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Beauty is in the life ...

The beauty is in life, as it is passed into the unknown and from the splendor of the moment.
The first day as the last, will be wonderful moments where you do not want to miss anything of what the passage of time has given you. The memory does not stop at the point of what we now see as the bank of the river, everything flows without end, the beauty of life is in His infinite majesty. You man or woman, can fly at a time in this universe and remember how much love there is in life itself. you, I know.How not to do so as everything around us is wonderful ... Because one day you can say I am life, in life. So when did the hatred of the events and phrases will vanish to make way for the ecstasy that lives in you. No one will ever make sense of this because in his passage from this life to the wonder that is called the zero point, will find not only the beauty and pain of the moments that have marked its flow. You will be in excess of those sad memories as a star and you will see everything around you blossom like a spring in his lush, endless, and you will see will not say why this is not true. No one knows the great secret of this life, but they all know her beauty will sooner or later. Everyone will have the light around them and all will be wrapped by this well that we have so often called as "disappointing" in our stay in this part of history. How could we not be happy in the rain, past the moment when the fear of getting wet feel the merger with the elements to be one with us, we will see and feel the joy explode in us with a laugh and remember the moment before the fear of being caught without protection from the rain. Unique moments that we come together in this beauty to remind us of how much gratitude we owe to all that lives in us and on ourselves.
The life that marvelous story that never sees the end, never sees what we think, because as absence of color are just a black and white and shades make all forget how beautiful. The discomfort is just live without fear is that we place in this sea that borders the ocean in all. We can say it is not just the fact that now happens to me, no one will ever say we do not tell. But you who are the observer of this sequence of life, you will see how much energy is released in you and how you can be the light of darkness which assails you in those moments that call unjust. But they remain only the possibility of a say in how much wonder there my be a step between me and the infinite, the wait is the only constraint that arises in you this discomfort. You will understand how you can stop when the time will recognize that they are only aspects of something greater than yourself, and you want everything in a way tailored to your person, you can not understand how this ever. You will then caught the sense of who you are and how a butterfly will fly towards the beauty of the moment and not suffer even recognize that you hated. How grateful will you, because the experiences have shaped you in your divine being who will not see only the dark, going toward the light you up.You will never be inseparable now, you will experience the beauty of life in his distress, such as dark stairs to heaven bright. You can now say that the words are simple, but it is the middle of a story that will belong to everyone, you can not see what I see, but it's only a matter of seeing with my eyes closed and not in you to see what we now see and hatred.The beauty of life reminds us all that love overflow in us, and how useless it is to live the bank of a river flowing in the constant time without end. The melody of the river is in you, and you get everything without asking why. What may be asking now, before a right to live ... now all a thing.We made nothing of this now, off to the claim that everything is as we want, but nothing is as we think and if you think it's just the simple case that touches us and tell us all there is to discover this beauty. You can not understand all the ways in life, made a few things. We can understand how much we really abandoning a life without wondering why. There's like magic ever told we will see the beauty of life, and we would appreciate a non-existing time for this ... The memories will become just the beauty and simple people like us understand that everything we've done and seen over time, it was only our greatest fortune to be able to say ...
Everything is wonderful now ...
Who writes these words is not the simple example of a fantasy that picks fruit in arid desert, we always want to defeat. It 'simply the narrator of a beauty that lives with you, as an indissoluble exist between you and what will be. His story is the gratitude displayed in the breath that makes it live and that he shares this beauty without thinking about what is the reaction of the reader. The reaction is only the seed of the future, to say tomorrow because it's just life. Beauty is also this, but nobody ever tell you better than you at that moment that awaits you now.

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we are inhabitants of one world, without borders

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ZERO ...........


the soul has no face, no color, is only an illusion of form.
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Reflection of the stream of consciousness 3

Everything is often tinged with black, also the beauty of things, is dark in front of the frantic search for someone to be even better.It 'amazing how everything crumbles in an instant, we are always too convinced that the ideal of personal prejudice, when in fact the union, the group, are now sharing the light of hope for all. It matters little to know the truth, then when you think that life is one, almost as if this is thought to be "condemned" the first time.The time is and remains a matter of how we want to live, if the sun is not there thanks to a number one, but a whole universe total and indissoluble. But even this is little, if we think that to evolve you really must know all the polarities of life, then we fall into the commonplace ... If so everything would be one way, but this is still too little.
Black, symbolic color, just in front of the metaphor that shows how the spread of a deterioration of all, many people fail to open the door to see beyond the garden gate. This is a freedom and certainly not an obligation, even if we are moral, but when the complaints are growing, one thing to think? I think how nice to me, and everything I do not like, we describe this? I do not think that is the case. However, all goes, well we're not where we decide to change it, going in a new city, a new state, a new continent, but when we arrived on Mars think that will change anything? I do not think, if you will live within us a sense of individualism, even if we lost the researchers of the stars or the universe we have sorted our discomfort, let alone that of others. Then this may or may not be true, let your imagination. But if you look at those before we existed, which in their being old than us, they have established a sense of community, the group, sharing and this meant that existed for centuries with a smile. Today many people are smiling? The note?
It 'time, perhaps not to challenge everything and live for yourself! But perhaps it's time to get into the concept of good living. Where to be individualistic is not a free state, but simply a boundary where we say, we try to preserve, to rise, but then a few of the many who feel that they are rejoicing, others remain to watch, worn by the failure. So this should bring us a step back, a simple thought: what if we were to change, not trying to change anyone, but starting with us. Maybe it would be a risk you think! But everything is a risk, however, with the only variant that is not the time.
What can I say .. Look at the smile is often not those who do not live in is observed, and say what you are missing ....
So without too many spells and cosmic trips, to find a slice of happiness, it would be easier to start to color your life, simply a change in thinking, which says in simple words: I change myself, I always put the 'I' becomes a 'you' , and this time it becomes an us. So this simple thing will make the time many people happier, and will multiply over time and place we will not have to think that in a remote place in the cosmos there is the Eden lost. We will recreate us this paradise, but without too much effort to change our inner attitude toward life.
And if this were not enough yet? Then forward the next one! Each Istat someone has a wonderful idea, every time someone discovers the hot water.

Reflection of the stream of consciousness 2

The solution to everything, it has become today the only way that stimulates the mind? Needless to answer, each answer is to create a voluntary division, we reflect on.
We are unresolved in ourselves, somewhere, in that desert without a compass of human relationships, few oases where you can stop and recover. As such, we are alone, in fact. In the course of life sooner or later we will face a situation where the fateful fact there is no solution, the case where it is not solvable. We used to have to give solution in the air we breathe by chance we are now faced with the fact no way out, no way!Many of these things are real dramas, they are, do not generalize everything, but in this there is a way out. Maybe some people described it as a compromise, but we are living now compromised, just look at the relationship of love, born and ecstasy, and evolving rules small, they become full-blown rituals and prisons. Love is freedom, but few come to rise to that effect. However, we do not see everything in one way, and why even those who admit creeremmo deployments and those who defend it, say a right to regulate it, or will not tell! But it will be a highlight.
We return after the brackets, love, the fact that it is insoluble, we can do? We only ask for help and mental projections, almost a rite of holy men that all may evoke spirits. So we always stop, the problem is obvious and we try in every way to give a solution, but in the end we give in, easy out. But that has not given anything, and we are desperate. The only way that remains is certainly throw from the bridge, we had the game of "mind mind," despair is a bad thing often leads to tragedy and this must be understood and well. Then there is a simple solution, not something that can objectively put an end to everything, but in fact is a lifesaver: Accept that does not mean giving up anything.
Accept is a part that is often like admitting defeat, and is taken as the total passes to the drama, should not be viewed in this way. Acceptance is a form of primary importance of true knowledge, is the basis of awareness, along with other factors.Accept it as a bow to life, an injection that we do in the name of life and love. This creates a real hope, made of that see beyond the obstacle that now we can not avoid, is a projection of sound that simply says: ok this is so, well now let's leave it, what happens next will fix it. This halves the anxieties and as such we are entering a phase where fears begin to diminish. This is not a simple thing, but if confronted with a condition can not be solved becomes feasible. It 'a state of mind not being able to accept.If we for a moment to enter into this formula, we realize that there is only one color in life, but there are nuances. Of course it is not easy, but if we are confronted with having to decide how to "do" in a situation where we can not do anything, we understand that we can dare to enter this.

Accept is the way of the streets, where the unresolvable becomes solvable.
In us to achieve this we simply leave it, to flow the fact, what happened. Mental conditions are often worse, that the facts themselves, this becomes evident when we begin to get into this little concept that belongs to us, but often do not apply. Everything is linked to love, as mentioned earlier. Love often places of suffering and we run to tie the idea that we can change the tide, we rush to despair, there are many things we do about it. Love is everything and does not require effort or chains, is a love transcending the concept: you're mine, because you have me, me and you I loved you so. Love as in cases without a solution is becoming love, as it asks nothing, and nothing should be done, everything comes as a rise in this and we can follow the vibrations. Only if we understand that love is not a constraint and freedom to ask. And if you think you can not find solutions without following cases, we are wrong. Everything is an example of acceptance and love as a feeling that it creates is one that approaches reality, the reason is obvious: we tend to want to resolve the feelings, and as such if it does not we are in pain. You can not solve all often the only way is to accept, and how to let a strange magic solutions occur if not objective in us and this is important. And that seems to understand the love a comparison in this case, it is also the possibility to enter the conversion of those phases where the unresolved creates pain, love is the medicine that too, the hope, the real one.
If no solution exists, we accept and we are compassionate with us, with them, we love and we will always help.

Reflection of the stream of consciousness 1

We knew all or perhaps nothing, perhaps, to those who give rise to today?
We put in a context that denies what seems uncomfortable. We are part of a circuit board, where each individual is a resistance, and this can not be ignored.We tried to have our say, but we were silenced. We tried to see the possibility of a change, listening to words and words, perhaps we deluded? Nowadays we are always standing around, we have a semblance of movement in what we do, but if a thought for a moment turn to the future, everything is dark.
In this we are crushed by the weight of responsibility that are not really ours. The responsibilities we have to define that only injected dilemmas brought a burden on his conscience is helpful, but basically it's just instrumental. From an early age led us to be clones of the collective melancholy, say it is not true? If it were not true, everyone would smile at this party that is life, dancing and singing all, instead we are dark-faced, angry and deeply disappointed to be ready for everything and everyone.If we were given the opportunity to come back to see with new eyes what our past has shown, many remain bewildered, frightened and white as ghosts from their shadows. Here nobody ever thinks about? Maybe it's better not to think and carry on.
We have seen human relationships, become more and more suspicious, in fact we are always suspicious and less open. And how can this have happened? Perhaps a gene that changes in us! Do not even Think of it, is the system that says what is right and wrong, and we are totally in this. Rivediamoci going back in time when they said you're good and you're bad, do not do this and do that, he may be right to give direction to people, but a direction is not a form of pattern that does not free our individual expression. This has happened, we might deny it, but just because we in turn do the same thing. We are not to judge it? What is the point.
We want to protest? And with whom? What has been done is done, we can only become aware of it, and reflect, to become careful observers.Thinking is never a wrong and say it's time to start out by thinking global and starting our individual reflections. Not intended as a way of speaking does not suit me and say, begin to understand what surrounds us, to be examiners of what happens is that it has profoundly affected us. Doing so is an act of love toward what will and future generations.
It 'true that many things have given us a direction that was not in our nature, but even if done in the name of love, gave the signal that destabilizes our power today unexpressed. Those who have found themselves in favorable conditions, has placed in this veto, and then scaled the heights materialistic spreading what he thought right for him! And for us to follow, but it was impossible to decide for all, and this is not an issue of honesty or not, humanity and everything else, is and remains a fact, pure and simple. We note a simple thing, as in all these things, that are children in a single parent, the result is always that we are not free. Then thinking becomes compulsory if we open our eyes, and judge and blame are just the edge of a sterile polemics.
We are at the point where we can decide, but here we have understood the mechanism that lives at the apex of this system that puts silent schemes to erect walls, where we are imprisoned. Who else thinks, is free to think, nobody wants to change anybody. Each person has a consciousness and awareness and as such each syllable of a written comes to those who can understand and want to try to understand. Those who remain excluded are those who decided for themselves and as they say in the jargon, that's okay!
We are in freedom, democracy, and everything we want, not need to judge. As the speeches do not need to be square, serves to reflect and understand what we can change today, but in ourselves. Every little change even if an individual is light to radiate with love, hope that everyone calls. And hope, but must be founded on solid roots of people who have thought through and understood themselves what is the true essence of life.

Beyond the shore

walk on the catwalk of life,
waiting for the boat,
you ....

The fog surrounding the lake,
harmful thoughts,
trembling steps,
The face is drooping.

in its change,
Boats ranging from wind and memories,
You look and see,
beyond the shore, but for now ...

Yearn for love,
longs life,
do not fear the fog,
unknown that paradise will be easy.

By now the sunlight,
lights up the shore,
tremors subside heat arrival.

Now you're back,
the past is far away,
horizons to encroach,
what life will give you.

The soul is free,
in your present
beyond the banks end up ....

The group of human wolves

Men like wolves, the herd there is perhaps less clear than that of animals, which is more obvious, dictated by the instinct of survival.
Amazing to see how easy it is to step back at times, everything is a siding, where he lives, then the best is always the bad co-exist in the human herd that is almost the rule. In animals, it makes sense, instinct creates a group that needs to be efficient to survive. The nature offers food, live animals in a herd is to be that everything forms a true union, almost unbreakable. Man creates a school only for the very fear of not belonging, first of all believe in the importance of its components, then a word is just the factor that triggers the disapproval of some. Were it only that, you could say we are weak in our silence, we're bored, but that's not all. The human herd is only a subset of a real union, is an alienation of the community what it is. It 'simply live in such an absolutely different. What can I say ....
Words fail to describe the growing of a condition that outlines the simple do not want to belong to a harmonious union, but highlights the discomfort. Who is in the human herd, lives on a belief that his world is all there, then this leads to facts that the chronicles tell, and certainly are not meant to bring happiness to anyone. Remains silent in the face of this, but we point out the things that we see only the final part of what happens. See below would understand what the real discomfort grows. We believe that we evolved and that seeing the animals, we see them in the pack create a perfect system in the world to live, and we want better than they often tend to imitate the animals themselves having a "dog", then we want to call the group . Let us imitate this and evil!When the facts show it is said that we see the tip of the iceberg, but if we look at the basic or root tells of the profound sense of marginalization that reality tends to be ignored. People see what they want to see, all souls can see, is a similar view, but where it stops the imagination comes the truth that we never want to see.
Who is the person now? One who might want to deal with all those who live in harmony with the world around him, then why there must be some sub-sets of people? The answer, you think. My thoughts do not count, is the border of my values.
The herd is not just the news, is what we often call group. Where we live for the "creed of friendship", and then it turns into a small living, born where the rules dictated, but not displayed where everyone can say, but never in front, just behind. Nowadays, the value of friendship is like a rare gem, it is true in so many have fun, but in many there is also just. Just opened to see beyond their noses, and this is not a rarity. Today you are loved in the pack, tomorrow you're just the subject of contention. In this, every person thinks that he wants. We can also see a value wears off, or not? It is eaten slowly, like a candle for hope, which leaves everything to his end in the shade and is often in complete darkness. No one will change anyone, but we can change ourselves, the step size is huge, but it is the step that counts.
This is the chronicle of a well-known fact, which puts all the horror of what happened, putting questions for understanding.This is a silent chronicle of what happens every day, in all places, at all hours. There are no questions to answer, on boards, we can only reflect in silence.


Every person has read the life stories of famous people now, I myself have known by reading the lives of people who have given a sense of contradiction, that often puts life as a limit.In reading I saw it as a mirror that reflected dimensions that had matured in me, almost impossible, and I said well now that I was compared to these people, through their writings that I could not accept this situation with a smile, almost paradoxical. As if all of a sudden I had known these people in their times and I could enjoy their presence and words. It felt like a real evolution in ancient traditions, where the student learned through the master in full silence, and that only his aura was the real issue of these teachings.
As in all situations, some people initially create a conflict, almost as if the illusion was the only reality and that, trying to convince you as a person having read these writings, then, still the mind and not think I've read all too late In these books ... thought this might take the cue that I could understand what was my role in life. The role might have been net long, but like all real people often triggers a spark to become what it really is, as every one at the end.
In my normal I just decided to expose myself to what I feel, without fear of reactions or a lot less than you would think those who read my thoughts today. The rest as they say nobody is perfect and this is wonderful, we are born imperfect, and this is the gradiosa opportunities that we may have to become only better.Logical that this concept is complex, if not read between the lines, but as so often what seems impossible is possible. Life is a contradiction and, as such, I like all I can decide how to decipher the code of life. But if I decide to crack the code of life, I personally have to admit that in turn are exterior to life itself and not in its flow. All this eventually led me to a logical conclusion: what happens I will live. Simply a 'surrender to what was, without thinking, without living in the past as the limit of my experience and not putting my thoughts to the future where all illusions are created. This was a simple saying: Now I'm alive really.
My only wish was to expose my feelings, and this I did. Perhaps it myself, I never realized what I did, because the value is not we who decide what we are or do, the value of living in our silence, and even writing does not change the meaning of the thing, one who writes leaves only a trace of a passage. Do not talk about what is best for all, speaks to the universe and this is the true value. Talking to people, would be a mine or want to convince you that your thinking is better, but this value is not only a veiled tax.
My way, simple irony. My way is that of all the people who become aware exposing a happiness for all, which is often not appreciated, but that's part of the game and how that life itself is a gamble and who could actually live and enjoy illimitante this feeling. Who does not appreciate at the end, the same deserves my respect, I do not make distinctions of any kind, is to divide and differentiate there are too many divisions they have created just pain. And this is evident in everyday life.
Everything is always wonderful and even a small disagreement often gives a reflection, because if I exclude this may not be aware, be aware means to be observers of all with a smile and without anger. Love is the way of planting seeds of hope and if you want to conceive a sense of awareness, one can not understand the meaning of love, but are not intended to be defined as a feeling in any way, only the heart that feels and exhibits free.
Every way, even if born from a "nobody" can be enlightening and not judged. There are different views in this, and how often it occurs every view can be countered by a vision of others. This raises the question of what constitutes a street. True that people today have given a tangible sign of this are now consecrated to be illuminated, but if we go down to people not known to occur in complex patterns as well as someone who is. To define this way is always to be the one to decide who will throw the stones. Why define a personal truth does not enjoy the privilege of freedom in these contexts. The reasons are many and the ego plays the primary role in this. In fact if a person exposes his way with people who think that they happen to walk their way to put above our own. But human memory is not written anywhere that there is an absolute in this, we simply say that it would be more correct to talk openly that mistakes define what a person is living through his inner journey. But we know, well, that this is not always possible. In fact, those who decide to expose yourself is by comparison with people who tend to impose the reasons that have no place for them. Of course there is freedom, but there is a limit to everything human that outlines where the word should be said and silence observed.
The rest of my way, like yours and like all is not better or worse is just a simple path to the inner depth we have. The person who tends to be pedantic in this exhibit is free, but is only exposed to stress that the limit is often not seen.Becomes exposed in this case driven by what the masked selfishness exhibited by the urge to show how enlightened and good "teacher" you are ready to correct those who according to these people, something is wrong or is not in line with their thinking, mysteries ...It is fun to show how any ways is tailor-made for anyone and if we start from this, it is clear the message that says: ... But words and words in the human than the desire to be always strong, is a constant search for an illuminating look and feel, but this can also be read as a wrong message, by whom, in its small does not know everything, but simply a sense of awareness ...
My way is as said an irony of fate! The street is the imaginary becomes real when he says no, and you become aware that flourishes in thee the wonder of life and love, so softly you can sing the song that will be implemented in subtle notes without you having to ever say I am. You will never be .. This is the true destination that puts people like me in constant smile, because there is no arrival in size being infinite, then very simply walking loving and giving what others ask of you. And if you give this if you can not simply embrace and you will be silent.
My way is hypocritical, a smile and a link with love and everything that everyone can create.

From raw material to the soul ..

In life's journey, we saw our children grow from becoming adult men.All in a physical time that has passed like a flash, then as an eerie coincidence time is not now a time ..
The man born in the full knowledge and purity, an innocence that as idyllic places us as the stars in the universe and it starts to grow as to shrink. Futile attempts to stay in this aura of heaven, where everything is wonderful, the external conditions lead to slow material development in our divine essence, this is unavoidable. The love and the prospects for those who lead us to make decisions and this protection is not evil, just the natural way of life that brings us pure and real-aware from birth to imperfection. We are imperfect and in this, we have a real second chance to change. Not everyone will choose to have this opportunity as a way of change, some individuals will decide to remain in their "world of enchantment and matter." This is normal and poses no conditions for those who decide to return to the roots of soul and spirituality. We will be only a parallel world the same.
The roads of life in men will separate, and each will have its evolutionary freedom at different levels, each person will decide what is to him and everything will go on endlessly forever. About a conscious decision or not, decides to return to the origin of his soul and make it manifest, find out how many dimensions there are internal and this will trigger a spark. That will lead to inner truth.Leaving the matter will be a gradual arrival that will put the vision of life under different conditions and how this happens will be a point of pain or failure. Changes unaware live in us, without which we become aware of something, like a seed that for many years lived in a fertile land, never to grow and as such fall into the abyss alchemical act as a fertilizer. The becoming of this is a process that places suffered "finite to the infinite", include an inner passage is always very complex: it is a door that opens and gives off light in total shadow. Where we oscillate wires hanging out of fear of falling increasingly into a fund which apparently has no end. But as in all the "changes" from the point of rebirth is an apparent death or from an infinite abyss, this will put us in a position to accept the awareness of the soul in its manifestation, and as such will only be back from the brink to follow the light without question.
The matter that we lived and asked, coveted as the essence of our power will no longer have value, that will say you are ...
The "transformation", the matter that makes us rational and peripheral, will become a thing when we start to be the soul and intuition will take the floor. Our sixth sense will show wonders unmatched and we will be back in awareness. "Being in the way of light" is now only one sentence in a timeless time where everything has to be identified, let us remember. Becoming aware that we will never say we are or are not, we are simply at the origin as a beautiful lotus flower and in our inner silence we all.Nothing should be taken for granted and as such we know that this is not a simple decision, is a change for ever and its so much mystery surrounds those who enter, because the beauty of this is indescribable.
For those at the crossroads of life will be decided what will be a different path, because of challenges without end, an eternal struggle. However, this is no less exciting and full of mysteries too. You do not need to think that life is better or worse, even if materialism and spirituality are different, as are rationally thinking and feeling with intuition. For this reason there is a common prosperity. In both lives there in the real possibility of being good and manifest it through two different ways: a tangible money that could be made only to help others and create opportunities for those not in a position to elevate living conditions less fortunate. In the second mode, this will be an emanation of the infinite asset intended to help the soul to rise from the pain by giving cues to reconstruct what seems lost. And in that every person who lives his deep interiority will issue to those who prepared the elevation prompt for help. These are two parallel systems of life, but at the same time they can give life, love and opportunity for all.
To be or not to be left with only the margin of a mountain to explore ...
Each is the absolute freedom that becomes untouchable and can not be judged, except by those who have this condition, which puts it in one of two parallels of life and as such the meeting in the world of two seemingly different worlds is when the common denominator is the love for life. What is prosperity as now given to those who are less fortunate. It would not seem logical to say what is better or worse. The only thing I can say is what you live in and be happy with that.
Change is always available for everyone and is not a concern eternal that says you will be just what you apparently think you are ...
"Nothing is certain until you try it" and this is a privilege that we have, we can change our lives in a moment and this does not exclude anyone, we remain open to life and life gives a chance for change those who wish from my heart.

Sixth sense: a personal interpretation

The human being is absolute perfection ...
This phrase, I would say it seems very simple rhetoric, but we assume that we are not perfect and as such perfection is an appearance that can be judged. As such we must conceive of our earthly presence, not just as bodies made of muscles, and a brain that is used for multiple functions related both to our physical and psychological management. We can say that going into a mystery that belongs to us: the sixth sense, a real wonder that resides in us. This ability makes us complete than what apparently seems to exist beyond what we already know.This faculty, so if we want to define leads man to perfection, which can not be understood as absolute, but only because there is no real means of comparison between individuals. In a sense, are summarized the possible forms of comparison between individuals, to define the degree of intelligence, strength, etc. .. This however has only highlighted the periphery that exists in us (the interior and its size in evolution and as such are difficult to compare) and as such also does not define the perfection of any individual. Remains logical that there are people who may disagree with this, each person has full freedom to see the degree of evolution in the way you see fit. That said, let's understand the potential that the "sixth sense" has, and does not highlight with complex terms, to make this much more accessible to those who until now has only heard about.
Talking about the "sixth sense", one could safely say that there are many books on the subject and it remains a fact, instead of talking about experiences of people who now have this and that are not highlighted in the news in any way, makes the same simple argument, but remains a personal interpretation. Who owns the sixth sense? All the answer is very simple, only thing that makes this not heard is the lack of development on our part. There are exceptions of people who are born predisposed to this very strongly, however, all have this capability, which resides in them. The development itself from a change that occurs in some people when a responsible way of life to live or peripheral to a very schematic, logic, etc.., The fact of objectivity and reason, and as such you switch to a more spiritual outlook on life more focused and deeper knowledge of the inner dimensions that each person has in him. As such this is only one of the examples that tend over time to highlight this capability, are inherent in other practices where meditation is. This does not however define a certain development of the "sixth sense", because as in all things that we can, if we or "us to reach" or conversely not to consider developing it.The signs that the "sixth sense" has are different, one of which puts us in contact with other people at a distance: we can sense the emotions and as such have in real time the mood of the person we are "calling" through it. How can we understand without a word to tell us that no living thing in the interiority of our party. And as such, if this potential is combined with intuitive power of thought, and so you may have very specific perceptions. The example that best describes this is: when for no reason we feel worried about someone we know and do not know why, and therefore we make a phone call to this person and in fact something is wrong. This is an example of the indirect right "to hear through the sixth sense", because it is not induced voluntarily, but as an example is invalid because it shows that we all at the bottom of this "power" and how to actually be effective. If you think that in some people this can be controlled voluntarily, we realize the potential he has.
In defining himself as the "sixth sense", it is not easy, this is a form of personal explanation, that as all thoughts are derived from a personal experience and an expression that will just describe the idea. As such it is logical to think that we can define the "sixth sense" in other ways, and this remains a free opinion based on a description of an intangible skills, or want an outcome that lives in thin layers that exist in us. It 'a subtle vibration, this is my personal identification of the "sixth sense". In fact, its potential is being described, not to show that giving an exact identification of the name, "Sixth Sense" is the first that makes this magnificent, but to understand through experience what can make this unique capacity. Human remains that a thing has never personally experienced the arouses doubt, and this highlights a truth. Indeed, understanding the benefits and value of the "sixth sense" would be better understood if we could try it at least once in their lives, both as a broadcaster or as a receiver. But from personal experience, this one must be prepared to delve into his inner harbor, where our most untapped potential. Usually it is easier for us to understand what tangible happens or what we perceive an emotional level. The Sixth Sense arises, if we had a comparative scale to an even deeper level. The reason is an explanation that involves a simple understanding or a different vision of our life: we are part of the universe and as such this infinite space with which we are in constant acts accordingly on what we radiate in "thin "and energy. As such, the perception and the adoption of a contact with the "sixth sense" in this living space and is related in it, what we perceive to life and who, if we say, perceives it receives this benefit through this complex relationship. You could explain it: as if a tiny light that starts from a point of origin and who suddenly comes into a channel that reflects and amplifies in an infinite space. But at the same time, however, do not disperse it arrives where it is addressed, but with a much stronger intensity, while not blinding.
The Sixth Sense, may in time become extremely useful in helping those in need. We think that this issue does not meet the sensory barriers and is not subject to interference, only those who in this capacity may be more or less "strong" in issuing this channel responsive and beneficial. This is because as human beings we are subject to the average non-linearity. That is also a headache can be a time when you are unable to perceive at a distance, because as is normal when a physical or moral pain we wrap our attention is paid to it. In some cases, people who have this psychic development, they can disassociate themselves from their discomfort and be completely efficient in hearing distance, this is simply an evolutionary level staff member who through a perfect knowledge of themselves and are able to control estranged from their feelings, while entering into this "dimension" that assumes a neutral role with respect to what happens in us apparently.
This article is a personal way to explain the "sixth sense", and its capabilities. Its interpretation must be free. The same article noted that simply does not want a free way to interpret what the "sixth sense" for me today. As such there are several texts that have dealt with on the same topic, and this article definitely does not want to say what is true or what is not, no one compares to the simple freedom of expression. And how it should be, to investigate this topic, please read more. Because reading on several considerations you can better understand the subject matter.

lunedì 17 ottobre 2011

LOVE '... .. AMOR

The evolution of the human being exists in the name of love, and must not be forgotten the feeling of creation ..
The time periods did not change the primary sense of the feeling called love. They only have affected his performance, as if at some point a feeling infinite space and has no limits, could be put into a book. They tried in every way to catalog every single expression of love, giving explanations, colors and fragrances.Perhaps this was to make available an identification of those who felt a sense of not understanding. This may seem right or wrong, but in both cases is the very fact that caused the lost ideals behind and not being in love. Do not find reasons to love and even less explanation. But as always happens from the time it was, the man had to shape an abstract something tangible for fear of not feeling this feeling, people who have kept this essence of love itself have simply done what in them there. They have followed my heart is no reason in logical analysis. Every moment spent to understand what love was to explain them away from the inner core has the people, who thought it could make sense of everything, the great joy is that this did not alter the feeling of love and while not everyone has globalized.
Each person can describe the love, why not? Each person has a personal perception as such can explain it, but to explain what love must become neutral experiences. Why not be neutral internally creates ideas, love is not an 'idea of ​​the thought, love is a feeling that does not remain confined to the mind. This is not the absolute way of explanation, it's just a feeling that is felt in a myriad of words about love. If we for a moment to deviate from the myriad of information that have shaped our idea of ​​love and our past experiences, simply sitting down under a tree with his eyes closed, we would understand the essence of our silence that belongs to us. We instantly feel what love is, because contact with nothing to do and say, makes us sensitive and can sense subtle vibrations that put us in contact with everything and we are all in all. There is no separation in this act of sitting down and blend with the environment around us and if you think that love has no logic, nor did it instead! Because "we love and we are all in", where we are not strangers, but an indivisible whole.The sense may seem mystical, but the logic would tell a love only for objective experiences, facts and events that make up data, because love is not a constant stream of data is undefined which transcends everything, and creates.
To try to understand the love you should not do anything, you simply must have ...
Every time we love, even if the shadow falls on us. Every feeling, object, have the opposite feeling, love is the opposite of anger and all its nuances, more subtle. Love is clean, clean, no fading in tone, if we want to give a color, let us give red, we could say perfect, but it remains red and does not change. Love has no "more or less" or indexes, and when you say my love goes down, talking to a partner, it shows only that the shadows are dispersing from the love and that love itself is less or more. Human remains does not love a person if he does not give off the most in us what we had set as an index of our perception of love, but it is an idea of ​​the feelings, not the feeling itself. But let us remember that love is still, no one can ever say that love does not exist, in the case of a couple and that one partner does not get to say I love you more, you will only understand that the world is not created by two souls has found its true dimension. It is a mistake happens and will happen.But in those cases where relationships break down, take over the words that say: I do not love him anymore, and I have loved her, etc.. is the mind that speaks and not the heart. The heart can also sense a feeling toward a person is stopped, but it ends up to love, "he" always loves. We who do not "see" this and we feel within us a wrong perception, but it is the mind that puts barriers, deceptions data always ideas that logically lead to live this. Remains true that the feeling is not illusory, but if you just because the mind controls everything in us. And if we think this should be reflected in how the mind, the wonder that exists in us at times show the downside. In this, we now that we do not believe we are creatures of habit. Individual freedom leads to believe what we better conform to our image and likeness, who lives just a difference in evolution different interior.
It would be endless to mention all the variations that occur, but we lose in a "conceptual maze." Love is not a concept.
Love is the indissoluble, is creation, is energy, light, emanating from those who feel nothing through fear of its immensity.
Everyone from here to infinity will try to understand what love is, this will be chasing us is what in essence, that he never moved or even disappeared, which surrounds us and immerses us. People can still groped in the arduous business of understanding what is not understood, but experienced and left free to expand.
LOVE '...
Vision of life in the freedom of every individual can understand the love, will be only two ways of understanding that will lead to two different visions. One is logical, based on thoughts, readings, past experiences that shape ideas and structures, a feeling in a rational and logical. The other will simply be in love, and will not ask questions, simply being in the river of feeling and savor all the flavors, all experiences without touching them back but only as observers aware of and understand not to create ideas, love will simply be in love In all in all.

La evolución del ser humano existe en el nombre del amor, y no hay que olvidar el sentimiento de la creación ..
Los períodos de tiempo no cambió el sentido primario del sentimiento llamado amor. Ellos sólo han afectado a su rendimiento, ya que si en algún momento una sensación de espacio infinito y no tiene límites, podría ser puesto en un libro. Trataron por todos los medios a catalogar cada expresión única del amor, dar explicaciones, colores y fragancias.Tal vez esto fue poner a disposición de la identificación de aquellos que sentían una sensación de no entender. Esto puede parecer bien o mal, pero en ambos casos es el hecho que causó los ideales perdidos detrás y no estar enamorado. No encontramos razones para el amor y la explicación incluso menos. Pero como siempre sucede desde el momento en que fue, el hombre tenía que dar forma a un resumen de algo tangible, por temor de no sentir este sentimiento, las personas que han mantenido su esencia misma del amor simplemente han hecho lo que en ellos allí. Ellos han seguido mi corazón hay ninguna razón en el análisis lógico. Cada momento que he pasado para entender qué era el amor de explicarlas desde el núcleo interno tiene la gente, que pensaba que podía dar sentido a todo, la gran alegría es que esto no altera el sentimiento de amor y mientras que no todo el mundo se ha globalizado.
Cada persona puede describir el amor, ¿por qué no? Cada persona tiene una percepción personal, como tal, puede explicar, pero para explicar lo que el amor debe convertirse en experiencias neutras. ¿Por qué no ser neutral internamente crea ideas, el amor no es una idea "del pensamiento, el amor es un sentimiento que no se quede confinada a la mente. Esta no es la forma absoluta de la explicación, es sólo una sensación que se siente en un gran número de palabras sobre el amor. Si por un momento de apartarse de la gran cantidad de información que han dado forma a nuestra idea del amor y de nuestras experiencias pasadas, simplemente sentarse bajo un árbol con los ojos cerrados, hemos de entender la esencia de nuestro silencio que nos pertenece. Instantáneamente sentir lo que es el amor, porque el contacto con nada que hacer y decir, nos hace sensibles y pueden sentir las vibraciones sutiles que nos ponen en contacto con todo y todos estamos en todas. No hay separación en este acto de sentarse y se mezclan con el ambiente que nos rodea y si usted piensa que el amor no tiene lógica, ni en su lugar! Debido a que "el amor y todos estamos en" donde no son extraños, sino un todo indivisible.La sensación puede parecer místico, pero la lógica le diría a un único amor de experiencias objetivas, hechos y acontecimientos que hacen de los datos, porque el amor no es un flujo constante de datos no está definido que trasciende todo, y crea.
Para tratar de entender el amor que no debería hacer nada, simplemente hay que tener ...
Cada vez que amamos, incluso si la sombra cae sobre nosotros. Cada sentimiento, objeto, tienen la sensación de lo contrario, el amor es lo opuesto a la ira y todos sus matices más sutiles. El amor es limpio, limpio, sin decoloración en el tono, si queremos dar un color, vamos a dar rojo, se puede decir perfecto, pero sigue en rojo y no cambia. El amor no tiene "más o menos" o índices, y cuando dices mi amor se cae, hablando con un compañero, que sólo demuestra que las sombras se están dispersando en el amor y que el amor mismo es menor o más. Los restos humanos no ama a una persona si no se emiten más en nosotros lo que nos habíamos propuesto como un índice de nuestra percepción del amor, pero es una idea de los sentimientos, no el sentimiento en sí. Pero recordemos que el amor es todavía, nadie puede decir que el amor no existe, en el caso de una pareja y que una pareja no llega a decir Te quiero más, sólo comprender que el mundo no es creado por dos almas ha encontrado su verdadera dimensión. Es un error que sucede y sucederá.Sin embargo, en aquellos casos en que las relaciones se rompen, hacerse cargo de las palabras que dicen: Yo no lo quiero, y he amado, etc. Es la mente la que habla y no el corazón. El corazón también puede sentir un sentimiento hacia una persona se detiene, pero termina con amor "," ama siempre. Nosotros, los que no "ven" esto y nos sentimos dentro de nosotros una percepción equivocada, pero es la mente la que pone las barreras, los datos de los engaños siempre ideas que lógicamente conducen a vivir esto. Sigue siendo cierto que la sensación no es ilusoria, pero si sólo porque la mente controla todo en nosotros. Y si pensamos que esto debe reflejarse en la forma en la mente, la maravilla que existe en nosotros, a veces muestran la baja. En esto, ahora que no nos creemos que somos criaturas de hábitos. La libertad individual conduce a creer lo que mejor se ajustan a nuestra imagen y semejanza, que vive sólo una diferencia en el interior de la evolución diferentes.
Sería interminable hablar de todas las variaciones que se producen, pero se pierde en un "laberinto conceptual." El amor no es un concepto.
El amor es la indisoluble, es la creación, es la energía, la luz, que emana de aquellos que no sienten nada por el temor de su inmensidad.
Todos, desde aquí hasta el infinito a tratar de entender qué es el amor, esto se nos persigue es lo que en esencia, que nunca se mueven o incluso desaparecido, lo que nos rodea y nos sumerge. La gente puede aún a tientas en el negocio arduo de comprender lo que no se entiende, pero con experiencia y queda libre para expandirse.
AMOR ...
Visión de la vida en la libertad de cada uno pueda entender el amor, sólo habrá dos formas de entender que dará lugar a dos visiones diferentes. Uno de ellos es lógico, basado en pensamientos, lecturas, experiencias pasadas que las ideas de la forma y estructura, un sentimiento de manera racional y lógica. El otro será simplemente en el amor, y no hacer preguntas, sólo tiene que estar en el río de sentir y disfrutar de todos los sabores, todas las experiencias sin tener que tocar de nuevo, pero sólo en calidad de observadores conscientes y entender, no para crear ideas, el amor será simplemente en el amor en todo en todo.