giovedì 29 settembre 2011

Man creates divisions and p 2

We return to the zero point, the origins. Man creates divisions, his words have done this in what was born to be one ...
Divisions which today are not just words, as described in the first chapter. Man evolves and this evolution often be wise. We could say that this is a hope for humanity, which is now only linked to materialism, inner growth brings hope to some people, but in this there is also a downside. If we start from the assumption that inner growth is an evolutionary path that leads up to light love, would be logical to think that love itself is to create unity. Many people passed through these paths, you just lit and have created currents of thought, the real lifestyles that included the absolute good, the harmony, the gift of love and brotherhood. In addition to this they were born in the disciplines that by their teaching can have thousands of people to wake up, and in turn be the bearers of these values ​​and knowledge in all parts of the globe.Told in this way has been a miracle for a miracle, but we observe that in time all this created within this circle, which theoretically widen with the same principles, the true anomalies. Abnormalities, might be the word inadequate to describe what often happens, but give other definitions would be considered too intense and wanting misinterpreted. In fact, the explanation of the error where there is very simple: if a person is born an interior evolution, he in turn should give this to people who freely want to follow him, if this does not happen something is abnormal. This does not say that if a person attends a course should not pay, this is not the problem that creates divisions, the rest of you think that every professional has the right to be paid according to the performance it offers. The so-called abnormal side comes from the way back to a teaching that is at its root. Or if you learn one thing gives you the same way, but if this is an implementation of our way of thinking or an excess of ego, what is reported does not have the same value. This can be seen in various ways, just follow the same discipline from two different people and see where you might disagree and because this shows how deep in some disciplines where supposedly the inner light should touch the peaks, actually happens in some cases , rather than the more upwind.All this happens not because there is always the lack of knowledge and a wrong path, but just because an excess of ego tends to occur too much, it becomes didactic and schematic, and as such the very essence of the discipline loses its shine and creates a second division. This division is not confined only to a show, which of course is limited to only a few people in the minority as compared to those who really can now define a "Guru." But even if a minority is important to highlight it.This in turn creates a division and amplifies the pain to those already in pain seeks a remedy, a remedy that is psychological or physical. It happens and we think they are drops in the sea, but remain true injustices, because if it happened to us would understand what it is and would not be pleasant. This creates a discomfort that is as normal and often even if they are sporadic cases are highlighted and the bush who, in good faith works for the good in all its forms. We can certainly say to impute guilt, but we stress that this creates divisions also overshadows what he was born to be light, love etc..
And if you have the "luck" to meet these people and has evolved both within and without mental or physical pain, they begin the second divisions that go against the principle of what a person really deep inside. You notice immediately that these people tend to define themselves humble, then first begin to be manifest deep approach to living all they know, and remember that this a true "guru" does not do it, elevates you. And sometimes without spending more than ten words, he sheds light whispers when he speaks without speaking and must not be more than anyone, he does not need. he's out doing nothing.Then beyond that, we see that teaching is emphasized, speaking almost an encyclopedia and this certainly is not good to those who supposedly is in pain, it's good if it is determined a little at a time, with great humility and no place to put down and even less to instill what is right, according to him, of course. The absolute truth and not have anyone who has a degree much less evolutionary than the average, this should be remembered forever.
Then if you want to be precise, the meaning dell'esporsi must be commensurate with each person and can not find a logical way to try to be unique in showing higher at all costs, only serves to destabilize those in certain phases of his life is already in a drama. Create a sub division of the individual, and puts the person who suffers a second division of what is right or wrong. A person who calls himself a teacher should refer to the well and this is a vehicle and it must be remembered. Each person has a path to follow and as such it becomes a place of absolute denial of it. There are many variations that could be described and this is evident. This is not to say where to point the finger, but just tell what happens and at times divisive. The good and love do not come to divide and those who embrace these things and feels really knows how to act with respect to those that may be of potential disciples to treat the person, not lost in useless sermons theorists to say I am. Those who do not self-centered interior and as such it gives the good to himself. And all this creates a harmful effect both on those who work in good faith and in the name of the values ​​of discipline that covers at that moment and who need to be routed to a path, or a cure.
According to you, this does not create divisions? I leave you the final judge of this, hoping that certain values ​​are more than those who have lost the value of what once would have united and made it better a person, who in time of need has only asked a simple aid.

The inner conflicts

Life today places man below her inner experience, we have become the contemplated the matter and this had to be progress ... or maybe not!
Everything is now surrounded by an explanation, even the air has written on how to use, sarcasm, we can say, that in itself reveals a reality.This reality can be summed up simply: we are always too need to have external support, to understand what in fact we can do alone. We need information constantly, and when we are simplifications of researchers in us and not outside, an inner conflict is often an indication we do not find help. "We complied on a plan that moves on a mass scale." That we are exposed to a constant we belong and we do not see the real small things solvers. We tend to magnify minor inconveniences, to create a constant emphasis, almost having to justify our not wanting to be leaders but only extras in a scene of life.Clearly not all of this trend, but it is still present in the manner set out today. With this in his heart, every person should ask himself a question which would express the truth because the answer?
Would be out of a sequence of words that would not end, the file size is huge!
With this, can not dwell on the immense variations of it, we can just see why today we are always in constant need for signs to be calm, happy and wanting also in turn leads to a trail of positivity.To achieve this, we can not exclude the factor of internal conflicts. This is not seen as a schematic, but as a simple situation that belongs to everyone sooner or later. In fact, those who have not experienced that feeling of wanting to do something a pulse? Obviously the answer, everyone.This is often the impetus as we take a wrong form, the substance of what we experience as a situation that we do or perform without thinking. We have entered into the concept that we rationalize everything and the times when we let go, even a simple purchase made on impulse, or feel the inner conflict within us, or we have to justify in any way.We have not followed in this case no indication given from anyone, we have acted without thinking and this has moved us in two factors that seem awkward at that time. Because we are accustomed to having to outline and plan a simple purchase, maybe a whim, but that base is not programmed. In our case this sort of conflict where the mind begin to take the questions we did well, we may have spent money at a time not so suitable. and all this is not just a rarity, and often happens.In the second condition, which supposedly forms must justify what we did, and here to bring more voices in the mind hypothetical shortcuts to say for himself, I had this desire and nothing else. In both forms, we are always in a conflict between us and us. Coming to synthesize the thing: we have an inner conflict or to get our approval in a premeditated gesture, we have to invent an alibi. The general picture is clear.To get better in what we understand a simple factor: we are simply composed of three things, body, soul, mind, spirit and if we want to be precise. When you do these little things, we have given a boost by a desire, such as the mind comes into action. Emotions take over so the heart and soul, and up to nothing bad here, then perform the momentum that we asked. Following fact that the satisfaction and joy of what we did (we should be happy with our purchase), took over the mind that even with these formulas described above puts us in doubt. Then arises naturally wonder how to do because it does not happen, there would be many ways to help us with more and more aware and less self-doubt. But in fact highlight a method would be complex, because of the differences that make each individual and as such would be a lot of things to say.
Instead, what must stand out is not a practical solution but only a small reflection can serve to understand what happens to us sometimes. Remains true, as already expressed before that not everyone is subject to the condition of inner conflict, but this is more reasonable to speak of those who live in these situations even if a little uncomfortable.In conclusion, we can say that even small things can be annoying and as such have a small understanding of conflict can become an important input to try to resolve it. Then each person, as rightly should be able to decide how to act on, but what remains important is to realize and be aware of. In fact, freedom does not say that there is a rule to feel good and happy, we are also in the little things that we must exercise our right to happiness and if we feel that this state of inner conflict does not make us happy, then we must act without seeking directions say that you act!

The theater of emotions

The body vibrates, in reciting the poetry of love, strong voice, then sweet and melodious.
The actress plays the hate in prose, emphasis in the air, the silence is interrupted only by his voice, verse and movements, to interpret the heartbreaking tale of love at the end.
Steps, one after another, then fall to the ground, the silence in the room .... Love, joy and torture of the chains that bind to one that now is only the end, the words of the verse to swell hearts, tears in reviving, imagination, emotion-. Aspects of life that art can seize life, sets of concentric rings together, including drama and poetry, idyllic atmosphere to penetrate the spectators in disbelief. The theater of emotions always starts with warm hearts.
Second verse, full and vigorous, broken love that woman, and between screams and falls to the ground, now rising on the back straight, feminine dignity, the dignity of the strength of a woman who walks straight and never turn back - Forget the 'spell of what he did blossoming rose, red, like love, the sun dazzles the eyes of that man a liar, petty and small now, walk him and do not turn your words or looks, his gestures, his emptiness is - The public, rock, and unbelieving, play on words and gestures, silence, then applause ..
The theater of emotions, singing the last verse. The woman now standing in the red as her dress, daisies in hand, spinning off the petals, the flower smells, then stops, looks up and smiles, the infinite - the forgiveness of your delusion, door signs, such as flowers truncated sharp scissors, stop the life, I insult with laughter, petal loves me he loves me or not, the game is like life, then everything ends ricomiciar - Standing all, to the applause, the comedians, poets , art lovers who have donated real moments.
The theater of emotions, thank you and the curtain falls, until the next evening, between magic and disicanto, poems and deeds unions.
Art that shows the emotion that lives in us and wants to blow up ...

The pine forest on the sea

Pungent odor,
pine resin,
Facing the sea,
enchantment of autumn.

The sun,
still warm
do not let the summer,
height of its heat,
traits of his memory heat the air.

The green surround,
I watch the sea,
atmosphere of colors.

The pine forest on the sea,
corner of the wonder of a day of many,
Nature is my scenario to capture,
the indescribable emotion.

Explosion of the whole,
between fantasy and emotions,
donate indelible memories in me that does not fade in the future.

The pine forest on the sea,
freedom of being in what I see.

I'll make love

I'll make love,
through the sound of the voice,
Only subtle vibrations.

I'll make love,
through the embrace that will give the damned
excluded from the whole man,
angry fear.

I'll make love,
doing my body meatshield,
Violence against misunderstanding.

Will love
in my small drop in the sea,
expanded the universe of pain.

I will be just one of many,
I will create love,
through the words of the past,
that without limits does not arise.

I will create what will be a gift for everyone,
no request
love that asks nothing, and all-embracing,
to remember what we are and will.

I'll make love,
in my illusion of man
that feeling,
takes a value of life.

Recounted in the night

At night, a friend and confidant, opens the doors of the heart to those who are marginalized the imagination of all people close to him or her, they think they are in the gift of love. Instead, those who think they are that gift, are in the habit of self, individualism and ego.
The "close" to spend words, almost rarefied at times just to say "you've done a good deed", then as so often is just a formal gesture. Others who seem to be more prolific with words to spend, do nothing but inject their false ideal, their experience higher than in the whole people, that in the end just want to love, listen.
The night is sincere in its perpetual and eternal life tells these stories. They will never be the first page, these stories, the sadness in this is paramount. Everything makes sense in our passage through this life and everything could change, but perhaps has triggered a process of survival where many thought only of themselves and this is the evidence. But, remember an old saying: Life is a wheel that turns sooner or later.
Nothing escapes the fate and nothing escapes in the third person who sees what is happening, the impartial man who is a friend of the night.
The night in these tales, full of drama, hardships and pain that's true, makes a gift offers the opportunity to help those who are in this situation, if he does not think this has faults and is caused by others, does not distinguish. She is the night, not the judge.Unconsciously screaming souls that their discomfort with the thought of hope, purity of heart that asks for help and everything sooner or later finds the answer to this call. Maybe not immediately, but it will come. In case you do not miss anything and as such calls should be replied to, small perhaps, but true. Little can be of help, not take away anything to those who give and those who receive even a minute of this is happy. Receives a big difference: he speaks and is listened to and if it gets a true word is unpretentious, without name, without any constraint or projection, and these words have enormous value for those in pain, discomfort etc..
In this parable of real life, we are launching in the pain signals that spirals upward from the top and make sure that aid arrives. Never lose hope, the universe is always listening and not asking anything in return except the truth.
Just a little in life to relieve suffering. If all we understood that in giving support to those who made the gesture we need, for which began the pinnacle of existence, for which we were created: Love.

giovedì 22 settembre 2011

Past lives

We had a meeting, strange, as if we knew all along. We are astonished to hear him speak words that they know they already made a speech ... Feelings of instant, as they can not define. The answer in all this is absent ..
We are often in contact with many people, and as such we speak we relate in a social context. We think this is our rapportaci in principle. We have included all of the people around us, or at least we understand what other people have made us understand. Then as it happens, we have a different kind of encounter in our lives because we meet new people. But this meeting immediately develops in us something. Because we have a mind, the first argument is always to think if I had not already met this person years ago. The mind in itself, reason within the limits of our knowledge, and as such, in this case traces back in time to see if this may be true, we have already met this person. This reasoning, dig in the memory until it does not find a wall. What we can remember. In fact what happened many years ago do not always remember him and if he does not remember a thing can be less.At this point if we do not find confirmation in the memory, we have known this person, we are left with a doubt, we can eliminate that difficulty.
Meanwhile, this our new knowledge, which is not necessarily born to an interest, let alone to be a man or a woman, continues. The strange feeling began to take shape, because the words bring more contact with our new acquaintance, the more you show signs that we receive in an emotional and cerebral. We are in fact entered a different kind of contact, without even realizing it. Every little word develops in us these signals, which result in continuing our dialogue feeling more and more accentuated. In us this is a real secret that is revealed little by little, all this live and in all probability our party is completely unaware of this, also because we all have the same degree of sensitivity. We have seen meetings where both people have this feeling of knowing the past.
This is an explanation which we live is not easy, not so much for the description, but because it comes from every frame of mind. In fact, if we examine our mind has traced back the frames of our learning experiences, finding nothing in the memory and thus exposes a doubt, or at least a sense of lack of understanding of the thing.Saying this, we must then consider another form of vision of the thing, which has now been described in many books.

We have had past lives, and we'll have more.
That which in itself seems a theory, is an acknowledgment that these events can be analyzed. The analysis can not be made of diagrams, because it remains a vision that divides, and almost mystical. This is logical to think that every person can Evere a different view. Although the evidence is taken by determining that we have lived other lives, for that matter what would be the correct answer on this? The answer is no large variations, unless you want to avoid strong evidence, that do not provide logical and mindsets.In many beliefs, so if you want to call it, the soul is immortal and the body is half on loan, and as such dies to its normal "maturity" organic. If we believe this is normal to think that in this meeting we have fragments of memory that do these feelings surface. We could define these fractions or fragments of memory, unconscious and poison voluntarily, but this is not the fundamental fact. What remains clear is what we are experiencing at this meeting, where this is certain, we feel that we have already met this person, we have an affinity much higher than normal, we are empathetic and more, in some cases live a true symbiosis. If this is reflected by both and two people, which is rare, the contact takes on an even deeper, where the perception comes not only to the senses, but directly to the soul, feel and interpret the thoughts without words.
We must remember that thought is a very powerful, and that in various experiments showed that telepathy is possible to communicate through it.
As described above, is always clear to those with inner evolution that allows the space in these events, and people do not deny that a priori knowledge if only new experiences. The rest, we can say, will think it's nonsense. In this we can not convince anyone, if they believe differently from us. Basically we must evolve our thinking, and this is a reflection we expand anyway. The belief in past lives and future, is not a consolation for what we are today. Also because the future is always changing and we believe that even if the soul is eternal and has this opportunity, we tend to feel good today. The vision shows only that there are no limits in our lives and as such, it is essential to live a peaceful day, then these events that can lead to show it, are fascinating because they show just how many things we have been through and how we are still all in all present today.
This is the magnificence of life, which has no limits and that it has even definitions, life is ... ...

positive opposite

Speak up,
're sweet,
hidden in your walls,
I listen with innocence,
the voice, look, your poison.

Opposite positive
dialogue to wear down,
the simple truth,
a mirror of the same.

Opposites in space,
a wall that you want,
afraid to say what will hurt,
I wait, your poison.

Perverse positive,
a truth that has no meetings,
lovers in time,
in a time that belongs to no one,
I can not, console what is decided,
your poison is sweet,
hidden tears,

Opposites positve,
rational contradictions,
only fear rebellion,
I wait, your poison
gift of a truth, you want to show.

You are on the run from the mirror,
infrangilo! To tell you the end,
your poison is the love that you gave,
without even you knowing it.

Act 1, Reflections

We have known all or perhaps nothing, perhaps, to those who give rise to today?
We put in a context that denies what seems uncomfortable. We are part of a circuit board, where each has a resistance, and this can not be ignored.We tried to have our say, but we have been silenced. We tried to see the possibility of a change, listening to words and words, perhaps we deluded? Nowadays we are always standing around, we have a semblance of movement in what we do, but if a thought for a moment turn to the future, everything goes dark.
In this we are crushed by the weight of responsibility that are not really ours. The responsibilities we have injected just dilemmas to define a lead weight on my conscience is helpful, but basically it's just instrumental. From an early age led us to be clones of collective sadness, say that is not true? If it were not true, everyone would smile at this party that is life, all dancing and singing, but we were dark-faced, angry and deeply disappointed to be ready for everything and everyone.If we were given the opportunity to come back to see with new eyes what our past has shown, many remain astonished, as white as ghosts and frightened by their shadows. At that nobody ever thinks about? Maybe it's better not to think and carry on.
We saw human relationships, become more suspicious, in fact we are always cautious and less open. And how can this have happened? Perhaps a gene that changes in us! Do not even Think of it, is the system that says what is right and wrong, and we are totally in this. Rivediamoci going back in time when they said you're good and you're bad, do not do this and do that, he may be right to give direction to people, but a direction is not a form of schema that does not free our individual expression. This has happened, we might deny it, but just because we in turn do the same thing. We are not to judge it? What is the point.
We want to protest? And with whom? What has been done is done, we can only become aware of it, and reflect, to become careful observers.Thinking is never a wrong and say it's time to start out by thinking global and begin our individual reflections. Not intended as a talk and say I do not feel well, begin to understand what surrounds us, be examiners of what happens is that it has profoundly affected us. Doing so is an act of love, towards what will be and future generations.
It 'true that many things have given us a direction that was not in our nature, but even if done in the name of love, gave the signal to date that will disrupt our power untapped. Those who have found themselves in favorable terms, has placed this veto, scaled the heights and then disseminate the materialistic what he thought right for him! And for us to follow, but it was impossible to decide for everyone, and this is not an issue of honesty or not, humanity and everything else, is and remains a fact, pure and simple. We note a simple thing, as in all these things, children who are in a single parent, the result is always that we are not free. So thinking becomes compulsory if we open our eyes, and judge and blame are just the edge of a sterile polemics.
We are at the point where we can decide, but here we have understood the mechanism that lives at the apex of this system that puts silent schemes to build walls, where we are imprisoned. Who else thinks, is free to think, nobody wants to change anybody. Each person has a conscience and an awareness and as such each syllable of a written comes to those who can understand and want to try to understand. Those who remain excluded are those who decided this for themselves and as they say in, that's okay!
We are in freedom, democracy, and everything we want, not need to judge. As the speeches do not need to be square, serves to reflect and understand what we can change today, but in ourselves. Every little change even if an individual is light to radiate with love, what we all call hope. And hope must be founded on solid roots, but people who have thought through and understood themselves what the true essence of life.

Melancholy Rose

Rose emblem
Crazy Love recurring
that in the gesture of the gift of a rose Trovan expiations
to cancel the case.

as links of a time when it was love,
disappear over time and nothing has donar red flower.

The melancholy of roses,
is living in the moment,
breaking nature,
running after a past,
all in vain,
completely empty,
everything is just fine.

All and everything,
that hide the truth,
running after a breathless love,
an end.

Now you're just on the corner,
see, the flower of roses,
You're intimate and melancholy of a moment as lovers,
a memory
painting color
broken into a canvas,
everything and everything.

The melancholy of roses,
is only the passage of the sirocco,
hot wind
that lasts only briefly.

The apparent end

The black, the color that she is in mourning, observe the pain, imagine your time is screaming inside you, fear ..

Dress color gives light, walk and smile, taken for granted. Then the moment of a tragedy happens, the black dress robes as a sign of the dogma of the rite. Cross the lane, cold, and tears are ornaments in the air, the sun would look, but only gray clouds on the horizon.
Scene of a moment, thinking that accompanies all, time does not exempt anyone. You want a reason, you want to make sense of this.Include death, it is difficult. Systemic mechanisms only lead to pain, finally says. This is just one point.Life seems devoid of nuance, in these moments, but to decide this is just a desire to see the absolute black.
Death is only an appearance of a moment where the soul leaves the body, the soul is immortal."To understand death is to love life", there is no way that brings to life without a real or apparent death. We are born with a deadline, but we've come and gone many times, the memory does not lead to the memory of this. The memory brings only one life at a time, say a lot about this, but who says he fears is the first and the last one he loves. Love life, love her with everything you have, death is just a trait that gives a higher awareness of the beauty of who you are and live, the pain is just the feeling that manifests. The vacuum of the absence of someone who is not among us physically. But he will live forever and we like him.
The tears and pain are feelings, but if your thinking about the end of the thrill it freezes your breath, thinking that none of this is useful, not only leads to life. Fear is a dark shadow, and as such you are light, light shows and turn your world. Death can not be afraid if you get to understand the essence, will never be easy. But if you come to understand that everything is reborn in it will derive a full and happy life.Life is a cycle and how all things start and then finish, then start again, what has to fear then? The answer is hard, but there is this fear if you do not want it, exists only if you set boundaries, but life itself has none. To experience outside to see the death of others, shows that the last breath you exhale shows bliss, evidence that instant never appears to us, but that time and consciousness, the inner search for that show it is.This is because nothing is the end, it's just a biological end, but not spiritual. If you live in the suburbs all of life that dwells in you, do not understand why this is sad, but true.
The one day that will dive into himself and find himself the true spirituality, one made of a feeling God in itself, will not fear the end.
No one will ever change our destiny, we can only change our life and the passage is required. In the end we know there is a sense of existence and this is no consolation that there must be in us. Must be in us an awareness of our existence and that he never says the word end, if not apparent.
Every moment is a growth, death is a part of it, is to understand the difficulty in this view, but at the end of all things, evvenimenti, thoughts, words, and as such are divisions Devid if every person must see the light, or alone and Always the shadow.They will never let others to understand, what is life, only we can fulfill our potential in what is life itself. A path to our inner selves is always a threshold of the unknown, but besides being this is also our hope that we can understand the sense of our universal existence.

mercoledì 14 settembre 2011

Man creates divisions

We are unique and have made possible all the achievements to date, we have a gift that sets us apart from all, the word ...
The word has created divisions in what was born to be one ....
The gift that could be the total difference between all living species on earth, I made sure that it clearly influenced our lives. It could be the means of the global union for all. In part this has happened and in part has a groove to divide people, that whatever you are identical to the human level.This was evidenced by the differences that this division has created: all those social and spiritual, economic, etc.. . This place has that gap that still has a strong existential drama and in some cases becomes confrontational, where everyone participates in their proportions and where the gap that puts human beings at different levels, in all the categories that we know.We have been cataloged on shelves as if we were objects, identified by the color, our belief, politics and the idea that we know all too well, and all this in words. Words that were in greatest gift that we had to communicate, to expose what was logical in nature, an equality, love. Of course we could not do this .. Since all other life forms differed substantially from us, but not only in form and nature, but because in them there is an instinct and intellect, there is a growth driven by different factors that do not include per se, growth such as age (men grow in trees and on time, like all living forms), but an intellectual and inner growth. This belongs only to us, which we differentiate ourselves in our wasted opportunities in trying to divide what was born to be ONE. You could create boundaries, but only for a geographically logical sense, you could outsource all possible opinions, believe in all forms of God and can not believe it at all, anything was possible. But creating divisions that could lead to conflicts of various entities was not logical and it is still logical. The man divided in his words, the masses, divides what he thinks is logical to rise in this. The word associated with the thought has an immense power to those who receive these messages, ie all of us. Then remain in this distinction, in turn, people who are outside of any suggestion moral, mental, spiritual, etc.., This is normal and at the same time is the true hope. And 'true freedom, is love in all its full expression.
Create divisions only showed the downside of what a single primary right to do, then if you combine all the material factors that exist today, the power of speech is amplified even more, creating more divisions. E 'and the mathematical formula remains the most unknown and that's because many are not aware of this. Not so much because there is a different level of evolution, simply because it is easier not to think and talk to others and get into their system, which also has a dual property. The property is very simple to understand: the word as I said, thinking are associated with unlimited means of communication. As such, where the item does not arrive, even if transmitted by any means known, comes the thought that a higher power.The thought is faster, has no bounds or limits, lives and moves in a thin line and in some cases is implemented without us we are not even aware. All this seems impossible, but considering all that well, you show some evidence. Then a priori any one shall have the free right to think about. Also because the true freedom lives in the expression of what stirs in us all. And as such, have an idea, a vision, a simple thought is the formula that highlights our ability to be free individuals. Those who remain in the trial without deliberately trying to get even if marginally, in a different concept in itself poses a limit. The limit itself is not a problem for anyone who exposes a vision, idea or whatever, who remains in this can only give a summary trial. It would be much better in some cases not to judge but just listen and try to understand, so going out for a moment from the board staff expanding their visions, even at the level of knowledge.
Man creates divisions, but when the division also creates a movement opposite to what may be our idea in this regard, however, has created a breach within us, this will have only two roles: one to divide and the ' much to give hope for change.
"Today we are free! Or maybe we're not ... "

martedì 13 settembre 2011

the Prisoner

The prisoner awaits
the imminent end ..

Look out the window,
the moments of freedom,
see the dove fly
white and white.

The prisoner observes,
to separate the vacuum,
the moment of forgiveness that he wants to give.

Remains close to life,
Now, look at the decline of the sun will not rise ...

The prisoner,
counts steps,
for what they see,
as atonement for a sin.

The prisoner,

The prisoner,
is to put an end ..

He is now released ...


gravitational essences

Cosmic dream
between real and unreal ..

We Essences gravitational
in an area without star
where everything is the beginning and no end ..

We suspended particles,
in a universal dream,
no stage dancers,
scene without actors ..

Essences of a principle,
which consists of silence,
explorers of the soul,
in search of truth ..

We are what we want,
in the dream that we compose,
essences of the absence of gravity that we are recipients ..

Introverted and never broken down,
solitary thinkers, we are ...

Just what we want
show only what's true ..

Divided into this absence of gravity,
that exists in my dreams ...

The thought that haunts

We tried at least once in their life, that feeling of a thought that is like a sword stuck in our minds.We were under siege, the recurring thought, and we wondered how to solve this feeling of buzz, that left no room for more. Surely we have given an explanation of what was happening in us, we tried to divert the concentration of the siege of mind. In some cases, everything disappeared by itself. In other cases, we were at the mercy of the will of this "torture," which he could decide whether to reflect ....
Often, we are subject to a life where we must run from morning to evening, we have too many commitments that vary from person to person. We stop to eat hardly at noon and there are those who do well in standing. All this increases our stress levels. This seems to offer an extremely well known and experienced by most people. The problem is that now this race is not leaving us time to relax our entire person. We are like cars that go forward until we have exhausted energies and in the evening now, we do not see the hours of bedtime. In all this, time running out, the days turn into months and years. All of a sudden we run into all this frenzy, which is now an index of the collective modern person who works and has family, an additional problem. We know already that our perfection is not always in us, and as such even a word spoken at the wrong time can trigger anger in us full. All this then can lead to an animated discussion, very simple example the classic discussion with our supervisor at work. In fact, while we are in a situation where we can vent, say our opinions and we bring all this negative energy at home.If we notice this is a common example. However, what happens is that this debate is that we do not end even entablature at home, at this point we have a fixed idea in us, and the mind begins to work against our joy! In fact, begin to manifest all variations of a speech left half, ie: what we wanted to say, do, as it was fair to conclude the matter and finally, have a logical reason for that was ours. This did not happen and now we have a recurrent thought that torture, leaving no need to recharge our human energy to face the next day.
In front of this many of us have spent sleepless nights since, to think and rethink all conceivable variations of this story that happened, we have built as a film that could change in many ways giving final impressions and the emotions of what to live almost . But in all this there are surely put to rest and in so doing we are tired the next day.
This is an example of many that can happen to us, in any context of our lives and at the same time is one of the less restrictive that we can live. Consider that far worse things happen, deaths, love affairs that end, distress from diseases, etc.. But in this case, see a common and simple example is useful to ask a series of questions: How could we do to the fact that we lived before? How can we calm down and not have his mind full of this thought that haunts us? Do we have something wrong with us?
In these three questions, it contains a possible solution, which in itself is not universal, but which can give us an idea for improving this condition.
Logic to the first question: How could we act before the fact that we put in turmoil, the variants are varied and depend more on how we set ourselves to life. We could not react and remain calm, this would have been well and untouched by everything but becomes complex to date with the hectic life we ​​are called to live, it becomes hard to be so superior. Stress, the always poses with poisoned claws and therefore we are too ready to react. So maybe the best solution could have been, listen to the discussion of interaction, and remains at the same time not so much focused on what for us was a one-way dialogue, but we are keeping the same level of anger in check through a long, deep breath . That even if it seems trivial proceedings would keep a certain balance in us.
To the second question: How can we calm down and get rid of that thought that now haunts us? Here the solutions are varied and depend not so much by how we are made, but as we know our body, understood in its entirety (body and mind). Someone to fix this and eliminate the thought that torments him, could make a walking, running, and cycling, this is an excellent means of disposal, but that requires an energy reserve, which in some cases is consumed in the same state of anger we have. In this, perform a motor activity after certain situations, can create an additional strain and therefore an increased level of stress in sports noi.Lo done in other conditions is a great way to expel toxins and stress, and the best thing occurs if done in advance, like all sports in general. The secondary method may be, do deep breathing: Breathing is a basic meditation, a little principle that puts us in touch with our essence. In fact we are dependent on air-breathing and as such, we can find in it a small benefit done to measure for us. Simply breathe through the nose, with deep and slow breaths keeping in touch with the very breath, put in a position to enter the complex inner world that belongs to us. If you add up to a breathing motion of the stomach, as if it were a balloon, or in doing swells and breathing during exhalation deflation have a calming effect, which can be observed even as we perform it. The concentration is still the breath and movement of the belly, so you can bring more oxygen to flow and take advantage of our full breathing capacity. In itself this little exercise is a meditation not true, because in meditation there are other factors which should add to the exercise, and how it is logical that the meditations are first learned from a teacher in a discipline that covers meditation.But notwithstanding that it be a small base, it offers the possibility primary, to meet themselves in the interior and at the same time to appease the "hum", the thought that haunts is giving us.
At the third and last question: Have we done something wrong us? The answer is because every single time we are faced with a situation that puts us in turmoil, stress, etc.. we can intervene early. Putting us in a position not too far from the penetrating question, and besides, if we are forced to be partakers of the thing we have to temper our response. Because between right and wrong way is slim. So often trap of helmets at a discounted logic and reason, only to find that a reaction leading to erroneous apparent wrong. Apparent say makes sense, because we were right ahead, we should be including in the thing but as such, we are not always understood, and our reaction even if it seems to us may in fact not be proportional. As such, even though we are suffering, leading to the wrong auto. The result is an argument that has no end, and as such perpetrerà at home. Where right or wrong, will not count anything.We who will suffer the effects of the thing. So to conclude you do not need reasons or wrong, but only at concentrations not to run beyond what the reason is in itself, a condition that "the time is located." Right or wrong only serve to comfort us, but the real comfort is to be calm.
This article I'm going to end well, as always has an absolute truth, but that's just my personal exposition of a situation I have experienced many times in life, where the solutions are given as answers to the questions the article, are personal experiences that I have done about it.