mercoledì 2 novembre 2011

Reflection of the stream of consciousness 2

The solution to everything, it has become today the only way that stimulates the mind? Needless to answer, each answer is to create a voluntary division, we reflect on.
We are unresolved in ourselves, somewhere, in that desert without a compass of human relationships, few oases where you can stop and recover. As such, we are alone, in fact. In the course of life sooner or later we will face a situation where the fateful fact there is no solution, the case where it is not solvable. We used to have to give solution in the air we breathe by chance we are now faced with the fact no way out, no way!Many of these things are real dramas, they are, do not generalize everything, but in this there is a way out. Maybe some people described it as a compromise, but we are living now compromised, just look at the relationship of love, born and ecstasy, and evolving rules small, they become full-blown rituals and prisons. Love is freedom, but few come to rise to that effect. However, we do not see everything in one way, and why even those who admit creeremmo deployments and those who defend it, say a right to regulate it, or will not tell! But it will be a highlight.
We return after the brackets, love, the fact that it is insoluble, we can do? We only ask for help and mental projections, almost a rite of holy men that all may evoke spirits. So we always stop, the problem is obvious and we try in every way to give a solution, but in the end we give in, easy out. But that has not given anything, and we are desperate. The only way that remains is certainly throw from the bridge, we had the game of "mind mind," despair is a bad thing often leads to tragedy and this must be understood and well. Then there is a simple solution, not something that can objectively put an end to everything, but in fact is a lifesaver: Accept that does not mean giving up anything.
Accept is a part that is often like admitting defeat, and is taken as the total passes to the drama, should not be viewed in this way. Acceptance is a form of primary importance of true knowledge, is the basis of awareness, along with other factors.Accept it as a bow to life, an injection that we do in the name of life and love. This creates a real hope, made of that see beyond the obstacle that now we can not avoid, is a projection of sound that simply says: ok this is so, well now let's leave it, what happens next will fix it. This halves the anxieties and as such we are entering a phase where fears begin to diminish. This is not a simple thing, but if confronted with a condition can not be solved becomes feasible. It 'a state of mind not being able to accept.If we for a moment to enter into this formula, we realize that there is only one color in life, but there are nuances. Of course it is not easy, but if we are confronted with having to decide how to "do" in a situation where we can not do anything, we understand that we can dare to enter this.

Accept is the way of the streets, where the unresolvable becomes solvable.
In us to achieve this we simply leave it, to flow the fact, what happened. Mental conditions are often worse, that the facts themselves, this becomes evident when we begin to get into this little concept that belongs to us, but often do not apply. Everything is linked to love, as mentioned earlier. Love often places of suffering and we run to tie the idea that we can change the tide, we rush to despair, there are many things we do about it. Love is everything and does not require effort or chains, is a love transcending the concept: you're mine, because you have me, me and you I loved you so. Love as in cases without a solution is becoming love, as it asks nothing, and nothing should be done, everything comes as a rise in this and we can follow the vibrations. Only if we understand that love is not a constraint and freedom to ask. And if you think you can not find solutions without following cases, we are wrong. Everything is an example of acceptance and love as a feeling that it creates is one that approaches reality, the reason is obvious: we tend to want to resolve the feelings, and as such if it does not we are in pain. You can not solve all often the only way is to accept, and how to let a strange magic solutions occur if not objective in us and this is important. And that seems to understand the love a comparison in this case, it is also the possibility to enter the conversion of those phases where the unresolved creates pain, love is the medicine that too, the hope, the real one.
If no solution exists, we accept and we are compassionate with us, with them, we love and we will always help.

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