mercoledì 2 novembre 2011

The group of human wolves

Men like wolves, the herd there is perhaps less clear than that of animals, which is more obvious, dictated by the instinct of survival.
Amazing to see how easy it is to step back at times, everything is a siding, where he lives, then the best is always the bad co-exist in the human herd that is almost the rule. In animals, it makes sense, instinct creates a group that needs to be efficient to survive. The nature offers food, live animals in a herd is to be that everything forms a true union, almost unbreakable. Man creates a school only for the very fear of not belonging, first of all believe in the importance of its components, then a word is just the factor that triggers the disapproval of some. Were it only that, you could say we are weak in our silence, we're bored, but that's not all. The human herd is only a subset of a real union, is an alienation of the community what it is. It 'simply live in such an absolutely different. What can I say ....
Words fail to describe the growing of a condition that outlines the simple do not want to belong to a harmonious union, but highlights the discomfort. Who is in the human herd, lives on a belief that his world is all there, then this leads to facts that the chronicles tell, and certainly are not meant to bring happiness to anyone. Remains silent in the face of this, but we point out the things that we see only the final part of what happens. See below would understand what the real discomfort grows. We believe that we evolved and that seeing the animals, we see them in the pack create a perfect system in the world to live, and we want better than they often tend to imitate the animals themselves having a "dog", then we want to call the group . Let us imitate this and evil!When the facts show it is said that we see the tip of the iceberg, but if we look at the basic or root tells of the profound sense of marginalization that reality tends to be ignored. People see what they want to see, all souls can see, is a similar view, but where it stops the imagination comes the truth that we never want to see.
Who is the person now? One who might want to deal with all those who live in harmony with the world around him, then why there must be some sub-sets of people? The answer, you think. My thoughts do not count, is the border of my values.
The herd is not just the news, is what we often call group. Where we live for the "creed of friendship", and then it turns into a small living, born where the rules dictated, but not displayed where everyone can say, but never in front, just behind. Nowadays, the value of friendship is like a rare gem, it is true in so many have fun, but in many there is also just. Just opened to see beyond their noses, and this is not a rarity. Today you are loved in the pack, tomorrow you're just the subject of contention. In this, every person thinks that he wants. We can also see a value wears off, or not? It is eaten slowly, like a candle for hope, which leaves everything to his end in the shade and is often in complete darkness. No one will change anyone, but we can change ourselves, the step size is huge, but it is the step that counts.
This is the chronicle of a well-known fact, which puts all the horror of what happened, putting questions for understanding.This is a silent chronicle of what happens every day, in all places, at all hours. There are no questions to answer, on boards, we can only reflect in silence.

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