mercoledì 2 novembre 2011

From raw material to the soul ..

In life's journey, we saw our children grow from becoming adult men.All in a physical time that has passed like a flash, then as an eerie coincidence time is not now a time ..
The man born in the full knowledge and purity, an innocence that as idyllic places us as the stars in the universe and it starts to grow as to shrink. Futile attempts to stay in this aura of heaven, where everything is wonderful, the external conditions lead to slow material development in our divine essence, this is unavoidable. The love and the prospects for those who lead us to make decisions and this protection is not evil, just the natural way of life that brings us pure and real-aware from birth to imperfection. We are imperfect and in this, we have a real second chance to change. Not everyone will choose to have this opportunity as a way of change, some individuals will decide to remain in their "world of enchantment and matter." This is normal and poses no conditions for those who decide to return to the roots of soul and spirituality. We will be only a parallel world the same.
The roads of life in men will separate, and each will have its evolutionary freedom at different levels, each person will decide what is to him and everything will go on endlessly forever. About a conscious decision or not, decides to return to the origin of his soul and make it manifest, find out how many dimensions there are internal and this will trigger a spark. That will lead to inner truth.Leaving the matter will be a gradual arrival that will put the vision of life under different conditions and how this happens will be a point of pain or failure. Changes unaware live in us, without which we become aware of something, like a seed that for many years lived in a fertile land, never to grow and as such fall into the abyss alchemical act as a fertilizer. The becoming of this is a process that places suffered "finite to the infinite", include an inner passage is always very complex: it is a door that opens and gives off light in total shadow. Where we oscillate wires hanging out of fear of falling increasingly into a fund which apparently has no end. But as in all the "changes" from the point of rebirth is an apparent death or from an infinite abyss, this will put us in a position to accept the awareness of the soul in its manifestation, and as such will only be back from the brink to follow the light without question.
The matter that we lived and asked, coveted as the essence of our power will no longer have value, that will say you are ...
The "transformation", the matter that makes us rational and peripheral, will become a thing when we start to be the soul and intuition will take the floor. Our sixth sense will show wonders unmatched and we will be back in awareness. "Being in the way of light" is now only one sentence in a timeless time where everything has to be identified, let us remember. Becoming aware that we will never say we are or are not, we are simply at the origin as a beautiful lotus flower and in our inner silence we all.Nothing should be taken for granted and as such we know that this is not a simple decision, is a change for ever and its so much mystery surrounds those who enter, because the beauty of this is indescribable.
For those at the crossroads of life will be decided what will be a different path, because of challenges without end, an eternal struggle. However, this is no less exciting and full of mysteries too. You do not need to think that life is better or worse, even if materialism and spirituality are different, as are rationally thinking and feeling with intuition. For this reason there is a common prosperity. In both lives there in the real possibility of being good and manifest it through two different ways: a tangible money that could be made only to help others and create opportunities for those not in a position to elevate living conditions less fortunate. In the second mode, this will be an emanation of the infinite asset intended to help the soul to rise from the pain by giving cues to reconstruct what seems lost. And in that every person who lives his deep interiority will issue to those who prepared the elevation prompt for help. These are two parallel systems of life, but at the same time they can give life, love and opportunity for all.
To be or not to be left with only the margin of a mountain to explore ...
Each is the absolute freedom that becomes untouchable and can not be judged, except by those who have this condition, which puts it in one of two parallels of life and as such the meeting in the world of two seemingly different worlds is when the common denominator is the love for life. What is prosperity as now given to those who are less fortunate. It would not seem logical to say what is better or worse. The only thing I can say is what you live in and be happy with that.
Change is always available for everyone and is not a concern eternal that says you will be just what you apparently think you are ...
"Nothing is certain until you try it" and this is a privilege that we have, we can change our lives in a moment and this does not exclude anyone, we remain open to life and life gives a chance for change those who wish from my heart.

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