lunedì 17 ottobre 2011

The zero point

Everything had a beginning. Many versions that run counter to the moment of creation, to now, remains an unsolved mystery ..
The man has always been a seeker, questions and discoveries have moved the masses. This has always been known to pass the border, where the response to the research would give a sense ...This has always been fair, time is spent in this frantic search, and the man has lost sight of its zero point. It would have been easy to be yourself in the truth and live in parallel search for the truth of creation. But this has not happened, came hypotheses, perhaps close to the truth of creation. No one can ever be certain of what it was, every vision and research have put a seal on it, and as such each person can freely decide what to believe.This is the premise that law, for a long time, he moved to get endless discussions of reasons, but what is it?
Finding the answer to this is a complex infinite series of variations, the end does not put any man to the starting point.
The zero point is where the awareness of our birth, is total. With time and evolution assume the temporary loss of this, and when you search for the answer outside of the building, searching for a scientific and religious explanations of what was initially before us or we could say with us. I personally see this as a mystery and that freed him to "be" without asking questions.But in all this is the side that lives in us and this I consider it an absolute: be aware of is to find the one that leads to happiness in us. The zero point is then our birth, or rebirth, a circumstance that makes us as individuals, the center of life. So, talk about creation and the time of the creation of everything takes a different meaning, for one simple reason: if we live or reborn awareness, know that the world, the universe, is born in one way or another, little will change. We will be present today and we will be merging with the whole, and the principle will not be our dilemma, will only be a moment that lives in a past that does not belong to our time. Our time is now, our zero point is found, we are in total awareness as a newborn, where we are absolute purity, where everything is innocent and uncompromising rules. In this we will be in excess of what is sought to give an explanation, since we will have already found the explanations in ourselves.
The total contact will be with the infinite, we have the sense of being at one with the universe around us, and not mind having a known scientific or religious explanation of creation, however, will be part of this, and we will be well to all the explanations, that takes nothing away from those who believe otherwise are free to believe, indeed, the beauty of life is to be made for the exchange of opinion and different visions. This is however a growing awareness and interest.Being in themselves, in our primary essence gives the power to hear that the zero point is placed inside a birth in a total space beyond the size of earth and beyond time. And as such we are not researchers exteriority of life and the mysteries that exist, we will search for the truth that we have, and that true happiness lives. Again, if this is in us a esisstere through the streets and the inner heart. Logic is also to say, that not all rightly should believe this, given that today there are still many possibilities that make the individual free to think, believe, affirm and support.
My thoughts that I have defined the zero point, is a simple display that today is always looking for answers to everything. It may also be logical, in some respects, but the world and its many events reported to observe, that all is not as functional and as such we will we will have to restore a starting point. And this even though it seems absurd to start being different and to change the value to be sought in us, and not in what is now in the past. If everyone was looking for a value, of our inner consciousness, love, the zero point would remain only an imaginary personal and not a need for a hope of living for future generations. And if you think that this is not inherent in a global growth have to do a simple argument: if everything had been evolved in the name of values ​​and turned to the right, and observers being aware of all the variants derived from the actions to date would be many things different. Perhaps not very different, but also a slight difference, summed for all the actions performed in thousands of years would give a different effect to many things. But as always this is a small reflection which does not tend to judge, but only to be external to those who want to hear ....

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