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Sixth sense: a personal interpretation

The human being is absolute perfection ...
This phrase, I would say it seems very simple rhetoric, but we assume that we are not perfect and as such perfection is an appearance that can be judged. As such we must conceive of our earthly presence, not just as bodies made of muscles, and a brain that is used for multiple functions related both to our physical and psychological management. We can say that going into a mystery that belongs to us: the sixth sense, a real wonder that resides in us. This ability makes us complete than what apparently seems to exist beyond what we already know.This faculty, so if we want to define leads man to perfection, which can not be understood as absolute, but only because there is no real means of comparison between individuals. In a sense, are summarized the possible forms of comparison between individuals, to define the degree of intelligence, strength, etc. .. This however has only highlighted the periphery that exists in us (the interior and its size in evolution and as such are difficult to compare) and as such also does not define the perfection of any individual. Remains logical that there are people who may disagree with this, each person has full freedom to see the degree of evolution in the way you see fit. That said, let's understand the potential that the "sixth sense" has, and does not highlight with complex terms, to make this much more accessible to those who until now has only heard about.
Talking about the "sixth sense", one could safely say that there are many books on the subject and it remains a fact, instead of talking about experiences of people who now have this and that are not highlighted in the news in any way, makes the same simple argument, but remains a personal interpretation. Who owns the sixth sense? All the answer is very simple, only thing that makes this not heard is the lack of development on our part. There are exceptions of people who are born predisposed to this very strongly, however, all have this capability, which resides in them. The development itself from a change that occurs in some people when a responsible way of life to live or peripheral to a very schematic, logic, etc.., The fact of objectivity and reason, and as such you switch to a more spiritual outlook on life more focused and deeper knowledge of the inner dimensions that each person has in him. As such this is only one of the examples that tend over time to highlight this capability, are inherent in other practices where meditation is. This does not however define a certain development of the "sixth sense", because as in all things that we can, if we or "us to reach" or conversely not to consider developing it.The signs that the "sixth sense" has are different, one of which puts us in contact with other people at a distance: we can sense the emotions and as such have in real time the mood of the person we are "calling" through it. How can we understand without a word to tell us that no living thing in the interiority of our party. And as such, if this potential is combined with intuitive power of thought, and so you may have very specific perceptions. The example that best describes this is: when for no reason we feel worried about someone we know and do not know why, and therefore we make a phone call to this person and in fact something is wrong. This is an example of the indirect right "to hear through the sixth sense", because it is not induced voluntarily, but as an example is invalid because it shows that we all at the bottom of this "power" and how to actually be effective. If you think that in some people this can be controlled voluntarily, we realize the potential he has.
In defining himself as the "sixth sense", it is not easy, this is a form of personal explanation, that as all thoughts are derived from a personal experience and an expression that will just describe the idea. As such it is logical to think that we can define the "sixth sense" in other ways, and this remains a free opinion based on a description of an intangible skills, or want an outcome that lives in thin layers that exist in us. It 'a subtle vibration, this is my personal identification of the "sixth sense". In fact, its potential is being described, not to show that giving an exact identification of the name, "Sixth Sense" is the first that makes this magnificent, but to understand through experience what can make this unique capacity. Human remains that a thing has never personally experienced the arouses doubt, and this highlights a truth. Indeed, understanding the benefits and value of the "sixth sense" would be better understood if we could try it at least once in their lives, both as a broadcaster or as a receiver. But from personal experience, this one must be prepared to delve into his inner harbor, where our most untapped potential. Usually it is easier for us to understand what tangible happens or what we perceive an emotional level. The Sixth Sense arises, if we had a comparative scale to an even deeper level. The reason is an explanation that involves a simple understanding or a different vision of our life: we are part of the universe and as such this infinite space with which we are in constant acts accordingly on what we radiate in "thin "and energy. As such, the perception and the adoption of a contact with the "sixth sense" in this living space and is related in it, what we perceive to life and who, if we say, perceives it receives this benefit through this complex relationship. You could explain it: as if a tiny light that starts from a point of origin and who suddenly comes into a channel that reflects and amplifies in an infinite space. But at the same time, however, do not disperse it arrives where it is addressed, but with a much stronger intensity, while not blinding.
The Sixth Sense, may in time become extremely useful in helping those in need. We think that this issue does not meet the sensory barriers and is not subject to interference, only those who in this capacity may be more or less "strong" in issuing this channel responsive and beneficial. This is because as human beings we are subject to the average non-linearity. That is also a headache can be a time when you are unable to perceive at a distance, because as is normal when a physical or moral pain we wrap our attention is paid to it. In some cases, people who have this psychic development, they can disassociate themselves from their discomfort and be completely efficient in hearing distance, this is simply an evolutionary level staff member who through a perfect knowledge of themselves and are able to control estranged from their feelings, while entering into this "dimension" that assumes a neutral role with respect to what happens in us apparently.
This article is a personal way to explain the "sixth sense", and its capabilities. Its interpretation must be free. The same article noted that simply does not want a free way to interpret what the "sixth sense" for me today. As such there are several texts that have dealt with on the same topic, and this article definitely does not want to say what is true or what is not, no one compares to the simple freedom of expression. And how it should be, to investigate this topic, please read more. Because reading on several considerations you can better understand the subject matter.

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