mercoledì 2 novembre 2011


Every person has read the life stories of famous people now, I myself have known by reading the lives of people who have given a sense of contradiction, that often puts life as a limit.In reading I saw it as a mirror that reflected dimensions that had matured in me, almost impossible, and I said well now that I was compared to these people, through their writings that I could not accept this situation with a smile, almost paradoxical. As if all of a sudden I had known these people in their times and I could enjoy their presence and words. It felt like a real evolution in ancient traditions, where the student learned through the master in full silence, and that only his aura was the real issue of these teachings.
As in all situations, some people initially create a conflict, almost as if the illusion was the only reality and that, trying to convince you as a person having read these writings, then, still the mind and not think I've read all too late In these books ... thought this might take the cue that I could understand what was my role in life. The role might have been net long, but like all real people often triggers a spark to become what it really is, as every one at the end.
In my normal I just decided to expose myself to what I feel, without fear of reactions or a lot less than you would think those who read my thoughts today. The rest as they say nobody is perfect and this is wonderful, we are born imperfect, and this is the gradiosa opportunities that we may have to become only better.Logical that this concept is complex, if not read between the lines, but as so often what seems impossible is possible. Life is a contradiction and, as such, I like all I can decide how to decipher the code of life. But if I decide to crack the code of life, I personally have to admit that in turn are exterior to life itself and not in its flow. All this eventually led me to a logical conclusion: what happens I will live. Simply a 'surrender to what was, without thinking, without living in the past as the limit of my experience and not putting my thoughts to the future where all illusions are created. This was a simple saying: Now I'm alive really.
My only wish was to expose my feelings, and this I did. Perhaps it myself, I never realized what I did, because the value is not we who decide what we are or do, the value of living in our silence, and even writing does not change the meaning of the thing, one who writes leaves only a trace of a passage. Do not talk about what is best for all, speaks to the universe and this is the true value. Talking to people, would be a mine or want to convince you that your thinking is better, but this value is not only a veiled tax.
My way, simple irony. My way is that of all the people who become aware exposing a happiness for all, which is often not appreciated, but that's part of the game and how that life itself is a gamble and who could actually live and enjoy illimitante this feeling. Who does not appreciate at the end, the same deserves my respect, I do not make distinctions of any kind, is to divide and differentiate there are too many divisions they have created just pain. And this is evident in everyday life.
Everything is always wonderful and even a small disagreement often gives a reflection, because if I exclude this may not be aware, be aware means to be observers of all with a smile and without anger. Love is the way of planting seeds of hope and if you want to conceive a sense of awareness, one can not understand the meaning of love, but are not intended to be defined as a feeling in any way, only the heart that feels and exhibits free.
Every way, even if born from a "nobody" can be enlightening and not judged. There are different views in this, and how often it occurs every view can be countered by a vision of others. This raises the question of what constitutes a street. True that people today have given a tangible sign of this are now consecrated to be illuminated, but if we go down to people not known to occur in complex patterns as well as someone who is. To define this way is always to be the one to decide who will throw the stones. Why define a personal truth does not enjoy the privilege of freedom in these contexts. The reasons are many and the ego plays the primary role in this. In fact if a person exposes his way with people who think that they happen to walk their way to put above our own. But human memory is not written anywhere that there is an absolute in this, we simply say that it would be more correct to talk openly that mistakes define what a person is living through his inner journey. But we know, well, that this is not always possible. In fact, those who decide to expose yourself is by comparison with people who tend to impose the reasons that have no place for them. Of course there is freedom, but there is a limit to everything human that outlines where the word should be said and silence observed.
The rest of my way, like yours and like all is not better or worse is just a simple path to the inner depth we have. The person who tends to be pedantic in this exhibit is free, but is only exposed to stress that the limit is often not seen.Becomes exposed in this case driven by what the masked selfishness exhibited by the urge to show how enlightened and good "teacher" you are ready to correct those who according to these people, something is wrong or is not in line with their thinking, mysteries ...It is fun to show how any ways is tailor-made for anyone and if we start from this, it is clear the message that says: ... But words and words in the human than the desire to be always strong, is a constant search for an illuminating look and feel, but this can also be read as a wrong message, by whom, in its small does not know everything, but simply a sense of awareness ...
My way is as said an irony of fate! The street is the imaginary becomes real when he says no, and you become aware that flourishes in thee the wonder of life and love, so softly you can sing the song that will be implemented in subtle notes without you having to ever say I am. You will never be .. This is the true destination that puts people like me in constant smile, because there is no arrival in size being infinite, then very simply walking loving and giving what others ask of you. And if you give this if you can not simply embrace and you will be silent.
My way is hypocritical, a smile and a link with love and everything that everyone can create.

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