lunedì 17 ottobre 2011

Loving the danger of the truth

Many hold hands a soul mate, dude. Beautiful scenery to behold, everything is perfect. The picture is made and ready to hang ...
Behind this there are always moments linked to what is more to love a person, say it looks like an endless repetition of what seems obvious. In the hands that you do not leave, we see only the part that observes and the eye can not see that often conceals not only love but the true essence of the domain. Saying domain is a word that takes on a role in feelings and if we talk about the feeling of love becomes a structure that the cages and as such can not evolve, but only until exhausted to go out.
The concept of possession and domination of love creates a feeling of just one out of a fear-free and as such the feeling that its flow in the truth. We note one thing: to love is to feel light, almost lost and absent. The mind is full of those we love and how we live this love, as in the old sayings. But when the initial phase is not accompanied by an evolution towards a second creation that puts two people in the truth of what are, after a while everything starts to have a suffocating effect. At this stage the mind plays the best cards, creating scenes of delusion and justification. The phrases that we often hear in regard to jealousy, saying: I am so because I love you, my behavior is in the name of your own good, are nothing more than exposure of a hidden fear that dwells in him who does not understand that for the first love is freedom.Love is born free and should be free to manifest itself in an unlimited space. As such, even the constraints put all this verbal brakes. Jealousy in particular, is the form that affects the couple, because it puts the "jealous" of rights exist in all the values ​​and often does nothing but create drama within couples in love to all the effects are but not exposed to a fear over time tend to stifle this relationship would be "healthy" and durable. Jealousies that could simply be understood by those who live in this, by understanding the inner and the projection of the thing.That this may or may not be feasible to take is a simple knowledge of a personal problem at its root, which as we all rooted and unresolved problems occur regardless of the person we are.
Not just jealousy puts barriers to loving a person, and secondly there are the ideals that are stale creations of factors that accumulate over time of how a relationship should be. Each relationship is special and as such there is no defined rule. The ideal lives in the mind, love is a feeling that the mind takes only logical and not flowers, tend only to be blocked and therefore limiting. Anything that restricts tired over time, it is normal we are born free and as such this instinct manifests itself sooner or later. The various forms of life that prevent love in its fullness, have broad factors that prevent the expansion, in addition to those already mentioned there is possession, but love is not a right of purchase is and remains a freedom . The men are free today and no one buys, and even human beings first refusal to buy the live report only if there is infinite space in which to create and freely set a new world. As a factor that is apparently less obvious is: selfishness, which is not intended as a kind of privilege where one of the two "lovers" poster is selfish, indeed tends to be unconscious habit, like a stick with habits that a person has always done and as such give rise to friction with time. Rightly it is not logical to make sacrifices but there is a formula applied common sense that if the couple takes it away from any removals. Could simply be that I manifest is entered into a U.S. total, as such, each person must maintain their own interests, but not always primary, much less put them present them as a right. The reason is simple: if you decide you want and decide that after a birth of a love you want to forward to creating a world unto itself, where to grow the value of feeling, is not no reason to be in the absolute truth of torque. Why be in the truth involves exposure to another without totally nothing to fear, is an intimate moment of discovery for both the two people who love each other and as such if that happens, do a small waiver should not be a burden. Because love does not have a value just is invaluable to today. What do you give up is recoverable in most of the time and if you do not like to weigh. Expose yourself giving weight to his previous life, as if it was logical to hold it at all costs is only the expression of the fear of compromise, which is thought to occur when you make these small sacrifices.Love is not a compromise, if not objective in some cases, having a feeling is the flow that does not create barriers and impediments, if not created by us, as the understanding is not saying anything. The means to "mount" the things you always put your hands on, it has no value except for a single individual, but as the relationships between couples are made up of two people this is just not willing to abandon the beauty of 'Love itself.
This paper seems to repeat what many argue, is in fact true. But if it was so true it would also be applied as a concept, even if it is not possible to conceptualize a feeling, but that effect is made to show examples. They may have an effect even if apparently seem reflective discounted.
But it is easy to repeat the obvious, what remains true that the application is much more complex. From fear to love now, is a truth dictated by what happens and that everyone sees, try at least once in life. So not being able to create a job description that says: if you want to use simple rules to love, just love. All that remains is to repeat what everyone knows, with the hope that love is being in love, and not be in fear to love.
Love, the danger of the truth .... Simple absolute truth even if we can not call.

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