mercoledì 2 novembre 2011

Reflection of the stream of consciousness 3

Everything is often tinged with black, also the beauty of things, is dark in front of the frantic search for someone to be even better.It 'amazing how everything crumbles in an instant, we are always too convinced that the ideal of personal prejudice, when in fact the union, the group, are now sharing the light of hope for all. It matters little to know the truth, then when you think that life is one, almost as if this is thought to be "condemned" the first time.The time is and remains a matter of how we want to live, if the sun is not there thanks to a number one, but a whole universe total and indissoluble. But even this is little, if we think that to evolve you really must know all the polarities of life, then we fall into the commonplace ... If so everything would be one way, but this is still too little.
Black, symbolic color, just in front of the metaphor that shows how the spread of a deterioration of all, many people fail to open the door to see beyond the garden gate. This is a freedom and certainly not an obligation, even if we are moral, but when the complaints are growing, one thing to think? I think how nice to me, and everything I do not like, we describe this? I do not think that is the case. However, all goes, well we're not where we decide to change it, going in a new city, a new state, a new continent, but when we arrived on Mars think that will change anything? I do not think, if you will live within us a sense of individualism, even if we lost the researchers of the stars or the universe we have sorted our discomfort, let alone that of others. Then this may or may not be true, let your imagination. But if you look at those before we existed, which in their being old than us, they have established a sense of community, the group, sharing and this meant that existed for centuries with a smile. Today many people are smiling? The note?
It 'time, perhaps not to challenge everything and live for yourself! But perhaps it's time to get into the concept of good living. Where to be individualistic is not a free state, but simply a boundary where we say, we try to preserve, to rise, but then a few of the many who feel that they are rejoicing, others remain to watch, worn by the failure. So this should bring us a step back, a simple thought: what if we were to change, not trying to change anyone, but starting with us. Maybe it would be a risk you think! But everything is a risk, however, with the only variant that is not the time.
What can I say .. Look at the smile is often not those who do not live in is observed, and say what you are missing ....
So without too many spells and cosmic trips, to find a slice of happiness, it would be easier to start to color your life, simply a change in thinking, which says in simple words: I change myself, I always put the 'I' becomes a 'you' , and this time it becomes an us. So this simple thing will make the time many people happier, and will multiply over time and place we will not have to think that in a remote place in the cosmos there is the Eden lost. We will recreate us this paradise, but without too much effort to change our inner attitude toward life.
And if this were not enough yet? Then forward the next one! Each Istat someone has a wonderful idea, every time someone discovers the hot water.

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