martedì 21 febbraio 2012

We have his word

We will be in the moment nel'uno a heart to give him the chance to be there in all its wonder ....
We will have a body to move through a world of discovery, we will be tested through the experiences of this journey. There will be a living hell without unspoiled paradise, there is not extreme to try anything, we are men in the world and worlds to tell him. We are his words, and there is no name to tell ...
We will have time to scan, our finding that in the beginning we were, pure awareness. There was no reason to end the experience remains. We came from infinity that time has not, as finite beings walk and then return to what we were in a principle that you can not tell.
We will have words to tell, on behalf of ourselves, the failure will be evidence of an ego bigger than our own form, but nothing is lost in error, if the door to better recognize. We will have the fork in our hands and we will decide everything. We say many things in the name of love, but love has never talked to voice vibrated in perpetual silence finds no limits, and he will not tell anyone about truth in his own name. Possession is merely the consequence of a genuine fear, a disease unknown to treatment and we would try everything, and then back into the silence of the soul. We will have everything for us when one of us will not put the shield in the name of love itself. He does not protect you from him, wherever he is speechless.
We will have the privilege of compassion in his name, we are his words, silent. We will see the world through, we only bet of ourselves when we find the pain of others. The junction will still be present and we will have everything in that moment. We can avoid and give, if we give in the way. When we say we will not be giving him everything. Can never be that he ask for me to tell you, we will not say anything. We are too small a word from him and never say anything to his flowing towards us. We will contact a primordial but was extinguished and there we understand many things.
We will have everything and everything will be, in the humility that distinguishes us, we will not be a role in heart will understand. We will follow the instinct which does not explain, we will manifest errors and ego. Each test may drop, but the experience puts the fate and know nothing without experience. The purity of the principle must be the goal, everyone will have everything and the junction is only what we can do. Everyone will have the gift of freedom and this runs like a horse on the prairie gardens of Eden, but just remember that we can not be after all, we will be only us and there we learned the same paradise. Love.
We will have forgiveness in every mistake, when we forgive ourselves. The imperfect is normal to carry around and this is the way uphill to a stranger who gives. Perfection never say when it will total a word to the other that we will see, we have accepted the world and we will accept ourselves, perfection is only a mirage at the end but the little that we really will be treasured in the name of ' love that belongs in the heart.
We will have the courage of our actions, reactions, only a consequence of a cycle and we will still fork, this will never know what happens. But fear not border anything until we know to be listening to our conscience. Tremble like leaves in the wind, but then everything will be peace, we will live in goodness and evil will never have. Fear is just the experience to understand the courage that sets us apart forever. The value of a show is coming in and never thought of it. We will be in a present and what we live.
We will have many things to remember and much to do, we have his word that we will not say in his name. We will be human beings simply recognize what we see and we could never say I have not had the chance. For the love does not differentiate some. love does not know him and not you, knows everyone equally, he is in addition to our being here, is so expanded that exists in everything and everyone, we recognize his eternal vibration. In silenzione, we are his word ....

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