martedì 31 gennaio 2012

The words are not everything

If eyes could talk they would say a lot of things, that the voice does not yet know ...Two prying eyes are observed between windows and bars, night lights are now lit and the red tinge this scenario. How to scrutinize their faces, how much passion there is, almost the smell of love is felt in the air. And you're looking for the second observer to say something banal conversation and then feel the warm skin between the fingers. As a sneak thief bribe your soul in that desire is there and she running after that, around the corner .. Would you like to say what he wants to fire you, then you think, the words are not everything and look at the shoes that support the body, a beautiful woman. A gait sublime as you savor the flavor in the palate between the fantasy of possessing at least one minute. She is already far away and you're still there, still, between the forbidden dream ..The night has just arrived and lovers like ghosts out of red, now want their moment of passion, they want warmth now choked between walls and awkward lies. And you observer circles her, you saw her again at nightfall, now quick steps, here it is again .... Now look crosses her watching you, not a mark on the face has no expression. You see his eyes deep, deep, passion you'd expect, but she does not move anything her statuesque expression freezes the moment in you, you approach almost weighed down by fear of what might be saying something. The city lights are now dim, the sounds seem to vintage melodies of a sonata and you, you are close to you ....We observed only seconds that seem eternal, full and empty, the words are not everything, I am nothing now, you have no word of what you put in the pocket of your imagination. Now feel the smell, feel the breath, as you may say words, what good is saying ...When the hands are now in the first contact, and life flows through this moment, what good are words when the ecstasy of the moment is to see the midnight sun and the musicians playing that song sweet, and she now close to your breathing. He wants his life, just want to love .. Eyes to tell that ocean of words that the voice would never, contact primal of love without sound, but full sun in that only they can see, the spell is now, the kiss is now, and you do not even know why a . But what a moment because it does not matter, you are now in the fantasy you wanted the lights and the stage of a life to be born again without saying anything. The passion, voracious race ever a time that you would like it to end. Now the flavor flowing from his lips, the sap of life, now fantasy spaces, now it's all true, the words are not everything ....

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