mercoledì 14 settembre 2011

Man creates divisions

We are unique and have made possible all the achievements to date, we have a gift that sets us apart from all, the word ...
The word has created divisions in what was born to be one ....
The gift that could be the total difference between all living species on earth, I made sure that it clearly influenced our lives. It could be the means of the global union for all. In part this has happened and in part has a groove to divide people, that whatever you are identical to the human level.This was evidenced by the differences that this division has created: all those social and spiritual, economic, etc.. . This place has that gap that still has a strong existential drama and in some cases becomes confrontational, where everyone participates in their proportions and where the gap that puts human beings at different levels, in all the categories that we know.We have been cataloged on shelves as if we were objects, identified by the color, our belief, politics and the idea that we know all too well, and all this in words. Words that were in greatest gift that we had to communicate, to expose what was logical in nature, an equality, love. Of course we could not do this .. Since all other life forms differed substantially from us, but not only in form and nature, but because in them there is an instinct and intellect, there is a growth driven by different factors that do not include per se, growth such as age (men grow in trees and on time, like all living forms), but an intellectual and inner growth. This belongs only to us, which we differentiate ourselves in our wasted opportunities in trying to divide what was born to be ONE. You could create boundaries, but only for a geographically logical sense, you could outsource all possible opinions, believe in all forms of God and can not believe it at all, anything was possible. But creating divisions that could lead to conflicts of various entities was not logical and it is still logical. The man divided in his words, the masses, divides what he thinks is logical to rise in this. The word associated with the thought has an immense power to those who receive these messages, ie all of us. Then remain in this distinction, in turn, people who are outside of any suggestion moral, mental, spiritual, etc.., This is normal and at the same time is the true hope. And 'true freedom, is love in all its full expression.
Create divisions only showed the downside of what a single primary right to do, then if you combine all the material factors that exist today, the power of speech is amplified even more, creating more divisions. E 'and the mathematical formula remains the most unknown and that's because many are not aware of this. Not so much because there is a different level of evolution, simply because it is easier not to think and talk to others and get into their system, which also has a dual property. The property is very simple to understand: the word as I said, thinking are associated with unlimited means of communication. As such, where the item does not arrive, even if transmitted by any means known, comes the thought that a higher power.The thought is faster, has no bounds or limits, lives and moves in a thin line and in some cases is implemented without us we are not even aware. All this seems impossible, but considering all that well, you show some evidence. Then a priori any one shall have the free right to think about. Also because the true freedom lives in the expression of what stirs in us all. And as such, have an idea, a vision, a simple thought is the formula that highlights our ability to be free individuals. Those who remain in the trial without deliberately trying to get even if marginally, in a different concept in itself poses a limit. The limit itself is not a problem for anyone who exposes a vision, idea or whatever, who remains in this can only give a summary trial. It would be much better in some cases not to judge but just listen and try to understand, so going out for a moment from the board staff expanding their visions, even at the level of knowledge.
Man creates divisions, but when the division also creates a movement opposite to what may be our idea in this regard, however, has created a breach within us, this will have only two roles: one to divide and the ' much to give hope for change.
"Today we are free! Or maybe we're not ... "

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