giovedì 12 gennaio 2012

solitary thought

Sneak in existing,
remains the memory of her
popular over time,
wound in the soul.

Solitary thought,
remember that story that tells the time,
thou man master of your destiny, your destiny only servant,
remember now, but rememberest instantly
selfishness of the flesh of the heart that are base requirements.

Easy to tell,
the loneliness that deceives, consolation forced exile of truth.
She injured woman then living in your heart,
space of the idyll,
enclosed space now.

You want to know,
in your recall
her life today;
but you're just a memory of an accomplice.

Now the lonely thought,
is the shadow of that sun that does not look much,
The Big Chill does not pass the hill of flowers at that time,
but only in the mind, visions and admissions know now.

Your awakening is the love that is missing now
want the warmth and look back in time,
who opened her heart in you.
The cold is alive in you,
admit the error of the mirror,
admit everything and everything will change.

It 's time to close the memory,
what good is a past
... what's the point.

In the past you want to sail,
tremble and enjoy,
in this imaginary world, now is the time to change,
only what you can do.

What was there left,
what you can do is your present forever,
and love will be your reality simply.

Solitary thought,
voice of conscience which raises man,
listening time,
to give the only true answer.

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