mercoledì 2 novembre 2011

Reflection of the stream of consciousness 1

We knew all or perhaps nothing, perhaps, to those who give rise to today?
We put in a context that denies what seems uncomfortable. We are part of a circuit board, where each individual is a resistance, and this can not be ignored.We tried to have our say, but we were silenced. We tried to see the possibility of a change, listening to words and words, perhaps we deluded? Nowadays we are always standing around, we have a semblance of movement in what we do, but if a thought for a moment turn to the future, everything is dark.
In this we are crushed by the weight of responsibility that are not really ours. The responsibilities we have to define that only injected dilemmas brought a burden on his conscience is helpful, but basically it's just instrumental. From an early age led us to be clones of the collective melancholy, say it is not true? If it were not true, everyone would smile at this party that is life, dancing and singing all, instead we are dark-faced, angry and deeply disappointed to be ready for everything and everyone.If we were given the opportunity to come back to see with new eyes what our past has shown, many remain bewildered, frightened and white as ghosts from their shadows. Here nobody ever thinks about? Maybe it's better not to think and carry on.
We have seen human relationships, become more and more suspicious, in fact we are always suspicious and less open. And how can this have happened? Perhaps a gene that changes in us! Do not even Think of it, is the system that says what is right and wrong, and we are totally in this. Rivediamoci going back in time when they said you're good and you're bad, do not do this and do that, he may be right to give direction to people, but a direction is not a form of pattern that does not free our individual expression. This has happened, we might deny it, but just because we in turn do the same thing. We are not to judge it? What is the point.
We want to protest? And with whom? What has been done is done, we can only become aware of it, and reflect, to become careful observers.Thinking is never a wrong and say it's time to start out by thinking global and starting our individual reflections. Not intended as a way of speaking does not suit me and say, begin to understand what surrounds us, to be examiners of what happens is that it has profoundly affected us. Doing so is an act of love toward what will and future generations.
It 'true that many things have given us a direction that was not in our nature, but even if done in the name of love, gave the signal that destabilizes our power today unexpressed. Those who have found themselves in favorable conditions, has placed in this veto, and then scaled the heights materialistic spreading what he thought right for him! And for us to follow, but it was impossible to decide for all, and this is not an issue of honesty or not, humanity and everything else, is and remains a fact, pure and simple. We note a simple thing, as in all these things, that are children in a single parent, the result is always that we are not free. Then thinking becomes compulsory if we open our eyes, and judge and blame are just the edge of a sterile polemics.
We are at the point where we can decide, but here we have understood the mechanism that lives at the apex of this system that puts silent schemes to erect walls, where we are imprisoned. Who else thinks, is free to think, nobody wants to change anybody. Each person has a consciousness and awareness and as such each syllable of a written comes to those who can understand and want to try to understand. Those who remain excluded are those who decided for themselves and as they say in the jargon, that's okay!
We are in freedom, democracy, and everything we want, not need to judge. As the speeches do not need to be square, serves to reflect and understand what we can change today, but in ourselves. Every little change even if an individual is light to radiate with love, hope that everyone calls. And hope, but must be founded on solid roots of people who have thought through and understood themselves what is the true essence of life.

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