lunedì 6 giugno 2011


Always nice to see what's there, 'See it with your heart, eyes closed, feel it and have it talk, deception is always in thought, mind, obscures what more there is real' in us all is the beginning of a beginning of a life-changing, it has no walls and no end, is a growing, live, forever, the 'harmony of living in a confined space and boundless time, that is to see beyond what the mind tells ....
The shadow tells us, obscure, but similar, is in the union movements, the mind equals, tells us, but he sees the dark side and brings them to the hands of our res judicata, incessant movement that takes us away from the constellation where it resides 'Finally, true, you can not abdicate, the mind is the source of our knowledge, we store information in our minds, transform them. Our view is not restricted to that which appears at the sight, our view is like a mystery through, hints, the heart feels and says in extreme purity, truth is reflected as a ray of sunshine in the mirror and is amplified more This is the well of life, where the soul hears and speaks, and says it clashes against, that the distorted signals of deception that life has put us, as thoughts.
The principle is an understanding, nothing is obvious in what one lives, this is not time that determines the time is a concept that is linked only with the rhythms of everyday life, not with the rhythms of the feeling transmitted, time does not exists, everything can be an eternal moment of feeling, not location, in an hour, or a life is infinite, as infinite is the principle, changes, evolves.
Everything depends on what a person hears this, one at the beginning of its existence is in full purity, in its evolution is the alternative, no one decides for him, then everything seems right can change in an instant, then hyperbole as a return yet, everything is dynamic movement, what we think matter of fact, there sengnata, changes and return to the principle of life, a new journey that does not begin and end. The beauty of life is this, do not ever stop, I come in, let go and slip, listen and understand, is the wealth we have. Many stories that wealth lives in matter, but the material is extinguished, if not in his state, in ours, we denano rich, but at the end of our days, we will be poor and empty, it all makes sense.Difficult it may seem, in a world where the foundations are based on the material and not on spirituality, everything seems to be too defined, but there is nothing definite at the end, today you are tomorrow and you're not, there the matter is your principle end, worn out thinking that consumes your time. In my heart I live on, even in the soul, a living stream, scents, emotions, words that are inaudible codes, who fills the field of life, but anyone who has tried to stay to listen, hear them as an asset true, that is not the end, which has no loneliness, you're in the circle and no one can settle this, is unlimited.
The principle of this is the moment you see with your eyes closed, life, its wonders, you'll hear words that you will pass through without transposing the mind that a soft music, you'll wake up and feel the smile that life gives you, the 'love will be with you in its purity, they'll be at the beginning of your shift, which will bring new life, ecstasy and joy will be in you now and forever.

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