martedì 31 gennaio 2012

A world in twenty words

How sad can exist in an instant even a lifetime would tell him. The world is the immensity, the world is the reality that all living and that everybody is looking ...We are just a collection of people and life, and yet all this seems all too little, the words are like the most beautiful peaks of the mountains where oxygen is thin, love, friendship, brotherhood words such as light ...In those peaks where little could enjoy the fragrance of these words full and never empty, the hope remains far as the horizon that would see the white snow and the sky near the sun, but this is still too little. We are far from this passage, as if now for a few shows and the world only downside in twenty words choked in the empty box of a virtual world where everything is enclosed. Two stamps space to say I am me ... .. And over all is too complex, too big, too poor to understand the inner misery of a weird solitude. And like all stories do not find time this is a truth the infinite labyrinth of love. Saying I love is a whisper, afraid to say friend, then in that little box lights up and everything becomes as simple as a micro cosmos that exists in a universe that we never see truly; real life. Who are the culprits, no one can be ...We are travelers to walk barefoot in the sand where footprints last for the second wave of the sea which then returns a void.What sadness there is in all this, no one can ever tell what there is of true ...Everything is confused, it all becomes too small to tell the world that few have twenty words to say what our reality in a few know how to listen. We are alone, and that's that sense of melancholy that veiled tired us step by step, one day after another to live what we have.We would have to say and listen, we want the sea and the mountains, only one hemisphere of two worlds, words and love, listening and sound. But when we abandon all of our pain we are in truth only and alone we are born, unique and indissoluble, rare .... How much simplicity in the world of twenty words where everything is, where between masks and truth merge emotions and pain, everything is simple there is no struggle is that we can not actually be in reality that seems to escape even more. So we are real nell'irrealistico digital world where twenty words make a man and a woman alive .... How much devastation can be around us to live the greatest fantasies of a dream never told between wants and loves that await at the door, but that never arrive ....God can see what he has created and what we have changed in the last ice age of the feelings and words that seem to have no value ...Lyric of the heart, emphasis of a white box of twenty words sometimes too real and too far away, where in reality no one says and nobody listens. One I love is the most beautiful word you can say and feel and is always well hidden. Friendship is always true or never so little, and it seems rare for a dialogue between the console and the other. A world in twenty words is the summary of a life that perhaps we have grown tired, who knows if not us, if not them, if not always ... And if there must be in an uncertain future where there is only the mirage of that 'oasis in the heart that would never be too far away and well, everything seems so distant at times. And as exiles in a world that does not prevent our being true, we take refuge in this tiny universe that touches latitudes without moving.And as weary travelers looking beautiful horizons in the future that the eye does not see right now, but everything is never forever, always only a simple constant change that we can do when expanded in the heart we recognize that we are much more twenty words in a world too small to hold what they really exist in us.That day the word I love you, friend, brother, the sun will be a journey that'll make all together again ... ... ..

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