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Man creates divisions and p 2

We return to the zero point, the origins. Man creates divisions, his words have done this in what was born to be one ...
Divisions which today are not just words, as described in the first chapter. Man evolves and this evolution often be wise. We could say that this is a hope for humanity, which is now only linked to materialism, inner growth brings hope to some people, but in this there is also a downside. If we start from the assumption that inner growth is an evolutionary path that leads up to light love, would be logical to think that love itself is to create unity. Many people passed through these paths, you just lit and have created currents of thought, the real lifestyles that included the absolute good, the harmony, the gift of love and brotherhood. In addition to this they were born in the disciplines that by their teaching can have thousands of people to wake up, and in turn be the bearers of these values ​​and knowledge in all parts of the globe.Told in this way has been a miracle for a miracle, but we observe that in time all this created within this circle, which theoretically widen with the same principles, the true anomalies. Abnormalities, might be the word inadequate to describe what often happens, but give other definitions would be considered too intense and wanting misinterpreted. In fact, the explanation of the error where there is very simple: if a person is born an interior evolution, he in turn should give this to people who freely want to follow him, if this does not happen something is abnormal. This does not say that if a person attends a course should not pay, this is not the problem that creates divisions, the rest of you think that every professional has the right to be paid according to the performance it offers. The so-called abnormal side comes from the way back to a teaching that is at its root. Or if you learn one thing gives you the same way, but if this is an implementation of our way of thinking or an excess of ego, what is reported does not have the same value. This can be seen in various ways, just follow the same discipline from two different people and see where you might disagree and because this shows how deep in some disciplines where supposedly the inner light should touch the peaks, actually happens in some cases , rather than the more upwind.All this happens not because there is always the lack of knowledge and a wrong path, but just because an excess of ego tends to occur too much, it becomes didactic and schematic, and as such the very essence of the discipline loses its shine and creates a second division. This division is not confined only to a show, which of course is limited to only a few people in the minority as compared to those who really can now define a "Guru." But even if a minority is important to highlight it.This in turn creates a division and amplifies the pain to those already in pain seeks a remedy, a remedy that is psychological or physical. It happens and we think they are drops in the sea, but remain true injustices, because if it happened to us would understand what it is and would not be pleasant. This creates a discomfort that is as normal and often even if they are sporadic cases are highlighted and the bush who, in good faith works for the good in all its forms. We can certainly say to impute guilt, but we stress that this creates divisions also overshadows what he was born to be light, love etc..
And if you have the "luck" to meet these people and has evolved both within and without mental or physical pain, they begin the second divisions that go against the principle of what a person really deep inside. You notice immediately that these people tend to define themselves humble, then first begin to be manifest deep approach to living all they know, and remember that this a true "guru" does not do it, elevates you. And sometimes without spending more than ten words, he sheds light whispers when he speaks without speaking and must not be more than anyone, he does not need. he's out doing nothing.Then beyond that, we see that teaching is emphasized, speaking almost an encyclopedia and this certainly is not good to those who supposedly is in pain, it's good if it is determined a little at a time, with great humility and no place to put down and even less to instill what is right, according to him, of course. The absolute truth and not have anyone who has a degree much less evolutionary than the average, this should be remembered forever.
Then if you want to be precise, the meaning dell'esporsi must be commensurate with each person and can not find a logical way to try to be unique in showing higher at all costs, only serves to destabilize those in certain phases of his life is already in a drama. Create a sub division of the individual, and puts the person who suffers a second division of what is right or wrong. A person who calls himself a teacher should refer to the well and this is a vehicle and it must be remembered. Each person has a path to follow and as such it becomes a place of absolute denial of it. There are many variations that could be described and this is evident. This is not to say where to point the finger, but just tell what happens and at times divisive. The good and love do not come to divide and those who embrace these things and feels really knows how to act with respect to those that may be of potential disciples to treat the person, not lost in useless sermons theorists to say I am. Those who do not self-centered interior and as such it gives the good to himself. And all this creates a harmful effect both on those who work in good faith and in the name of the values ​​of discipline that covers at that moment and who need to be routed to a path, or a cure.
According to you, this does not create divisions? I leave you the final judge of this, hoping that certain values ​​are more than those who have lost the value of what once would have united and made it better a person, who in time of need has only asked a simple aid.

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