taken carefully because they are not all equal, no There is a method or a way unique. I feel free to dedicate what I have tried and give the reader the possibility of having a stable and wrote about an experience made by me. And I now live in its full and in its essence, this is a simple recount that is reflected only when a person realizes that everything is good, but he as an individual has in the courage to see beyond after the stimulus itself. This time it will be useful, but if a person seeks the magic pill that can be immediate, rather the whole thing like this and live a simple story ...
No one has the absolute truth, a truth to us to take and read the riddle, as a stimulus.

the goddess

The bandage to cover the eyes, the goddess of spinning,

music chorus, she rolls her blindfolded, my goddess, worshiped.

Long the crown to rotate, such as brushes to color pages in his imaginary floating,

Goddess wonder woman, expression at the peak of what you are.

Man who looks and says nothing, silence to observe the world in its turn,

Moments of madness in wanting, you.

the Merchant

Heads or tails, the bet ..
Too easy to toss the coin you want to barter, the end is the game of chance.
Simple, too simple,
if everything in the fate of two sides of a single coin ..
The merchant can not see, you saw it, but you are not interested. His merchandise was banal and as such have continued in your do.What matter of goods, if you do not have to purchase, on say, behind this there is a mystery, which is often not reported.The merchant is thin, does not always have forms, you buy and not know it, your redemption is the later, often too late to escape. Were auction where everything was for sale, say it is not true! Recounted a tale so he can start, and you'll understand ...
Every day you've longed for desire, with envy, deadly sin, you were not conscious, it is true. You have simply eluded the top and you've tried walking, running. You are now the height of yourself and the merchant is watching you, you are rare and valuable, do not know, but he is.All you have climbed, you have contempt for those below that you aim for, scoffs and praises are to sell you as a father to the prodigal son that caresses.Inside, it is within you, the hypocrisy is sovereign, and even more laughs. The sell the fake and he is a human being like you. But now you're blind, you're feeling well, got six gold and steel.The merchant knows, you shine but you're weak, he expects the auction at your fall, and he failed with two breaths you buy and stay in redemption, that life will show you ..
Who is this then you say, you still do not understand ...
The day comes that everything falls, you sought, called involuntary because believe you're right, the proof of life will come, when no one is ever in the prank itself and flaunts it all. The merchant, is very true, is not faithful to itself, it seems unfair, he decides you're worth the price that the market of souls ...
Who is he now, just you, the same merchant. Live in the compromise between truth and pride, humility and hypocrisy, all but cancel the fall, that can wait, because you are not untouchable.When you fall into the abyss of the mind and pain, you auction yourself. Are you a merchant who has bought the gear that you praised, now change to redemption, you can not buy, barter, and even share, you auction and only you you can buy ..
Remember ..
Once the batter has three strikes you're the auction closes, and as such your purchase, you're an inanimate object, your appearance is emptied, but fear not, then everybody can change, but this is priceless if you do not change. Its value is timeless and you who are still a subject of your bargain, enhances the possibility that you were once the auction was only six, but it is not always so ...
Now you understand.
What we are all equal in life, is a value that you can not define, remember and embrace life, altruism. It costs nothing and giving merchants are not only real men and women who have no price, but with an interior value is not quantifiable.
This is the parable of an ordinary day, to anyone, in any place where a person thinks he has a higher value to someone, but that ultimately is just an object of himself that can be sold at any time.
Life is long and certainties are not written, but they are illusions of the mind that is the merchant that awaits us ...

mercoledì 27 luglio 2011

From the hill I saw ..

Words from the heart forever devoted, took the pain from the heart and threw it to the stars, they shine in that moment.The man saw that he understood that his pain would change the world, the stars were waiting for the sign.He took heart from the fear of infinity and the launch night, the moon smiled.
The man in this umpteenth including gesture, that fear would no longer touch the feeling of life, hope was kindled in him.He sat down to observe the bright constellations in the night sky shone like never before. I watch endlessly and saw in him the change. She picked up the remaining coconuts, which were in the hearts of those who loved them were launched towards the infinite, which appeared in an instant glow. A star fell, and the wake was bright, the man realized that love was the hope of the universe. He reflected on the hill and realized that was a part of the infinite that surrounded him.
The tears pour his hope of the moment.The man from the hill of Mount Olympus that saw life from a distance. He knew now what it was, took his love, only feeling now and the launch was indefinitely. Everything went dark for a few moments. The eclipse began at night the silence of the world, everything was overshadowed, to remember the feeling of life.
The man laughed and within themselves, feel the happiness to touch the ends. The body was like reading at that time. Love was all over and he saw this infinity. The hill did not confess, did not say a word. The eloquent gestures that gave the infinite, were the words of all.The man sat down again and wondered if this would change the fate of people's lives, put his hands over his face, almost not wanting to see what would happen at dawn. Then he took his hands, the time dawn was still far away ..He observed the moon, and expressed a prayer. A sign of devotion to those smiles given away, emotions in a time that always had company.
I saw this man, he had no time, was without a past. This man was the future and the present, I saw him and never turned his word. He had lived all over, and for all. He said no words of creation, for him the past was only the beginning of everything. He said words, but I was far away then. I saw the man on the hill watching the world by launching her feelings forever.
The sentiments were all now, but he was careless, did those gestures to repeat, that love was only one place. I said nothing and he disappeared. A moment of solitude wash over me, then I exploded in laughter and everything is lit.
My dream was interrupted them.
I gave her a sense of this dream, perhaps bizarre, and perhaps true: the world is sad now, no blame can be given, we who are sad and perhaps we no longer believe in anything. I said - it is God who has many names -. And perhaps he was from the hill to launch signals, warnings of the time that we will be perceived, did not say words, it is true. But he is in us. I stayed clear signal that I felt more love in its different forms and in his different worlds. But love knows no differences, we who have spent the differences and perhaps, occasionally we have lost this feeling before, only to remember and embrace him again.Everything can have an interpretation, what remains is only that love, in his way, nothing is a mistake, the rest was a dream ..

martedì 26 luglio 2011

About Us ...

Who we are, who we are, who we were ..Questions and more questions, more an understanding, and then not want it, we were in regret than we thought, in remorse ..
What remains .. Nothing.
Who we ask, then who responds? The faithless friend, he said then. Today antagonist of an open wound, almost sadistic his speech, talking about us, but that he exposes his lack. But we will say about us? As always backs' s support, his head bowed prostrate ourselves once again, the trick ...
Who we are and what we are, what matters to bottom, only to be uncertain, we say we are alone. But in the end the world turns ..
We have everything, perhaps nothing, friends? Doubts hidden from them and never are words that we, the understanding is far away and everything speaks of others.They prey breath, once again, let's move on. Questions that will arise, but in the end we will be few answers, bend the lives of timeless questions.
What I see now if I mirror? A body, a form of questions and where are they? There are now, this is a sign that says forward, lives in you all, made strong, do not wait. Stand up straight and you're, say nothing and stay straight.All you need to understand who we are, we're alive and this is the gift, the words are sharp, do not listen then. Feel in your deep and straight and are present now.
Find the meaning in meaninglessness. Is simply a breath, deeper with your eyes closed, is worth a thousand words spoken. Who says talk, and say, is to expose oneself. This is empty now. In the storm's probably better not to listen, to live is the only beach to rest, walk without feeling anything, lie down and be totally in the place where we arrive, merger .. Meditate.
Take a breath and do another, then you will see who you are, you will understand your value, everything is a breath .. Moment.Questions about questions, questions lead only to see the simple answer live and let it happen. The simplicity is that one day is a day to tomorrow? See it and do not ask, you'll understand who you are alone in front of the bet, and life is always a gamble.Uncertain and beautiful, that fear can do!
In each of us there are many more resources than we think. Who we are is the only one I have to say in everything and what I did not, I'll have. Self-confidence, a real alternative that no one takes time and ever.

The streets of the freedom of the heart

Parentheses delineate spaces, one written to define what we would then be. It happens in life that flows like a book without end in the pages that we write ..
Blank pages facing our written, this is often lacking, is the voice and nothing else. We want freedom, but will never fight for it. They will want and not a reflection of the deep. Who are we? Let us ask the question and the answer that will live in its intensity. Do not run away now, take what is exposed and Let's hear it. The answer will not be welcome and this happens. We are often too focused on outdoor living and little in life that exists in us, we are dissociated in this unfortunate and all too often.
They will say that every day is not the same, but what they say is never what we would like to say. Let us open to life and listen to the answer that is out of us, that is the truth that exists in us. The streets of the freedom of heart, arise when we pose the question that we will hear the answer and not embraced escaping. Unnecessary words that we expose, complaints, and decadence that we highlight, none of this really is listening. Everyone listens but no one can tell the real answer that we need.
The answer with a question if placed deep within us, not long in coming. It 'always ready, was awaiting them the way that we seek. But this does not say that we are then ready to accept what will be revealed. We are often victims of ourselves and serve the ego, which would open the way to the answer that the freedom of the heart we say no. NO is afraid that thin, the exposed portion is inversely love. We will say at this point that I can do, simply. And this will always exclude the static life that our freedom. For once we can be strong and fully accept the response that we had. We will listen to us at that moment and taking what will happen without forgetting anything, will break the path of the ego and begin the path of the soul and freedom of heart.
The heart is our center of energy stronger and if we do expose and accept the answer that we will have seats, and that the soul will be endorsed, we will be in contact with life. We will be free at that time. It seems absurd and often we try to stem huge vortices with the direct route to our center. In the end the best way is always the shortest in this case, not to ask anyone and do it with us. When we place please take 5 minutes of total silence and breathe and stay in touch with our breath. Permettiamoli joining us with his vitality, Let's hear it live. Let us follow the question who we are and as if by magic in my mind we will see life in its real form. Past and present unresolved will surface and we understand what to do, that's the real answer that will set the first step towards the path of freedom.
The heart never lies and soul has expanded his world the truth that we can not be changed. If one wants the freedom to accept themselves and accept that the truth is this and what emerges at this juncture where it will touch our deep. The challenge is great in this.Nothing is free in our existence and as such, if the desire is, to be free and loving with our hearts and live his glory, we must accept that this is a challenge and the challenges we win only if we know that nothing falls. To believe is our strength that we never give up and accept it, are the elements that lead us anywhere we want, the rest is the mystery that we will discover the path. Not everything is certain and that is the beauty of life, are useless if they fall, then the patterns that demoralize, live and grow us in the present of our hearts, what will the post to find out ... let him

lunedì 25 luglio 2011

The energy that attracts

We exposed, declared to the universe. Meaningful gestures or not, we did respond and his law ...
Shouting their divine always leads to the test.
From the mists of time, we are under this influence. It sounds like a legend, a story, often in everyone's lives that influence. We are energy in our integrity, as we expose the thought that attracts energy. We have invoked the name of our energy and our manifesto.Our leadership, we pray and we show, we often projected events that will test what we have held. Happen, this is the law of the universe that we call us, we will face a challenge, hard and painful. This seems the prank, but a test mail in the name of a proclaimed that we will run indefinitely, will in its absolute truth. We will be told to strong and hard, the proof will be email to us with a sense of focus on our strength, moral pain that comes and we do not understand it immediately.
We will live a drama, and tell me why, do not understand it. For too long we were only rational. This will give the chance to prove who we are, starting from a point not in favor. Do not understand the opportunity that is happening, but we will live this evil "begins, will drop the false claims that we have said. Then the weather will understand, I'll get to live and be aware of this attraction that we have created. Being strong, leading to a strong response and as such evidence is hard to proclaim the answer. To overcome this or not, remains an individual moment, but that should make us think that we expose ourselves and our ideals. We manifest, moving masses of energy which in turn attract the masses, and we know everything will be in true that we said. If we are in the manifestation of the ego, it will happen is the challenge that we have attracted a divine law and no one escapes from it.
Conversely we will attract positive life if we are in the heart with this intention, the lament is often our source of communication, this does not attract anything but the worse our lives. Let us often in our shows on the loneliness dell'am0re and as a response occurs. It seems complex reasoning, but it should not be the case because if we do that happens often in our days and weeks, we will see that the theory is real.
Us when we call upon the false always, sooner or later put to the test, when we call a way we are misled, the error is simply the manifestation and ask. It may seem strange, but trying for a time limit because in this serene and truth, but will attract positive energy and often the best things happen. Do not expose the false or request, but we will say only our truth in its humblest form, without the expectation ourselves, much less projecting anything to anyone.In this case will attract to us the truths of the heart, love and joy come to pass, but miracles do not happen to be created!
One can think of a fantasy about extreme, well I tell you! Try it and chops, then tell thousands of words that nothing happens. If we live in pretense, nothing happens, we will attract more and only false and disappointment. Evidence that there will be placed in the name of and if we are strong confirmations of the truth that our lives in us, we had a chance to understand and this is a treasure in our lives.
Everything seems to always imagined the extent to which we dare not try it, resides in us a lot and once in a lifetime you have to try to reverse the pattern that defines our reason. The reason we often have too much rationality and this does not always lead you to discover new things that give the path of light and supreme happiness.

giovedì 21 luglio 2011

Live in the truth

Nothing will be afraid of the truth in your thinking, will radiate all of what you will, nobody will feel your alone in this .. Wrap the people who will be next to you, afraid to try, afraid in the first experience, but then everything will change and feel the beauty of your freedom, it will be immense rejoice with you forever, always laugh, and everyone will admire ....
In the night you thought how many times you have been given the lie, not deserved, was not right and it happened well. You've thought and thought, you have suffered and brought resentment, anger grew and then exploded. In the end you got nothing, you fall into the trap that the mind made you. The challenge similar to that made you lie, like the one that put you at the fake.
The provocation was great, but if you were in truth you would have said just now, not brooding and repressed and then explode, you would have beamed with a smile and he would be astonished.
This is the simple tale of what happens, but there are too many streets where everything is questioned, and we remain caught in this. Difficult or easy, it's never impossible to live in truth. It 'just put in a position to become untouchable and no one who gives in front of a truth that is exposed can strike. You can do screaming and in other ways, but we do not doubt he was born a grudge. We remain pure and clean, and we radiate infinitely bright, beautiful, feel right and this is as a transparent barrier that makes us feel good.People will be brought before a notice of where there are several ways, if not admitted or remain silent, this is real. You can try it as a meditation for 40 days, the effects are real, but it was not accepted and acceptable to this awareness. It can not and should not be a self belief. It would be an illusion that would fall, as they fall all lies designed to hurt.Accept and live in truth are backing tracks, putting deep roots with time. No feelings or moments of transition, the liberation that is in living that is very strong. Almost like finding a smile without knowing why an apparent, but it includes listening to, well, we are freed from subservience to deny and having to explain, often in life that are told and repeated as a dowry.I do not think talent is staying to listen when something is said or done to us is not correct, but as said before there should be a time step in the response. We are aware, we are in truth! The answer that in truth we must be spontaneous and instantaneous. Do not let's not forget this is instinct. And 'the true awareness that leads to us to be truthful and if we are, we need to develop a thought likely to say they think as you, or do not think like you. We are calm and respond in truth we have in us. This action will happen and we will be in a peaceful and joyful in doing so, and all I can find one who will feel the grip give this response. It may be in disagreement with this, but we do not touch it. We are in truth, great! If we believe in the truth of life, the reactions are nothing to us. Not lead to change our serenity and even less to a posthumous thoughts.
We have also made a mistake in giving a reply, it happens and will happen. But if you live in the truth, there is pride and ask for forgiveness from the heart is a gesture that we do, we will not have the resentment of the thing. Nothing turns off a smile in the truth, and nothing brings more joy in this life. You do not need to be prophetic in life, but humble and true and the result is always a good living and not surviving.

mercoledì 20 luglio 2011

Tears in the river

We are now lovers, we live close and never far away. Words of life to declare our feelings.
Walk closer and never separate, different worlds coming together. Everything seems perfect for people living sentiment, there are no gaps, different characters, but it does not matter that love conquers all is to endure. From this we saw two bodies together and never separated.The suspect does not live in love and telling the two lovers, no lie, words and honey exposing the painting to life, who loved angels. But in the end love was to create a new life, fresh, and the same for both. They do not abandon what had been believed that the way it was.
Always thought that keeping their world was not the rock where the sea of ​​thought would have broken his disappointment.
Life can not be described. And they went on in that relationship, no one could see the future, imagine a utopian goal was.Nothing is now in the strange life and began to whisper words of truth. They felt the beginning of love that demands the creation of a new world, but nothing made them understand this. Jealousy climbed like ivy on walls slippery, made doubt of appearances, but in the bricks of the castle began to fall. They often look in the face and promised a change. Beautiful promise in the sign of something, but this promise was not made to themselves, but always and only to fill empty of fear of getting lost, wadding out and feel the cold truth.
Try and try again, but none that had been abandoned, the new world was now far away. The river of life caught now only tears and nothing would stop what he was now.
Everything was proof of life they said. Life did not want evidence, but the truth in love, and pay what was spilled into the river, the past.
They did not realize this and went on, wasting away as the ropes to the corners rubbed. Hours and hours of words to find the return to the passion that was there. Returns the end was unnecessary. It was only a matter of time, the separation is painful. Needless to live in what they can not grow and mature, plant the roses in the sand, they would never have given the wonder of a flower.
They said to try, the pride of one who loves you last to fall, but fall is now besieged by the mind which prevails at the heart always takes the voice and anger, nobody accepts defeat. It comes from a love to hatred, screaming to indicate guilt, but the faults are always equal and never odd.
One day the door slammed hard, it was morning, the two who went that was not important. It was not a conscious act among many is not made before. Love for love, but it asks you to create from scratch a new world where what was not fit and if it comes will be accepted and shared, life does not ask for love, but only the fusion of my ego, in a we that lives and grows without separating.
The infinity lives in love lives in us if we live we are to unravel the mystery to those who incontrimo in our feelings, we want to donate.


Love me for who I am, maybe not perfect you wanted, maybe my face does not live in the smile ..In me is love and if you want you'll stay in my heart.
The weather made us know in the world running, I Viven young person without anything special in the enchantment of dreams and you beautiful woman was the queen of my visions. I could never imagine to be something for you, maybe you're unreachable, everything is far away now.
The songs were reflections of the young in his heart, the image of the woman had entered him. It had been a mere vision in the fringes of life that flowed slowly, but he had noticed she had been frozen by the look, cold and penetrating. Distances in his feelings that seem obvious, she had turned to him, she was golden-winged butterfly that settled and grew closer.
He, the young man was left to look for the nights away, all he wanted was a contact and his heart was full of love for her. Every match in its randomness it seemed that the moment of contact, there were signs and words, but he lived in love and it was full of hope. Feeling the love that pervades the senses, everything is bright and seeing the woman he loves and knows, that she wears the scent intoxicates the senses, music in mind as the awakening of spring with its blooms.
Too many times in the thought that he painted this heavenly romance and a little courage to manifest. He wanted a gesture, never happened, he would like all the signal and instead was the mystery woman to make it different.
Unwavering in his dream, obstinate in his fears, he thought that if she would ever say a word addressed to him. Storm that lit in him questions, questions and supplementary questions and the heart was swollen with love, words you think, what they sing odes to the purity of the young would have given at that moment of contact. But all that stood in the thought that flew in the borderline between dream el'ardire the mysterious woman.
On the day that was to mark the summer now that the door was hot to feel his warmth, he in his usual afternoon, I meet the woman who had dreamed so much. A meeting was different, there was not the place or the crowd noise, were in a park. Trees to cool the hot day, and shadows to give an almost magical figures, a light breeze was blowing the charm. She sat on a bench, smiling as he had never seen it, sweet heart as if he knew he wanted to manifest itself, it results, in my mind was empty of the thousands of words he had thought over time, the forces did not seem to be there, but was walking towards her and this was the moment I was not in thought but was driven by love. Arrival in front of her, heart pounding, his throat was choking on the words he would say, I stare in the face of the woman with a smile that lights the sun that seemed to radiate from that point. Everything was light and everything was magic.
You look at him and said with a sweet look: - love me for who I am, love me for what you have heard, love me and not you yourself -. He had thought of everything that I do not find anything, I simply love unrequited, and so did the demand that he take his word. It was no longer time for talk between him and himself, was the time that his heart spoke, and his heart had already spoken without him had ever heard. The woman had heard of the mystery or perhaps remain a mystery ..
The end of her words put him to make the gesture and embrace her, hugged her and she sank to this, he had heard and seen the purity of love, not with words and flattery but of the heart, feeling that reaches all and the voice that makes all that noise is not penetrating the substrate. This had been, but as in all fairy tales of love the time had their say, the perfect moment that no one can ask but that fate does happen Arcanum love that lives within us.The stain

The path of the soul

The roads are not always outlined in that we will see with eyes of research. The way the soul is everywhere and touches everything we are and we have a ways off: is the chain of life that shines in us get to this are passages where the heart is all in all ..
It used to be called thoughts exposed, simple soul who writes exhibitions. There was arrogance and pretension in the hand that exposed the free-thinking. But everything changes and therefore must always be the best action we have taken at the beginning. This is my gesture of my way to my path led me to my soul awareness. Since the path is not an end but a beginning and never had to happen eventually change, but gives little sense of my writing in a different way.
The thought is exposed from the heart and the heart will always speak to a heart that will listen, but the path will be displayed in the name of the soul. The soul has no voice now more than ever, say thought is nice, but the way the soul is what I feel inside, and now this change was the desire to say that Pansa is human, but is not present but only a logical and simply listening to what in my opinion, as you often find a sense of truth, much more deep and full.
The way the soul is born from a 'soul, nothing is conceived by a mind that processes, to express themselves and tell must be a freedom that lives beyond the mind of the deception that often moves in our instinctive actions. In the end we instinct but we are also intellect, and in my life we ​​see the souls. We bring out depth, and often this happens because for too long has been the world to determine who we are and what we do with us. It seems right and maybe it is. I am in my life I simply following the rules of life are also right, but often live in the restriction rules. That puts us right in and I do not speak and do not enjoy what we really are. Say enough is still the way to have freedom, where rules are less pressing as the soul and the heart to take their voice to say in depth and immensity that there is life in us.
I believe in what they say and write, is my deep spirituality which today has led me to write this, not to express what I claim but to say that there is in me and I want to always share:
Love life and life to all, eternal in the eternal joy that you must live every moment is made of you and you will be everything in the universe that belongs to you. You will see the way if you are humble and aware of the soul and everything will happen, the right to life is everything and the right to happiness is his imperative. Be in love and live it forever, will fall discomfort at times, but the path is made of obstacles put to the test devon. Must teach the connection between us and the infinite, which will give life and to accept the new world, that we will create the awareness with whom we have close to us, we will open the doors to the total change, and with him we will create the tree in flower will manifest in all its splendor.
This is the way you say my heart was exposed and defining a thought indeed, but it's my way and as such speaks of the soul that was in me to give a thought to those who until now I have read and supported in this way without end. Where you have not left anyone behind, the world may forget in its immensity, I and others like me who live in the street, do not forget anyone give love and ask nothing and expect smiles and say the word other, because no one is alone and how the path that many have shown in this and all appeared in its immensity.
Forgetting belongs to those who escaped in life and this does not lead to anything, remember and give leads to the smile that you'll be happy and this is total in its size that does not ever fill spaces that may contain rules and ideas. The way the soul is to give love in its universal truth. It can not be understood and shared, everything is ok and everything is accepted. It remains true that, as you do not accept those who feel that there lives and find hope, and this makes all equal in life.
Freedom belongs to everyone,
love is certain,
soul would be in the way each of us ... ..
The world and the universe is a witness to the absolute truth of all this.

The thought of you

The morning light I see reflected in her face, voice, music that makes me fly. Heaven awaits ...
Eternal promises that are made in the name of the heart, promises that come into us and thoughts turn to this as we are in the flowering cherry trees, white flowers and white. And 'love.
Nice to be in the way of what the heart wants, without reason and without doubt for that which gripped the mind asks. No lien is paid and no gift is given, if the thought is deep and spontaneous, he will come to light in the heart of who comes and touches us, what we will be free. We will never be happy unless we have the eternal paradise, which lives in us and the gate closed and our sweet thought comes to him or her at that time lived in our breath.
The breath of the lover, and resounds in unison like a mantra that vibrates touching the infinite, and everything connects. We are one of two souls in a new world and always met. We are men and women with our defects in the sight of all. But at that moment that we are free and united nothing touches our spiral shape that is made. We are the flame that burns and rises upwards, we are the color of red at the base, and then become one with the blue and the sky that we have touched with your finger. Celestial Union ...
This fall will be and sometimes, not all relationships last.
This is a divine sign that puts our lives in comparison with life, but never an obstacle. We can live again and to experience it all and teaches the thought that we put in that situation will not be in vain. Every gesture that speaks of love, returned to us talking about love. We will live even hatred, if our emotions will be broken by what happened to tell a story. The hatred in us will take him and thought, if we remember that those around us will feel angry, even if words do not say, and they too will become restless. Comprendiamolo smaltiamolo quickly and we do not voice hatred. Too little and there in the world it is truly dissolved. We live in what makes us shiny and seek the solution to avoid being victims twice, if a relationship will end.Living in bloom is beautiful, but this does not always belong to all seasons and the years that we will live. We have no sense of time, let alone the future be described first.
The thought of you, must always be the first thought of us, and we must evolve the way that leads to remorse and regret, much less hatred. All I want the thought, is simply to be the channel where anything goes and everything touches. If we understand that life is a form of stream, we will understand why having a clean mind is the most important gift we have.
We predict a decision, which is then thought to carry in his candor, we begin to know us deeply. Comprendiamoci and we really ready for another life time. Love her and everything will be the cycle of life that we live. I will not say that always the way is to give this deep meditation, and so is my way of others. Everyone has to find its size without avoiding the possibilities that now exist. At the end is the only investment that really worth doing in life.
The thought of you then it will be, the thought that comes to all, and in it the way that will make everything wonderful in the ever ....

sabato 16 luglio 2011

Words of lies

He said I love you, but I can not stay, you are ... words and words not to say what really is the thought, we listen and slope of the phrases that we are destroying the heart, false and useless, hopeless and without reason. This is the torment of a love that ends ..
The phrases are two blades that cut life to say if those end of a relationship where you love has been the imperative. It's no use to say, prove it, often the end is inevitable and we are instantly gunned down. Start the slow deterioration of the mind puts in place, with sublime skill and wounded by the questions begin: guilt, my, his, because ..
This is a real event that occurs. The confusion is complete and we are helpless, self-esteem and everything falls slowly disappears. We would like to help, but who will listen then? Then the audience will understand? Too many traps that begin to mature and often the answers that are given, are projections of the past, others find that nothing in our time. This will be the procession that could be subjected: the pain of a love that ends up as people get wise and want to impose their pseudo-wisdom, made of personal events and personal ideas, but this is not the solution of the open wound that we have. The weather on this occasion is the best ally, everything passes, but this move should be a real positive development, the drag an event without understanding it in its entirety, takes forever just to put in a position to be different than the feeling of ' love.
Then many people have about magic formulas, but this is and remains an experience of others. We in this case we are subjects and not others, and unique individual with many different capillaries that live in the mind and soul. No one is us, and we do not nobody in this alone is not injured in the feeling that we have matured and lived with someone. Often the return to peace calls for a further sacrifice and many think that the weight of what is already too much to bear, rules and regulations that we have the mindset that is projective and see the future as a last resort, but this is only the limit that one wants to ask.
Let us ask ourselves a challenge in the name of life and love, let's do it again and this is a way to resurrect the past that without the train of life still prevails we will do. To say the end is complex, but its complexity is found in much more than what it was and this always happens: it is an experience that leads us to awareness if it is lived by accepting the final challenge ..
The challenge begins with accepting the fact, and not live with the guilt. Not giving reasons of fate and religion, or not thinking that the Creator has given us a kick, no one is punished. He loves her, and we remain on earth brings voices in our beautiful imperfection and as such does not need to blame or put. Let's get rid of this now, we begin to react to get out and live in our normal as ever, cry and let's do it! Nothing wrong with that, the tears shed the feelings and not make them stagnate, and we live all over appreziamolo. You say this madness, no it is not! All that happens is a gift that is not always and only place and we think the misfortune. In what happens is always a side that does not think and if not now see him in time.
These are simple ideas back to life: to live, understand and accept, in this effort so much, I might even say meditation helps, but it remains a barrier for many as a conceptual thing, not knowing and not having experienced it. Meditation in these cases acts as a mirror of truth that brings clarity in the mind and raises the prospect of more in men even in these situations, we all spent at least once in their lifetime.
This paper remains a mere suggestion, by those who love and loves to love, and lives in a whole life without ever pulling back on what happens on the road. Acceptance is the word that sounds like an echo in this simple story.

Architecture in the love of life

Geometric shapes in the mind to remember what you want to highlight, draw lines and patterns that you can not control ...Fear of being in love again? Refusal of yourself to life like a pendulum that swings between the true and the false non-stop.
No one will give you the certainty of what you feel for him. The feelings are in the heart, an immense sea, love follows the tides of life.
Told the truth one day. Admission of fear that silence hides you, solves nothing and nothing will cure. To love is to build the pyramid sun, love is to build a mass that expands indefinitely anywhere. Difficult to explain to the deaf man said, but the movement of life becomes luminous in the color purple. Purple in color than the end of the ideological structure built by living as a drama failures and fears. Architecture of the pyramid: the apex where there is demand and the demand sides and the edges that you can not cross. They are steep and no one can get. See yourself and revise / or in this? Maybe it's time to live with open eyes and heart, nothing is right and nothing is duty, and love Let us experience. We go into this for a while and feel the cold fear that your back, Let's hear it and understand that we have to put limits on ourselves.
The mind plays with us in this. The mind is a processing element with endless possibilities for development, this outlines the perfidy that affect it, but we need it we are not animals by instinct, we are men with a mind less and less open to life and that remains this? Nothing, we may decide to mate unlike the beasts who live in this cycle, we can decide a lot and we finally moved from concepts that always lead to pain. Perhaps this will make sense, but for me it's just a private expansion of happiness within us is limitless.
We are kings and queens who lives in a castle oblivion and the weather creates mental feuds ever larger, we're just not for us and for others and this leads to the end of feeling the feeling of love. We have created structures in the mind, and media stereotypes of life, we humans are always having to put schemes and now someone crying at the edge of life.
They will say that life is strong, but who says this is the first weak. Will not be the words of a blog to exchange ideas stale, of course it will be a personal reflection by the time that listening to the souls of the night he gave me. I am listening to these patterns in the words of one theme to follow as ocean waves, I understand the dilemma that many have already claimed more than 20 years.Sadness has become the queen who rules in this are many and perhaps too many people lose their sense of life and love.
Love is not a pattern and everything we see is a fake: the status symbol that we hear and see do not help us understand that life is the challenge and we are capable of this. We must not surrender to what we see and never stop the mindset that puts fears and puts us in default with respect to a natural character that lives in us: love. Maybe the message does not hit anyone, but the time of tears is always behind the door ..
Who has time to lose no time, ever.

no one forgets

No one forgets, the life that is reborn from a smile given, you do not know who we are, you do not see the face, but you feel that you are and do what the heart does not hide. Will you do that and you will never regret this and no one forgets that in the future to exist, the rest is arriving end of time ..
Then we shall say the end of this world that created us. We will to break what had been intended, and no one can dispense with the inevitable that awaits us. Maybe it will be crazy or maybe truth, the word that lives in the night is hatred and anger, no one forgets this now or ever. We are guilty or not, I do not judge what I see and feel. We all know that and we are all called to say what was not, when will it happen? Responses will be time when we understand who we are and what we are doing.
The wait will seem like a search for the way back, but back is a word that must be understood in its very root. Basically nothing is certain in an uncertain we seek. Telling an apparent end is a simple mean an end to what we are trying to exclude. It will not be the end that will put to rest the thought that grows more and more. We hate all, too many divisions and too many boundaries, too many gaps and too little feeling imposed foam.
Sentiment towards the infinite line which everything is created and everything multiplies in life. We are born into a feeling we will see a feeling and do what was unthinkable. All are witnesses, and everyone wants a change, really wanted to or not. Will remain the mystery that exists in the world, it remains just a moment the point of impact and communicate the impact I mean that you are changing and not what we see distorted runs in the mechanism.
You may think that a person is short, but this will not be the problem where you will have to think about the solution, one is the principle that no one forgets that a person in her small will describe his vision that this will grow in love and live to tell an end to this life that wants to move against the trend.
One is the infinite, if the gift of awareness of what happens will speak. Words to donate what I have in him that he understood and transmit indefinitely. Remains what it now appears, will be to say that human beings in their consciousness, to say the end to the suffering of life.
No one is just against everything, sustain and you will be held in the midst of all that seems against. You will be the light of hope. Multiply your will, and you do it in the gift of grace to be repeated in perpetuity your say. Impressed with the words and put silence for reflection, this is the future ..
No one forgets, forgetting why you hide from what we all complain about their lot and I do not find that the result of a pain, which is now global. But the global love, life, happiness, not what priviamoci radiates the aura of our existence. We spread a thought and we will be eternal in this world, we will not be because the margin is not known, the important role that we have. We will not change the fate of the world, but we will be a part of what you want to go against this and we will have a role. No one can say ...
No one can understand until they begin to spread life and not the "disease" that is spreading increasingly. Disease of life that excludes the path of peace and that no one should accept and live. Life is nothing, we are what we will be few or many, but we will be strong in the name of spreading the message of universal love and light through the darkness that surrounds today and this does not belong to what we are, not now and ever.

The touch of life

Are you on the edge of a moment, where everything is unreal, alive without being present in the breath ...
Your hands are empty, the look and feel the heat mirage, almost sank. Are you alone, close your eyes and heaven awaits ..The vision of time gets you where you were at one time, than ever rememberest. Traveling in your property that you feel the touch of life has been as of now, the deprivation for you.Woman who lives by what he has, you have lived a thousand lives and never remember. But to this moment you are alone and would like hands warm, sincere love to rebuild what once was the hope, but time seems to have you denied. Now his eyes closed and hands are tight and everything is wonderful, you are where everything is bright, look and see the splendor.
Do not understand the heat that comes in you and not see anyone you're shaking hands that have always sought. This does not stop your steps, turn and look, you are now where everything is destroyed and the pain is nothing. The words that hurt your soul no longer echo the silence is absolute. Clothes do not watch you, and you're like nature creates in you there 'embarrassed now. One step at a time and your move takes you to the sight of a lake, you stop and look at your reflection. The bright eyes are open and the view of yourself reflected expands into a smile that did not have time, too much bitterness in his face darkening. Dip your hands to feel the water and the feeling is real, it is cold and clear, pure, you can drink. The savor and freshness seems to rejuvenate the lifeblood that flows in you.
Now you're walking up and return to see plants and trees, I see a fruit and caught him, instinct is the sweetest nectar in sampling and the palate has ever heard. You are intoxicated, your senses are perceptual and feel the life in you like a mighty river rushing through your veins, look up to heaven, is bright. Everything is light, everything is white, whiteness of the celestial paradise you want.
Now that you've always dreamed of six in the eternal, you are at home.
Life offers you a gift, that you have read. Do not you think you have closed your eyes and you get in life. 're At the edge, where everything seems huge dissolved, where everything makes you no, but you have ceased to live, love life.Now you've heard for a moment what will be, no future that does not sentences, but promises to you that you will live a life. Among thousands who have already experienced that and no memories, only this this and remember it. It will be your time, where the past, today you do not belong anymore. Now you know what will happen.
Re-open eyes and smile now. Life does not give you much today, but hope is alive and still feel in my veins the river flow. See the light again and not lose it now. Have you reviewed your home and this will be the path of hope is made. Nothing scares and nothing falls now, time will tell more about yourself, always in the universe where the soul is immortal.

giovedì 14 luglio 2011

Energy of the mind of the full moon meditation

Energy you have in hand, you hold .. a circle, a gift that you offer, the thought that goes beyond that of normal existence.
Mysticism of a force that exists in us, an experience that is unique: The Meditation of the full Moon.
Pure Energy, which runs through the circle, people united by the hand, recite a mantra, 31 minutes of real harmony, where the outside world disappears, but the minds come together in unison, Wellness through the body and mind, peace supreme, that you spend or receive. This is to meditate, find the point in the infinite space, sent to see the good, people feel alive and be with my eyes closed, voices that you recognize as if ever, had been known to you, but it is not so, it is true harmony in a unique moment.
Feelings that words have, in the description too intense, well-being is rewarded, always giving, and is thought to be addressed, there is no selfishness, but energy, thought to people who are suffering, dying, this is to give, unconditionally to live a moment in giving a thought.
We basically what we are? If not what gives us the universal position, we set ourselves for our actions, the rest is nothing, we seek in ourselves, the elevation, but not if you do not have discipline, the only true and our guide the rest are words and promises remain.
I live and I say, the thought of a day of true harmony, full moon meditation, common, people like me, living yoga in its true essence.
One day one of you shall hear about Kundalini Yoga, but they will still be away, one day someone will tell you the beauty of Kundalini Yoga, it will still be away, one day, perhaps, try Kundalini Yoga, and they will love, peace, energy , if you want to be a beginning of a journey, a life that slowly finds his reasons, which give excellent balance, and peace. Only humility and humility, to understand life, not to be servants of an ego, but to dominate and be alive to see who we are, deep down, see the beauty of the gift, the essence of our true and deep awareness of the soul.

Being in that circle, hands joined, feel the pulse of life, the sap that blends between strangers, has only one word: UNITY '.Love all around, goes beyond the evil of life, pain and hypocrisy of those who believe in false words, there is a fullness, the fullness of life remains, giving someone silent.
To be united in a slow-moving brain, feel the warmth spread positive energy flowing in his little remains today to give those who need it, without asking to receive.
This is a point of principle, I would start, but words will never give a sensation in its fullness, will only be a short day of true harmony.
Dedicated to those who like me live to give, lives Kundalini Yoga, and believe in the infinite.

giovedì 7 luglio 2011

the way

They tell of this road, not described and not marked, the road that lives in the collective imagination, beauty and light that appear, and you are at the height of your inner self, but this exists? It will tell what they feel the existence of a path that is not the end but a beginning.
Life is to live on and this is the beginning, the rest live in a small thought, like time, is a surface and we are always confined to the will of the memory. It is the memory that indelibly marks and will follow you, makes you rejoice and weep, still nice to have a memory of the past, it is said that those who do not remember the past can not have a future, is essentially a kernel of truth, but remains the rule and the rules are and will always be hardships of our inner growth. Outwardly, there must be rules, because the world would fall victim to the folly of some who have in the past have been able to appeal to the collective, with ideals and spirit of aggregations acts to his will, a subtle game to deceive people in this high and they felt together, but unconscious only be part of manic self-absorption, where the chief proponent of the ideal was the center, was and remained his life for himself and not for others, who aware seeds victims and closely monitor their life to it. At the end there is nothing left of what was behind this because there was a man or a woman land and not in contact with the divine in them called the end of what the devious minds imposed, and total lack of listening History is full of such tragedies.
We can not forget, but we should avoid it in us, to find the way, the coveted and shiny that everything changes and improves. Ask the question of why, it remains legitimate, but why spend exciting in the doubts that change brings, we want certainty, we realize, but the way is not matter and you can be sure of one thing that does not touch and is not visible This is the essential reason for evading the past if not totally, but at least in part, also because the thinking of the past leads to the future, to hope and desire that all happen. If we remain in this concept or idea, nothing will change, we will be victims of ourselves, we will not see today, not ever we shall rejoice, we will always use us thoughts of thoughts and questions of questions, answers, why not listen, even if dates on the thing, we would like to accept only what the mind has imposed on us and we will be blinded by this, our deep aromas will close and we will be increasingly isolated in ourselves.
The circumvention of this event remains to be free and live a simple one that exists in us, a throw away that melancholy which accompanies us more and stop those drives fantastic projection of the apparent happiness, that we think of a better future to raise moments. But they are, and remain, not infinite moments and this is one thing to understand immediately, not after, free to decide says: If you decide to do it now, and stay in what the soul said, she is the first item you together with the heart, the mind will not master the instrument and of yourself.
Now the question arise that you say, but this did not explain how to make this change in practice, to arrive at "away", the explanation is allowing the abandonment of thought and listens to the path that will lead to this, can be a single answer, in a complex journey through the consciousness of the new millennium, but there will be the vehicle to hear and take it, but it will slow you arrive, everything that lives in a hurry is a last and not the "way" is not in time is an endless impromptu, which is taken once and is never broken. Aspire to and ask questions is to give space to the mind and this makes us what we're trying to escape now and not tomorrow ...
The road is the beginning, therefore, to examine this is to acknowledge the nth degree, second, we are really willing to accept not knowing where we really take or suppose that it is better? This is the only real question to ask, because remember what I had once taken the "way" becomes a return to the past and the past should not now be caught and heard, but must be set aside only to be seen like a photograph that will be indelibly remembered, but that will not affect what we're doing, and will not put the same vision towards the future. If you answer the question to be placed at the totality of its acceptance, you will be aware of what is to happen, and be, you have said a partial end to the life that was and he hugged yourself as never before, felt the thrill of risk and not thought about me. Accepting this is the first step, but the road is still stuck in you, you're part of it and you're not the one who walks, you say, but still nothing happens! But nothing happens if you thought he searches for a signal, it must be said.
If you have accepted the real risk is and whether they have accepted it without, but do not put the limit of the questions that are trivial truths and search for a response, which are useless now, live it for what it is now, the mystery is nice when it happens and says, the most entrancing is the surprise you've ever tried, and this must be yours, if you have the heart and soul willing to risk! If you agreed with the curious mind, you have only tried the "way", but that of comfortable, convenient and simple and there is nothing in this, because it is a touch extreme in its entirety and surrender to it, and then be part of a stream and live it.
Now you will say, again and again not to have understood this and I really just want to tell the "way"? Here it is abandoned and not think, read and listen to enter the flow of speech, if your heart feels what I feel I'll soon see, but does not bring the question of time, you know that time does not exist in this and know that I am not the absolute truth, but only through an experience that I want to donate.There is a free acceptance and this is the step that if you want you can do, the way is bright, but it is so mysterious that many people crave, but not really ambirla, this will not allow him never ever to be in you, because you live in our deepest self and once we are free from mental patterns, they say, and prepare questions and answers on, and bring out all the ambitions and fears mentally distorted and complex that we always used to have. There are no excuses on if it does not, not I, not I, and I do not understand, no limit and the limit should not be there, the risk as mentioned above, should not include these words which should not include the ' ambition, it must be true and humble, always try to see it that way.If you can avoid those questions in an instant and mental instincts, feel a serenity in you strong, that calls and calls without your noticing the EIA, and the purity of not thinking you are creating is amplified more and more in trying to do and "she" is close to you more and when you least expect it you're already in it.
The journey is long and not short to arrive at what you want, but you have to be left unresolved the fate that arises, is the frame of mind that you must avoid in order to feel the way you describe it is an abstract logic, but for those who lives, it would be foolish to say there it is! Would you say always, but for me nothing happens, so everything is connected to a following of abandonment, that does not mean not exist, means understanding that you live in your true and total truth and this is another essential tool to hear it in the way you make yourself to be aware and happy. But you have to follow and be free from bias and free from comment, if you can do, you'll see happen, as has always happened. Think one thing and think of it deeply, the pain comes looking for her and the pain is because of this research is a new way to regenerate and find themselves in, so you do not have much to lose now, if you know that the pain in you is alive and feel, want to leave and this will happen, as all the wonderful things you have to be patient and understand you and accept what I said, your decision will remain and will remain your arrival. But once you are full and everything will look different.

give love

Feel it in you ..Live it without asking, in essence comprendine the whole light, Donal ..Make the gesture that you did not think, do the act that was unthinkable and hear a reflection of the light beam in his return spread in you forever.
And he shall be called the love will be there, call your contention for not doing and she will laugh at you, you will call and nobody answers, you will only see in the flesh tremulous and beauty to be consumed in the act that there was no reason, unless the superficial pleasure, you will regret in the total and say the word hate, loneliness, and say you have often said.
Everything has a point of human comprehension, but call love is not to be involved, is a living will and imposing the will, you are not waves of the sea, six live sand if this stops and swept by the wind does not hear the calls. Be the light wave, once trying to be what they imagine to think, try it and see the unveiling of the mystery of not looking ...
Love is life, life is love, always, we are born in love and we have not asked, and this is eternal, everything reaches a climax and all returns, no one should be sorry for what he has done, if you called love and no one answered, and if you understood it was that you were listening to remember it was fate and not a universal law, every moment that changes the destiny will be, forever.
Experience the wave of touch that you give, live it and feel it penetrate you feel it's a reflection, and say, gives this and not think of the divine in you will not be absent from the act that you love the leader, and no one forgets him, even.Heard him come back and you'll understand ...
Love is not a word, not a rule, is not that feeling alive, never extinct, unimpeded, free, donate it remains in the sign of the return and believe in you and will understand the difference, that maybe have not understood, you will feel Total life flow in you, you and I will be there, but a deeper us. You will and you will be without words, that for the time they called and did not respond to that desire exposed, which is nothing but illusions that exceptions and often pain in the back, no one knows the absolute truth, but everyone can say I love you.

I will live in the divine

Walk, where the sun rises, and sings odes to see that far sky, horizon at sunset, the colors that will be enchanted, you live in the divine, free man, and bare what was once the pride of life, that everything had given you.
Everything was and remained appearance of life, shining gold and riches, and you were the one who had this. I heard him, exposed him, but in the end you were just, everything was what you were looking for, no one put the truth in give you the right word, false, and sought to enter what they wanted, and you were flattered and proud, but ignorant of the truth . You have not created anything in this format you have in you a servant of your life, you think you are the boss, but you are a servant of what can stop now. Everyone knows it except you, who live in a world made of nothing, you can buy everything, dazzle everyone, but eventually shut down six inside, empty and useless. The hungry people are waiting to divide the slice of the pie, you do it just to have someone around you, you're afraid of the darkness in you do not know, and you pay all contours to escape the loneliness that created it.
Then comes the moment where you have to understand, that everything lives in prosperity and in almsgiving gifts that dish, you're in the middle of nowhere, you will sooner or later, in the center and it will happen, because nothing is forever in. The center will become clear when something will shake heaven evil you've built, and I will be waiting for your genuine tears, I will be proud of them waiting for you and you refuse the hand, unknown friend, then you will begin to fall and the total the abyss.
Comes the cry in the distance of your pain, the former friends will be there, you feel an outcast, and the truth of God in you, that you have excluded, to fill a void with money and appearances that are now as candles finished. You will be alone, and the illusion of life will laugh at you, little man. I live in the divine and stretch out his hand and then you accept it, with everything yourself and do not you ask for, it will fall the pride of the rich little man, humility instead of the glitz and the way you'd take, read and understand the words life .
The road was abandoned in yourself what you wanted and you had won, but you made the mistake of belonging to the number zero, that nothing generates and creates nothing, I had the opportunity and made it fall into your avarice, now have understood, that life is sharing prosperity and now dries the tears and the light live, that the hope of repentance donated. In pain you have opened the way, open your hands and shake mine, I'll raise the tired body and mind of torture is forcing you, and you say why you do, you will have no answer, no answer of whether life will donate the possibility of the way of truth, will accept the condition and the rest will walk you do, slow and painful. In you will find the heart that was cold, you'll see the bright soul and say I'm home now ...
I am no more, then, is over my being with you, I'll be wherever you want now, we will be in touch with your mind when you are in the universe and we'll see, but remember you're unique, be humble, and share what you have heard. Will laugh at you now, and you laugh with them, but time is an ally and all you see in the new man and radiant. Go back to your wealth and your brilliance, your words will be different and we will share your heart and life and prosper in the light, you will remember me and contact, broadcasting and live in the divine in you waiting sopiva of your fall , to hug and make you understand who you are, and what you should be now.
The word that is strong in you, you will say - I live in the divine in me, I bow to him-and this always donate at all, you will be in truth and love, now, do not think, begins with hope and remember ... you're not alone.

Heard in the deep

You know who you are, you know, you see, touch you, but in the end six field that appears, a breath is trivial to you, is to live, but there is breath in this' much more, is alive, is energy that flows and you're still not aware of ..
For too long you have been tied to that touch and feel, plain and indisputable, but listening through the breath, which comes out slow and slowly penetrates us, having a time of day for this opportunity and opportunity to say a simple reason, once felt it includes as an involuntary gesture and spontaneous act to make us live, you can transform into a truly listening to our deepest being.
This happens simply because listening to him, being focused on our breath, we have a moment of complete detachment from the mind and its receptors, we screened in a different dimension, that sometimes has deep liberatoria.Tal time because of the reactions that after doing this gesture, if we want to call, (in practice it is a principle of meditation), we have a very strong emotional sensitivity.This reaction is always the case initially, then if you change the well-being practiced, but if we have emotions or thoughts, stagnant or repressed, they emerge and are exposed. So the question is why do this, then when the pain resurfaces? If pain is never exceeded resurfaces, this is simply a psychological concept, but in that sense, into the merits of psychology, but I expose how important it is to get in touch with themselves in the depths of our existence.It 'a desire to try a different feeling, that puts us in touch and listens to us "we in us," Obviously this is a principle, simple and enforceable, and that has a base for those who at times feels with that inner discomfort, also explained that if no peace, because of the anniversary of something, like a Jiminy Cricket that we torture, but not only does it make if a person always has problems, they also perform as a method of relaxation and as a true Research into what we do not know. There are many possibilities by listening to the breath gives.
It 'a solid base as mentioned above, which allows us to enter the first stage, which then leads to meditation, the main difference is that in meditating concentrations apply at certain points, the hands assume various postures, mantras are recited and of course mentally, that spoken. But having a first contact is useful and easy to get to know the potential of the mind and meditation, this is a test, which is often the first evidence is puzzling because of the feelings that are variants, and reactions posthumously. But as stated above are only initial steps and here plays the main factor consistency (it is a commitment to ourselves), that is often lacking, partly because in human nature, you always want the shortcut, so immediate and quick solutions. But as life always teaches, nothing is the moment to arrive to excel, it is always a journey where the universal rule is applied, then say you do not need and that there are different methods, but it is reasonable to think a simple thing: One, the end result, and according to the strength of the real truth, which is not an easy read books and identify with the concept, but apply it in its entirety, since this is a knowledge that has been handed down for millennia.
This must be designed and identified himself, then, you'll never find, lost time in having and not having achieved anything, it takes practice deep listening and reading, say, even mystical arrivals, but I can only imagine what will come, also because dedication in practice as a simple listen through your breath, it's tangible and does not require reading, but perseverance and a bit of courage, not to be found to "give up" the thing, because the dell'affiorare so-called "junk "mental.
It remains to apply this simple and, as always, free to think about, but I can say that meditating every day I received a lot from this and share it is nice and fair, because it is the welfare of all and not a few.
Happiness is a right and as such we have it in us, this is a way of always ...


The energy spreads, you are receptive and do not know to explain what is happening, heat that penetrates to the heart from his back, feeling a contact you want, and exposure of your heart, calling, screaming, wants to tell the truth, not all can repress, you live and feel, do not ask questions, are you that you're speaking from your inner being ..
Feelings of a contact that is not apparent, perhaps fantasy or reality? Remains free and staff try to be penetrated by an energy that spreads, if it happens, everything can be, there are situations that do not give a reason, energy flowing within us, contacts without a touch, a feeling of freedom and peace that are transmitted from one person to another. If not, nothing is ever the case, when your tired and unhappy living this appears, you're calling unconsciously, imperceptible hiss that comes, then decides the fate.
It can not happen and nothing remains in your pain, it may happen that this will turn into a chance meeting where they hear thy words, where your underwear is exposed, but not by you but by the one who came in contact with you by If, out of nowhere ...
Do not know and do not ask, what are the questions directly if you find the answers. It seems an illusion, but just because you have not tried as an individual and remain skeptical, lawful and natural, but if it happens, everything changes. It is a miracle and not illusion, but a fact of deep contact energies, those that make us and our universe, this is a feeling that you can also try a tantric circle, I try and feel the energy entering and six projected to infinity and there are words and thoughts, but ecstatic, exalted being, peace and freedom.
The transmit this seems an absurd fantasy, but it remains to prove something that does not understand but you have to live it, in you the feeling is strong and full, feel and touch the energy of a substance up to the point that exposes the soul. You are in the circle and the flow is contact at a distance, and we are the primary energy source in our essence we have a field eletromagnetico: receptor that amplifies the body, but not transmitting it, the sensations of the body but also within us is the very essence of the receptive stage that touches and expands.Many will wonder where does this fantasy, if you want to talk about fantasy, but it remains a truth that not everyone can look upon unproven. Imagination is more, it remains a static one to think only what the eye sees and touches the hand in addition to this there is much more to discover, if the mind becomes meditative everything changes, if living becomes aware everything is different and when the heart and soul are in the contact end and the mind is silent, this happens: optimal points are vital in us and their balance is a source of energy.
Those who try this find within himself the answers he seeks for some time and feels the person is in contact with him / her, alive and almost formless. I can say that this is not a factor but not an illusion to ask to be believed, all live in freedom and this is a fixed point of understanding and decide, if the actual appearance remains unproven, but if we are aware we accept the benefit of the doubt that can be said and can not be.
Do not draw conclusions appropriate to a trial in advance, then who does it is free again, but if this happens then the thinking changes, the extreme sensations come and live what we do not believe, is in addition to the common thinking is beyond what a 'emotion gives.
It 'a light to see what many people seek and find, but this is a signal that should be used to initiate a search even more complex, that leads to where we want to reach and remains a vehicle that appears to us and that has no merit, we we ended up by coming to the merit that we solve the riddle that torments us.

No one should ever feel abandoned if the heart truly lives. The soul calls and someone answers ... We are in contact with the infinite is the path that has no limits and everything always reach.

Trespasses ...

To lose the sight of your trespass, in the silent ocean blue heaven that stirs in you the moment that soothes, all strays beyond what you see, happy island paradise of context ...Are you in the dream you wanted now.
He waited to see what they want to show the recurring dream, endless loves riding waves without fear of saying words to touch your heart, but this dream is imagination, and remains. Would that all come true, everything goes in the direction that you ask, I would like your principle, and without seeing what you can.Laments that quiver in the mind engrossed by what the night in his vision in black and white and shows where everything comes true, but only until you're deep in sleep, the stars observed.
Beautiful ... Beautiful living that moment in which everything can and nothing can be, but this is fiction. You realize the harsh reality where everything is color, six hours and stay awake to hear stories that you heard in the night, and then imagine what would have to live them ...Then you turn around, it's time to go.
All that color around to surround the life off, glow, light almost pain, running after time but he will not stop, remains constant.
Night falls again, and everything goes back into the dream life of the manipulator and its appearance in a joyous and festive, hides behind a lot more than you think. Do not see the truth, like a candle that slowly consumed by its flame unifies the way you are losing you.
Unnecessary words rising in the morning you mutter, are frames of paradise that you live, but life is elsewhere. Everything is absurd and painful in this life. Rebellion that a careful way than you want, but that will soon be like the wave that emerges in you and then return spills in the peace of the blue ocean extreme really see. Do it and do not bother, everything is bright and looks around you.
Reasons for and wants is pain that does not want to face a mirror of life that is broken, do not you see that distorted the image of a broken glass that never show who you are. Limit and increasing pain that remains. All around waiting for you to believe in what can happen, you're alone but not without strength.
One day everything will change, this is always the dream is no longer true that night, but without appearing becomes real does not announce that wait in the night, but everything comes and gives color and shine. Appreciate life will be what happens, you will be in color and non-neutral color of a thought that speaks of a will, this is a fate if we believe watching the sun rise in its luminescence radiating everything and everyone, this is what life will, sooner or later ....
Life remains in you, in you is the creation, in you to now is the illusion of a dream that shows in his heaven. Take it and do not think it, live it and be full of life. It does not matter what will happen slowly and are experiences that give you to find women in all its splendor.

Ocean that awaits the calm, the live broadcast and be in it now.