martedì 21 giugno 2011

The voice of sorrow

The pain does not respond to compassion, does not remain silent invocation of the grace you ask, comes along and decides ...
Life with us always think that everything belongs to other people, sometimes as indifference to escape from the fears that we are distant and at the same time, we see the world rolling in pain of innocent victims, we see the suffering of the sick and eyes of the truth that we go through in an instant, merciless hear the scream, but nothing, stand still a moment and turn your head, to us it is far, only one station is the fear of living it.
Too many times he turns his head to clear the vision of what the heart sees, the soul is absent, but excludes the eye and without, the mind wants to impose the life that altruism is the last moment, not all but of many. The voice of sorrow, you feel it is the merciless and absolute storm, shutting out this feeling, you have fear, indifference is the weapon that takes away the sight of it makes us feel safe, and does not entertain the expectation of something that nobody wants. Who wants a pain? None. But do not turn your head before it, is a step in the understanding, which is not in the logic of the mind, is to hear it through the soul, take a full awareness and round, sometimes try to soothe the pain of others , immerses us in the extreme happiness, we are not gods or saints, we are simple as always, that in giving we receive and tell what is going to receive is to know it from the bottom, giving is granted, staff shall not be judged, not measures. What happens after you have felt the pain of others is projected in a receipt which gives calmness and serenity, "Acceptance" that puts in danger of extinction fears that are associated, we are strong and conscious after, this is what we are given.
"They will say the opposite, and nobody will say anything, tell of fear and no one will judge you, do not say and do is endless and all are silent in the light."
The voice of the pain is excruciating, but the voice of love is the addition of all in his infinite, we can not make it all bright this is what I think, but we can put a ray of sun in the hopes of those who are less fortunate. Planting a seed of a daisy and see it flourish, with nothing to do, sit and wait for what we shall see, this is what happens once in a lifetime if we do not ignore the voice of sorrow.
It will remain exposed and personal thinking, this, but that does not extinguish the hope, but it sows, no one is deprived of the heart, no one is indifferent, no one ...

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