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Kundalini yoga, the experience of consciousness

Right now many people are looking at themselves the way of mindfulness. Many people wonder how you can get to that center which we call soul.In life you need to know what brings us toward the path of the soul, the awareness of being human is not always easy to know what there is to get her to recognize the truth, and if you get to this you excel and become beings humans in closer contact with our higher self, the universe, God ....Today there are many disciplines that lead to the understanding of who we are and our inner life. They all have the gift to form in us an awareness of our being. But talk about Kundalini Yoga has a very logical reason in this: the Yoga of Awareness is only right and then make it known to those who did not ever heard of.The power of some disciplines, such as Kundalini Yoga is that in addition to being a discipline is also a science itself. In it not only covers the physical aspect, but also the mental and spiritual. In this we must not forget that the Kundalini Yoga has existed for millennia.The great beauty that resides in this discipline is that it focuses on the competitive aspects that lead human beings to be compared with a model stereotype. We only us to be our model for growth through our potential that we have discovered so far. The main aspects are always focused on physical training through classical yoga positions (asanas), but in this Kundalini Yoga has something more, offering the classic static position of some figures, given by the dynamic motion exercises. Also remember that in this discipline as well as breathing exercises that lead to enormous benefits for psycho-physical level, meditation is contemplated.The meditation that is often a mental barrier for many, because of no exact knowledge of his potential and because of this practice are recited mantras that are not always properly understood, by those who actually comes close to this discipline. One of the reasons is that the various subjects that are different from the practices which then performs the actual meditation itself. It should be noted that meditation is a traditional practice that leads to deeper understanding of ourselves, and at the same time is a real help for various psychological factors, which in some cases people may have, notwithstanding the benefits that can be known to the reading Meditation and lately have been written several articles that describe how a meditation practice consistently leads to extraordinary results in humans. We must also observe the most common effects: as the strengthening of our will and human intent with respect to mental barriers. Consider also a factor that we examine: practice meditation (whether you use mantras or not) helps support sporting activities with demanding exercises at aerobic thus bringing to pass more often than those mental barriers that prevent the achievement of results sometimes impossible.The mantras in Kundalini Yoga meditations are used not only in but also to support very demanding exercise. What puts a limit on those who hear the word meditation, mantras, lives only in the early stages as described above and that puts people in doubt and uncertainty than they actually are. Me that once the initial threshold and any preconceptions about turns in an extraordinary practice that puts us well on each floor.Some people once began a course of Kundalini Yoga learn the value of using not only the lessons but also to begin the daily practice of meditation for a few minutes, because even just a few minutes of meditation per day over time lead to a benefit in us lasts the entire day.One has to understand one thing that is the basis of the health of human beings: we are not composed exclusively of only two body and mind, this is just a thought that brings a wish not to consider the spiritual aspect that dwells in us. This does not speak specifically of a religion, but simply the contact between us and the one that exists apart from us, leaving a total freedom of thought. In Kundalini yoga this aspect is provided through a complete practice in the lessons.The same lessons as I said do not focus only on physical aspects, but beyond that work on more complex aspects of how the immune system, glands, etc., and are well integrated in the headlights factors that make up the human body, mind , because when the spirit of our "being" is in complete harmony on all levels is in better contact in the relationship between our health and our surroundings. As such, we find our self in us and therefore we are in this state of awareness in touch with our Higher Self (the specific conditions we find in the most subtle and intimate contact between the door and us all).Some may also wonder what the real need in the modern era such as this to find the spiritual aspects. The simple answer comes from a very obvious factor, we are too accustomed to think in watertight compartments, which in some cases are actual patterns. When these patterns are compromised for various reasons in different cases arises because of the pain, discomfort and in extreme cases of the disease entities. If in this we can do is recognize our contact between us and what exists beyond us, God, the universe, etc., complete freedom in this, that we help support us in those cases that we dropped out of the scheme that we had prepared or that there had only been with him for a long time in our lives. These patterns hold up to make it external or internal factors that support or are in short of the bases is not as strong as you think, because they are structures of the border often dictated by an ego too pronounced, or only by those beliefs that leave no margin necessarily appropriate in us who serve in those cases where we have not worked through all the possibilities that can exist at a problem. So we are not able at that time to have an effective solution, because when a person lives on patterns does not expand his vision to the real knowledge. When dwells in us true awareness, the patterns are much the non-existent, so we know that we do not seek long-term solutions to everything and we are more likely to live in the present, through the acceptance of things, to correct processing problems and Therefore we have in us a positive attitude to life itself, knowing that even in a great pain before we can overcome it and reconditioning at a later time not as a past trauma that persists in obstructing our present, but becomes an experience where we see a growth is always positive. This simply says that the relationship between the mind and we become more balanced. We work with time and through the practice of Kundalini Yoga we can obtain the full awareness, simply because we bring our service to the mind and the heart of the service, intended as a primary expansion of our soul. As such it can be stated that where "the mind sees, the heart says," and where the two are in perfect relationship, the body is in the best position harmonic. The human being as such is in the best condition for his health understood in all its forms. Obviously this must be understood as not an immediate occurrence that says: bring a few lessons to be what we thought of being. It should be considered a very easy thing, we often have an idea of ​​us that does not reflect reality, this does not say that we do not know who we are, but just do not know lunge our potential, our excellence is not simply the truth that ultimately we made up. As such to get this achievement is not much time, but you should not put all things as in the claim before the sacrifice is small or large. In this there is one thing that can be defined in the practice of Kundalini Yoga miraculous enough apart from normal evening dedicated to the lesson with the teacher, a few minutes every day which can be a simple meditation or exercise (which can be searched for a why we want to improve), to obtain a benefit that will last throughout the day.This says that to experience Kundalini Yoga has many benefits that can not be summarized in a few words for sure, but at the same time we can put into our awareness as a primary destination. The awareness is now a way of being that has no boundaries and that is deteriorating agents over time, but that puts us in the best condition to be infinitely happy and feel good about ourselves and others.

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