mercoledì 31 agosto 2011

voices of utopia

The word becomes an end in itself.
The world wavers between consonants and vowels together in sterile words, phrases displayed in the weather will not remember. Only the damage will be visible, too many are the ideals that have no foundation. But the imagination is listening and everything becomes a utopia of life, without truly living.
All live and all complain about their life that seems never to have peace
This is the evil of the millennium that everyone wants to hide and that proclaiming megaphones explained on the contrary, with promises loudly exposed. Words of encouragement to join the crowds that sing, the words of the books where the stories are mixed between reality and illusion, is extremely beautiful, parrots and spread the word utopia and still felt that spread.
To say and do, simply being, that nothing will be that the time is ..
There are multitudes of these rules and false hopes to create robots which are alive and swollen words fly in the sky and then falling, nothing touches that bring that fantasy. Easy to talk to and be convinced of what is learned and is just for an emotional state. This involves a lot of people slowly, which in turn spreads and the perpetrators, in their absolutism, no one says no! At these words are true, very true absolute, this is the story of the love they say, and within this, the vacuum is absolute ..
Judgments and projections to comfort their utopian life, made of mercy and love, in the words they utter. But inside it there is a lot more, too much of the gulf that separates them from those with the words he wrote a love without ink, and some have read this book and heard this song, in their most intimate feelings, have heard all this. .
Say and not say, better to be silent, before the protagonists of the words contained in utopias,
Lives in us the courage, but often is not, this is the real sense that one can understand. Who speaks and says it exposes, in its entirety. Perhaps his words will resonate, but it will be true and photos to capture moments without retouching result, evidence.The words have plagued the happiness that was right. They did not and all you are aware, when listening to your little one in and then solve anything, because listening is not to put into practice, is and remains the shortcut, that Utopia becomes indirect.You say, the experience he had in life the one who said certain words is absolute! In the end it was his and not yours, there are many words that have no foundation and that will be said to satisfy the one who will tell you. He or they are the puppeteers and the puppets that we can say the end? There remains a sense that life is not a true, we will have words that come from deep, but often they stop and this is the life in half. Finding the answer or not if free from the wires that bind us as puppets, is very complex. It 'a phenomenon of everyday life and as such time will tell whether or not you can have true freedom, made decision-making powers that are born in us and are not influenced by anything.
Identify remains to be total in a total of themselves and when the word accompanies this is never absolute. And 'delicate, intense but never thrown into an impossible form as a word and never put more than those who listen. This is the case that the identification was established not by stereotypes and stories, but stems from experience gained from within, a journey made by touching the tips of the pins, and feeling the effects that cause harm. This is not a member utopias of voices proclaiming, belongs to us, mere observers of the pioneers to today's life. Pioneers say a word seems inappropriate, but who now lives by its own light and feeds the brain and spiritual level, what he discovers in himself, is a pioneer of interiority.Maybe it will be far from the true concept of enlightenment, but this is a big step anyway. In this society now where everything is complied conformist and a sediment of the past, try to be independent and free of all is like touching the peak of the inner level that exceeds the common average. May sound exaggerated, but enough to stop a moment and be observers wait to see this. It is easy to see, just open your eyes and lean over to watch the phenomenon that shows, and hear what is said every day, for years, for centuries now. If one succeeds in this is a true pioneer, is a free person.
The voices of utopia have saturated the system, polluted and done what was unthinkable happen,
This too live and too many are unaware of this. It will not be a small article to change everything. Everything will follow its course and as such will find that those who want the freedom that true, will include what to do and which voice to follow. Everyone can change in life, but only if you really want.

martedì 30 agosto 2011

Be born again ..

Every shape, every thing, every place, everywhere ...

Be born again,

from the ashes of the earth,

frail to live, what place does not have ..

be born,

all and none, I'll be away without time and place,

I will be air and fire, I'll be ....

Will not be the memories,

will not be the future,

thoughts will not, be born again and again,

eternal in time, and nothing touches nearly everything.

Always be born in and in a vacuum,

form that I will not know you have,

place that will not touch anything,

belong to the time that does not exist ...

The memories will be just another case,

I be born again,

only the soul of me will remain, the rest ..

Arcane ... ..

Immortal ...

It falls on the life of the Moment,

  everything is dark there are shadows now, the light that calls ..

The fear was present,

in the body tense and think about where the curved bore the chill of life,

but now that is ..

We mass without a time

in a world that gave us the loan,

Now you understand that nothing is over, your fall to the ground.

The cold will pass and everything will be rebirth

soul remains immortal.

Do not live in comfort,

creates nothing but illusion,

and everything you believe in life will never be finished,

immortal in the ever rimmarrai.


Stardust to dance,

celestial carpet where swaying,

the fairy dancing on tiptoe ... ..

Barefoot, spinning on itself,

vortices without end, the stars shine ...

Magic, dreams,

and as a long-forgotten tales,

think back to your grow, beautiful dancing,

to spin a fairy, dust of stars,

its carpet, magic lights, magic ...


simple as it once was

childhood memories, memories of an awareness, true.

Everything changes,

in man hours, but the memory surfaces,

tired of a life in the drift,

magic of the moment ..

Posting from a present, too dark, severe strop.

Magic to return to a time never to forget ...

sabato 27 agosto 2011

The peak light

Blinding light, colorful horizons .. Borders on the vision of all creation.
Once asked what was the emotion of the peak light, the silence was the answer. The faces of the people were ice cream and did not understand why this response, perhaps too strange in a world of useless words. The time had to repeat endlessly the question, the silence was the master of the response.
The man who lives with questions, could only make a trivial question, what it was and how it felt the arrival of the peak light. It happened, because the knowledge must be logical and predictable, the mystery was too difficult for those who lived the logic and rationality. Some, perhaps taken from a genuine desire to understand, posed the question: how to get to the top light?Responses began to arrive, but they were absolute truths.

"Absolute live in the Olympus of the great Self."
Everything began to be exposed to those of logic and stale life had begun to see the side of suffering, existential oblivion made of empty and lonely. The change was imminent. Now it was time to listen.
He saw that the summit, then spoke: Start contrasting in saying that God was present in us in our inner being, the uninitiated of what remained speechless, now children of the given patterns. Everything had been made since childhood obliged to give a direction, say that God was in them was easy, but understanding of what it was like destroying fences erected by years of words reported.The diagrams given, as were the words that you learned, and as such, other than a beginning was to reconstruct the rights of the true freedom that exists in every individual. Modern times had only put patterns, imposed dogmas, and rules. The company required that, to make people "good", although not all this became like the precess' s education had decided.Exposing a theory, it was the only way to begin to understand that every person is free, and schematic. Some went, natural selection of those who live in fear of the inner change. But this was a natural process, which must have belonged to those who really wanted to see on its way to the top, well, light. Numerous common names that led up to the elevation of the soul. The few who stayed to listen, began to feel that no one was alone, and God was with them in always, everywhere, in the timeless time, and it was all over them. It was the first step, where to seek solitude stretched forever, began to fall.
Everyone saw themselves, change, and listened to the story, who lived between fantasy and truth. No one poses obligations, the words were calm and even those who did get a drop of that experience began to accrue real awareness of the soul.The story went on to recall the strenuous climb, walk to the summit where it all sea, sky, earth and space. All dimensions in a new dimension.The hearts of those who listened began to beat faster, these words were the apotheosis of an extreme view. Believe it or not, was never told about the dilemma of this trip. No one was in the scheme, hear and determine it was the freedom that every person could live off the board and out of what they called normal. Nobody remained indifferent to these words. The simple words to ask other questions, disagreements, which were symptomatic in this tale drops of light had penetrated the inner being of these people.
The story continued and the man who told said: That man was a fusion with the whole, where everything was similar and different. The contradiction was strong, but essential. Nothing was sure to walk to the summit, and who had decided to listen to understand. Certainty that would never have been made outside of words, the words would be born in them. All this was and could become possible only if you were immersed in themselves, eliminating the known by the mind to indulge themselves in the arcane.It was yet another selection, and many went away, disappointed by this. After all, the tangible world was the only reality they knew, and feeling that everything had to be put aside put them in fear of the unknown. The man who smiled at them and told them to embrace. There was hatred in his view this, any more than he believed in individual freedom.
The few, were now heard in these words, the true energy, the desire began to rebel interior after years of slavery. Sit and listen felt that the steps to the summit, were hard. Each step was an entry into the deepest dimension of man and his being, every step and a weight that fell from their shoulders. Without doing anything, they had started their way to the top light.

The man who says, smile and peace in the face, watching the faces of these people. Disciples of the moment, the disciples themselves, masters of tomorrow, masters of themselves.
The eyes began to glow with hope to the present, willingness to try what seemed impossible to conceive. None of them ever asked, what you see on the top light. No one could ever answer except silence, the sign of true happiness than he could give. Everyone decided to follow the movement that was born in them, was never told that the only way was, all the streets were walking. And only in the deep inner being of every person could be born a truth.Truth to follow, expand, disciplines and meditations, countless ways to walk toward the divine that lived in them. Companion of the ever-mate that would lead eventually to the size that the summit gave light.
These men and women, took their journey, God heard them, live strong, absolute. The solitude and the supplication of the past were only a memory stored in the mind. For years they had sought solutions to their life as nomads wandering in all the banks of the tangible world. Read books and professed any sort of illusion, which was placed the banner of their being happy. Then simple words, told them that everything was already in them, few were listening. Few were brave to go into what the world does not expose.
Life is not a unique dimension, life is multidimensional, and each person can be reborn in its true essence of what it was.Each person can hear God in a deeper way, I'm not saying ... never be truly a manifestation, is never a judge what you do not try. No one can know everything, we are just one step in this existence that is not the end. We are magnificent beings, in our apparent imperfection.Apparent only because the challenge of life, the risk and mystery, leading to excellence. This is for everyone, but everyone is also believe that everything that is not learned in the scheme is an illusion. Perhaps all is illusion, perhaps all that lives in size can only imagine, but this is the mystery of the peak light that no one can ever describe.
The top light is abstract, and this makes it fascinating in its research, "free from all our being and brings him back to the primordial moment zero". Where we were really aware and where everything was bright. The beauty of life living in this moment, where everyone can say and do, get, get away. Belief and disbelief. Everything is possible in the impossible of our existence. The top light is always there waiting, an 'other person to arrive and see what some have already seen ... ..

lunedì 22 agosto 2011

the leaf

The wind, life,

the leaf falls off.

The tree being,

calls for change,

north winds freeze the dreams,

off the past twenty convulsive

references to the life of a grief that said order.

The leaf is history,

of what it was,

now is not,

tomorrow will not be,

now reborn, bare.


Live, ecstasy of the senses,

fly leaf,

alone and remains alone in thinking that leaving.

Are and are not,

I was and I was not,

I now live, this is ... ..

the rock


the wave of the sea,

protect the love that many judge,

vary in their view ..

Indifferent to their hearts, love is love, no form, no words. To love is to live, being in love, to admire the moon, neutral feeling, which explodes, the appraiser is, the edge of a feeling.
Rock to stem waves carry, endless boundaries, total ecstasy.

The rock is a friend, is the rock border, double size, double the life, love is a wave, it's all love.

the rock is the neutral inprigionare film, with moments of time, do not expose that judgments. Life remains, will be, you, me, us, we love only when we remember the love, strength and not fear.

Amnesia, answers, call the Rock. Do not see the neutral love without boundary, the broken wave does not ask forgiveness, deny the love, the being that lives.

Games or arcane? Just shows, love is life, who escapes, represses, life is a whole, the stumbling block remains the friend if you want, protects, but limited. The wave comes in you to say, I love you, love you, I love life ... I love all, all, are simply ... Love. Hot air, which permeates the life, the real one, that bright.


A thousand hands,

to search, contacts,


Difficult trade-offs,

If the heart does not know the name,

would like, but ignore.



friendship, far and near,

poles of life,

... you can not escape.


to indicate

The solidarity,

word of the remote, the word hypocrisy ..

Words and more words,

too many, broken down,

do not want to hear, everything you hear,

Then think about it, you're alive in everything surrounding,

hands to shake,

warmth, humanity, simply love ..

Light of Hope

who wants a few words in,

interminable silences to shake hands,

gesture that marks the gesture of life ...

venerdì 19 agosto 2011

Dimensions of the beyond ...

The thought turned increasingly to a simple expectation, those who do not live in this, now and then ...The time is always difficult to imagine, lead to mental projections in the future to see all possible solutions. It often happens that they come true, but often remain in a state of slumber, waiting for a situation that has no definition, because it is unreal. We all want a crystal ball to show what will happen to us.
Expectations in the future we yearn solver, it is rampant, as all the forms that the mind puts in place to divert the real possibility that we really are.
Imagine how many times we appeal to the future to delete: pain, were negative, angry. "" The opinion is as free as the illusion "it says, but what they parked in a space the future, it's just evading the truth to be able to resolve here and now. It seems complex, to say that a situation can be solved objectively immediately, in fact the solution is never objective or at least once. But is the attitude in us that is the real force solver. Positive thinking, believe in themselves, many interior states who live in the dimension of the beyond.The size of the beyond is the true essence within us, is an energy that we can win, when we are willing to risk to see in ourselves, it exists. Not for this, who decides other is to blame, but in my opinion, everyone should be aware of what it is. Certain that the collective would complain a lot, but let him speak ....
To date, find positive people has become a rarity, these people are different, only their presence well-being comes true in them the size of the beyond is evidence, almost imagine them with an aura around it. Then each person who finds his inner or search in different ways, are certainly free patterns, and logical. In them the future is not argument, if you ever live in today happy and if they do talk about the future purely without projecting expectations, illusions have abandoned themselves.
Each dimension that we probed, interiority, is a perspective that puts the real possibilities to enjoy life, the difficulty is just bring it back, because the description of what it would feel and what you feel in this size is indescribable ...
"Beauty has no description," the size of the beyond, is the beauty of love, of happiness. The future is that the word in this. If one touches the beauty of life, living every drop of the day, posing no thought for tomorrow, because he knows that solutions exist, and it feels good, really good. Everything is in a dimension that reveals the solution, but it is in us ....



expanded light, image ..

Far, I see the iridescent,

sopisco the sand to observe,

what is she remains a star.

I can not hear her crying,

yet it is the end,

The comet that lit waves.

I on the sand,

I fall asleep,

the night is long and still waiting,

another star,

I might, perhaps no one, look.

The fate.


I argue,

my value, among many, I'll have to fight,

suffered from false claims, no spring on him,

I support my madness

among many is mine,

You share and you are afraid,

drown in your nature,

out of breath from screaming, storge neck to nod, no ..

Only you know what I always say,

but in the end we will be equal,

not now, but tomorrow.

I support my thinking

, Today, tomorrow, I know not accept,

no matter

do not give you guilt, you are free to blather,

I, as always, you know only embrace ...

I was once ..


time, a friend, you.


deviated only laughs at yourself,

devouring greed envy,

you dumb in the truth.


time, the abandoned dog, rabid ego and manifest vagabond,


of a boundary,

cage myself.


This time, now I am ...

You remain stagnant for a time past,

Can not you see, not hear,

you're only in the past,

envy, not a stale notes,

that the change from a pain,


and never understood.

Divine events,

now gives a different


but you do not see it ...

romantic hopes

Romance is life,

maybe it's illusion

maybe it's the one who lives in the pages of the diary,

the night is the meeting of romantic hope,

All in transformation,

sentiment is not entering the border mission.

Planting the seed

remains the romantic feeling,

see the birth of a heart on a concrete ...

Romantic hope,

remains as the last breath,

before returning to the world of daylight,

the mirror you'll see.

A bitter truth.



Delusions, hidden in silence took,

believe in the supreme

do not hold out the word,

The castle is your home.

Unexpressed you mean,

Be careful what you think

in the castle are the sovereign,

of all, none.

The word you can donate,

but do not believe in this,

six the King silent,

and want to watch from afar,

unexpressed or repressed,

dilemma remains.

Give the word to those who are here now,

porgila and everything will change.

Love life

Eyes that look, man you come from afar, and everything you own. Hands to touch your luxury, real or apparent, that the place is sparkling ...
Distant lands, bright colors and scents of spices, surround your life. People in the frantic movements of the market that call, you stranger, look. Everything you brought with you, and now see absolutely nothing in life. People's love for their land, which is for your eyes wonder of creation. Men of that faraway place that few living things, they can only smile at life, which makes rugged tests every day.Children are always in touch, eyes that steal the hearts of those who, like me, us, we often speak of everything and anything that we think we have in mind. Being in this place now, has only one word that frames this picture african, love ...
The contact is always profound, Africa is the mother of the earth. We in the West, already frustrated by all that we possess, we're just lost souls from before this. The taste of sweet and bitter, which lives in us being there at that time, is the stream of consciousness, that axle. "We have everything and anything we see everything." The material gives way to interiority of the place, people are happy in an ever that we have forgotten. The love of life is complete here. We love life, made of alternating circumstances that surround the objectivity of our days. In Africa, you live here and now, everything flows from sunrise to sunset, with colors and scents, including poverty and love.
In the heart of this takes place very quickly, it's like a rebirth of the truth that lives within us. Hours explodes in being here, even for a short share of this purity of life, simple, colorful, where only the heart speaks. The money is of little importance, remains the medium of hope, full of contempt for a life that matters most now live in the absolute.The vile term and puts the money class in what we are, gaps, but not love of life. We are less ready to give, to hands that really need it.They, the people of Africa reaches out and asks .... In this gesture, there is only the dignity that is missing from a West blinded by too much. Maybe like a begging, but behind this there is a survival, denied, by human bases. Medicine and hunger, only what is asked. The money that is given or a gift is a symbol of brotherhood, which goes to enrich only to help children with genuine smiles who want a future like ours. We are privileged that cry for trivial things, that lacking, we can only be silent and to see the smile and love of these people who live in nothingness. We all have that in our homes, we are unhappy, too often; them in their houses, with thatched roofs or sheet metal, water current and light that illuminates not every day the sunsets coming soon, they are happy and share what little have. The heart can not help but listen to this, a profound reflection of who like me, he loves Africa and its people.
To love is to love this life, and not because you see poverty as a hypocrite and you should feel good, goodness is only an appearance often. The gesture of kindness should be the heart of love always and if so, all we would say without any social ladders today. And those children of a thousand smiles and shake our hands to have a secure future.
Love life, you touch all the details, love the carefree life is to embrace all the peoples of the earth. If this happens one day we will be reborn only in the world better. Where we all have the right to life and survival, where the great heart of the African people will be understood not only for those few days of a vacation, but it will be forever, as it was written at the antipodes of life. Today it remains in me, just the memory and the desire to go back, Africa is waiting for the gesture of love and heart that lives in us ...

domenica 7 agosto 2011

in the mirror

The thought is thin, fine, fine .. You can extend it indefinitely, edit it and expose it, from mouth to mouth changes, and becomes unreal.
Life is too beautiful to be seen always only an idea. I make myself an idea, on the basis of a thought in my mind says this. How many times will you still feel the buzz inside us? The answer is too simple, but now we do not know to be in the simplicity, restrict the viewing patterns of thought, and this is the limit that will not be explored.None or few can see beyond those that draw simple conclusions, no one judges them, but they are first in this. He talks to himself, a growth of conclusions that have no basis, and only the mind always tends to give the wrong path on, useless to attach to this, the defect is most beautiful in the world.Perhaps too many people do not see this, evade the truth, even if truth itself is elusive, you can not win, look, listen, live in a hidden space, where only the inner contact the exhibition, those who risk it? A few very few ..
The remainder is much easier to say thinking, expose the truth of the swarm that mumbles in mind, this is to make judgments and is certainly amplified a vision of life itself. We are aware born, and we have become schematic, this is the bond that asks to be dissolved over time.To date, I see and hear around my neutral substance, a sea of ​​words about words, they show little or no mirror, afraid to go into the self, the abandonment of the mind imposing patterns, dogmas, alignments, it is too difficult be abandoned. The moment one decides this, he feels the weight of their be light, fly, do not have boundaries, limits, one is aware at that point.
To say this is not a utopia, created by a thought, thought is only a wish, lives in the future, is to remember that. To say this is the true consciousness that dwells in us, when we have no boundaries and we use the heart as a form of reception and display. Then we'll see in the mirror if we in truth, it will not be absolute, but it will be created and generated by us, not from what we know and they said, and often forced to believe. The truth is born, no attempt is abstract and only conceived in us is the real one. The rest is a return patterns, words and whatnot.In the mirror we are pure in that moment and nothing touches us, everything is reflected and we are free in love, that true happiness. Shows that the fragrance of life, the flavors are full, the air is pure, snow is white, we are at the height of the light and everything is great. Let's leave the rest to those who want the summary, the scheme, which thrives on assumptions and judgments, none of us judge them.
Better to be judged that judge, those judges were impressed by us in one way or the other. The time will never give him reason but always and only to us who we are and mirrors are not influenced. In the mystery, we know that we follow and we are aware, therefore, can not be a judge in our interest. "We have everything in us" and as such we can just laugh about it, those who want to expose something that comes from a pattern. The mind is a beautiful essence of roses, but like all things scented tires in the long run, the mind has a fragrance that never fails, if neutral. This fragrance does not buy, do not study, and is put on display in the windows. Arises only from a mind that meditates. And who knows why the mirror, and well.
The world is divided, but who lives in the mirror is not affected by the divisions, but only by divine that lives in him.

sabato 6 agosto 2011



line side of the coin,


subtle change, real and fantasy.


the explosion that slowly rises,

two worlds,

a crack,

immerse yourself in that indelible moment that you will appreciate ...

Dream the impossible,

utopia mirage of 'a moment to fade,

ravine where everything is mystical.


the twilight, beautiful charm.

Photograph of the mind, remains,

expand the look,

do not aspire to, is now free and

no one ever will own ..


See from above, that gives the eye, boundless charm ... well in the gesture, saying in addition, observe in silence.

Everything is beautiful, the dancing look from up above. The stars that circle to keep in hand, twins are shiny. Incanto.

Now dance, do not stop, do not stop. See now everything is beautiful, your thinking was the horror of what you can not know, but now, everything is different.

You will see your float, land white, ice white, streaked with blue, sea and sky reflected in confounding.

Incanto ..

You'll see mountain peaks, natural colors, dark and deep. Scents of pine and all will remember the feel of grass lawns who heard the wires to caress the skin.

You will see oceans, the blue color to fade, pronfondi and calm, agitated and foamy, waves and waves ..
Break in the cliffs and you will see this ..

Incanto ..

You will see the forest, where nothing appears in the subject of vegetation, which seem to protect the mother earth, and you will see this now in the enchantment, six with me in my cloud ...

From there we will be without borders and we will dance with the stars,

you want the eternal,

I'll always I give my ...



The skid, gestures in the search,

support of balances,


the height of the summit, where you are now.


the emptiness that you see below,

not to tremble,


follow up to the will that brought you up here.

Breathe, with no worries,

you know, is a step,

freedom, on the path of your pain, makes you be born again.

Dizzy with joy on hearing the summit.

a step further,

six at the border ..


Colors, gradients, we ...

Different and always the same, we are color, red, green, blue and yellow, colors ....

The world is too dark, gray and gloomy, words are weapons to cut the color going on. Always be differences and differences, to want to highlight, but this is just a blank sheet of paper, which expresses nothing but the hatred that has no color ..

All and all, a ...

Table of colors that mix, to paint rainbows in the nuances of life, the wonder that the eye desires, in the fantasy of a better world.

Where they say the differences are just details, which are not primary mechanisms of acceptance.
the difference is only a matter if you feel the heart beat, I would like would be our will, if I had the canvas to paint that has faded now ...

Rainbows are the hope of the world of skyscrapers did not, but the plains, where everything is online, not the border, all human beings, without extremes, with nothing to point to, indexes only to say to the sky, the rainbow is still observed here ...

The world would be the place where everything is shining, white pages, and if the rules had not put the differences between what is color to shine and water to wash endless colors, and we are only equalities equalities.
Who are we, one said wondering, the answer was a sponge to wash the colors of the world ..

Too many and too many ways to be in different, but the appearance is that they teach. We are a rainbow and rainbows are always beautiful, no one will ever say that a rainbow is ugly .. Instead, today we got to say this, being colorless is just one take. Being only one color is left abandoned in the words of the heart, that nothing but rainbows up to observe.

They will say, and put the border on everything and everyone, rules, dogmas, but the rainbow will never stop there, and we will rid the colors without borders ... ..

solitudes deception

Euphoric feelings, you see the world, people, everyone laughs. Do you think they're happy and you, inside you do not understand what you miss.
Maybe loneliness is a hoax, maybe it's a reality, everything is always too fast, now see and understand that it's gone. You see it's true but it is beyond what you are, how do you feel lonely or alone? Deception was alone, never in truth, say it is not simple, exhibiting a history of a thousand things, serves no purpose.Every past is the past, each one of us has experienced, but few took advantage of a revival. Ours is an era where everything is possible, and in fact everything seems impossible. The paradox is obvious. We are too sleepy to believe that this can change. Nobody will ever tell you what a rebirth, it is he who lives to live, but solitude is yours and as such you are called to say stop to this.The deception loneliness, memories are burned in a past that has no name and location is just in the past, your, my, his, are always in the past. Then it is time to paint this as the most important part, it's time to get in touch with yourself and understand that you can be free and happy.
Only an experience is an experience that creates, only this is the bridge to be built and once built are over and the past stays where it is. We passed along to everything and we will be happy and free.
It seems difficult? Maybe it's easier to stay in the illusion that enter into the truth, she did not track and has no form and is not identifiable, but this does not limit it in you, just do not ask for someone, just look ..
Finding it is not the mystery, you just close your eyes and breathe, listen to your breath, I feel alive, it is a truth, this is yours. Open your eyes and how nothing had proof that you have had a trivial thing like breathing with your eyes closed the door to the dimension where the mind is not accessed. This shows that you win enough to be alone for life and not for deception, a breath of life is a mouthful, is tangible proof. If this was born a crack then you realize that the rest is a second step, but the first is always the hardest. Understand that in us there is a truth that does not center the mind, says in no uncertain terms, that the moment we have experienced in listening to the deep breath, we were out of the constraints of the mind that always wants to tell that we are alone and sad .For example, both take a gamble for a passage, but remains free to decide to live. Deciding not to be lonely and unhappy it's up to you, but in us and in all there is breath and that's not an illusion of the past, that is, it is true, is strong. This simply says that will is power, and that the complaint leading to the complaint, as this is only the first step to real liberation ... ...
What everyone can do.

two dreams

Two dreams,

two souls,

two opposite poles,

neighbors, never joined, and never far apart.

Touches in black and white,

film of a silent film.

Music for words,

two dreams of two souls,

viewers to look again themselves.

Tears of a final

smiles and applause that nothing will, two dreams that will not be united.

Two dreams,

two souls,

waiting, the start of the film is,

in the final pool,

put an end to that dream,

love of two souls who are now in real color and words to say,

I love you.

mercoledì 3 agosto 2011

the Moth

Sad to be butterflies of the night,

nothing is in color, only shades below.

The moth in his fly,

Butterfly of the night, which of itself can not tell ..

Now comes,

his fate is already sealed,

color of ashes to immortalize,

body and wings,

They want to fly,

Notice she is mysterious, sad ..

A few days will explore,

You look at her fly, think again

and think again ..

She is happy in her swing,

time is limited,

destiny that does not tremble,

  continues to fly,

beautiful moth who teaches us,

the meaning of life.

the Fairy

She laughs and laughs at you ... hahaha, Look and words do not have. She is the fairy. Want to beg, hymn to the pain evident that alchemy live without time, a cry that you ..

Her the Fairy, who appears in the fog to your screaming I invoke, though now on his knees, fear your cloak ... Burden.

Now you do, stupid man invokes her clemency, she laughs. Look you do not know what to do, the smile she appears now, everything is light and crisp.

He said: Get up ..

You feel as if suspended by wires trembling legs to support us, the burden of fear crushes your nature, naked man hours without veils, called love, and the fog disappears.

Shadow of a rosy light that love lights up, takes shape in fear, you get up quietly.

Screams ... ... ... .. Fine, but to yourself.

The Fairy, beautiful you are going to be naked in your touch, hug and not be afraid, naked and alive you must take the soul that wants revenge, the horror hit me tell you ... No way, no time, fear is your prison ..

Now feel the infinity of the Fairy, contact of the lips.
Now close your eyes, the kiss is the covenant that you are going to do, including blood and tears must now pay nothing.

Wonderful feeling, now see, and you're already behind it goes.

Shouts, but who you are, you as the wind rolls his eyes and scoff at you, laughs, laughs, ...

... Word that thunders. the truth, you were looking for.

Man now walks toward a universe that belongs to you, naked six

the mantle has fallen.

Available now you can dance,

in truth you are,

understanding that you want to sing, everything is what it has always been,

fear only an illusion.

The flowers of the myrtle

Harsh land,

mighty wind, cleave to the cliffs, island ..

Sea, turquoise cross over,

White beaches,

reflected light,

climbs up towards the green, quiet ...

Nell'abbaglio The eye of the sunset,

seen the last ray of white light.

Flower of Myrtle,

in all its splendor,

the wind does not break petals,

white, strong,

as the land of the island in the sea,

timeless beauty,

charm to remember ...
the Fairy

the temples of love

Remember a time when the love of her innocence, a past of hate, hate this ..
Recall of life between a man and a woman, fleeting glances and subtle signals.The meetings have hopes, we put everything there, we observe in the hope of a flower that will blossom. The contact is verbal, words of description, understanding now only on notes and directions are thin. Smells to remember who is in front of us. The eye colors of light fantasy, the nuances are absent, it's all in the middle of his gaudy hues. Words that slowly bring the serene, quietly approaching infinity and is another way to participate in the ritual.
The skin, the contact says much heat that pervades the mind and flows into the cells that go insane, hot, cold, fire and then ..The contact to the temples where we live the game is almost the height of the lovers.
Game, life is a game at the end of warm and lively, full and empty, every moment is indelible in my heart. The temple of love resides in us and now its doors are open, gold and incense, intoxicate the atmosphere, the bright light envelops everything. The heat is warm and love is open, waiting.
The completion of the final meaning is the flavor, feel, one of the other, the temple will now be in its heyday. Steal "the essence" of the vortex that absorbs everything, we will be inside the temple of love, all senses will now be off peak and no desire ...
The contact will come in and see the deeper truth is love? or illusion? Everything seems bright hours ..
We have put us in everything we are, the desire is strong, but fear will not stop the instincts, the temple of love is now open and everything goes in his mystery.
We want the future to draw the map of life and love, but the first contact will unveil our senses, we will be bare, hoping that the heart be united with the heart that we met.
The desire for life is strong and this must be the gift .... To love and be loved, called the temple of love to life and deep knowledge of him and us in a whole that will be ..



color, rainbows ...

Dinpingo, clouds,

the name of love, indelible color, put it in the sky.

Image without the border, eyes that see, rainbows.

Us to capture color, paint,

without stopping the portraits,

I want to paint the clouds that memories of a love,

no black without white.

Red, forever.

The Drowned World

They are shadows, I wonder, have touched all the poles of existence, are now light ..
Tell the world that it is an area where we walk without even knowing which direction to take.Often the swaying motion of the sea is like a perpetual, many do not admit this. .Too honest to say that you do not have directions, but in this lies a truth. The direction is not the place where we will go and see, touch, and simply the projection that we give to our existence.It seems absurd to say, all this is clear, why ask a thing if we know what to do and where to go, we have created and proliferated. Everything is perfect, apparently remains, if the world becomes a bump and not a flat surface, many would fall and this is a highlight. That says just be free to think whatever you want, but remember:
that everything is not infinite to a finite, but the finite to the infinite.
But no one can say to someone who is experiencing a world of appearances to date. The structure is built up in us has been consolidated over time, and leave you a feeling of being lost. Often, in talking to people I realize this and if in a dialogue expose a different view, focusing inwards is exposed in the pillory. I love this now, and I say to all the people who are in the underwater world, this life, in the way of light.
Way of light, or by interiority, consciousness, and many many terms that can be said. The substance in the concept does not change, what changes is that fear is rampant and the abstract thinking that you are in these streets, many are not. Fear always belongs to those who are rational and logical, where a scheme poses a living. Remains true that fear is a necessity, which cling to the present, but remains a constant overdose leading to overdose with time. With this dose of fear is proportional to the need to have a stop to accidental falls of life, and with this we are always in awareness.
People struggle to understand this, and in itself the world that is below them or above, write a little change location to a world that lives in the spirit and not in matter. This is not a criticism, rather it is just to know that under what we call the world exists in an infinite space, a different world, one of the shallowness of people who only know and never feel the breeze of the wind transport.
People who are in the give and not to judge, in love and never hate, fear, make it an experience and not a public event. For them it's just an exploration of life and not possess a right. They are today and are happy about this, see the past with a smile and laugh in the future, the infinite in their houses and this poses no stops. Everything is included and all share is the true sign that belongs to all, and not exposed to show the wisdom of the superiority inclined to denigrate someone.
The underwater world is just waiting to be discovered in every discovery there is a gift, who denies the existence of this must be understood, so it's just a term that arises in a non-accepting differences. Remain without expanding to another not a certainty but a doubt, that those who are not opposed.
Besides, we are many and varied and each person is free in this thought, decides what is right and what is not.Accept of life and the weather can change anybody's terms but ourselves.