giovedì 12 gennaio 2012

And it starts all over

In life there are no absolute certainties, we as dreamers always try the comfort of things. .There is nothing wrong in the end, we are human and not superior beings, with our faults and feelings which need to be alive. We could tell so much about situations that we live well and would not be enough to define a story that is not time, is too large to be in a book, is too immense to be contained in something. Then we simply have to experience a story, but one at a time ...
One day a person fell in a difficult time in his life, perhaps did not immediately recognize why, but the pain pervaded so much that he stopped sleeping and eating. The tears did not even need to placate him was that the ball of pain he had. She was crying in the corner of a room and no one could understand why. Then as in the fairy tales someone gave him some advice, one that can not be ignored, but only accept when you no longer see a way out of a situation that has no solutions. So take this advice, this person casting the pride of what was and embrace humility, took the verbal advice and put it into practice, admitted to the world of being sick, he admitted it and did not put on why he was doing. Then he took the direction indicated by the advice I had received and start to work in his deepest unconscious layers by extracting from him a past hidden. At that moment opened up a channel between him and his soul and knew his feelings, his pain for life, his fear of living and accept the consequences of his actions, his feelings and thoughts. In all that you showed the truth and he never gave up acceptance without saying, this is not true. Then he felt the need to find God in him, and the value of life in the timeless virtues. This was decided not to think too much time to devote to something that would help him to recognize who he was, and what there was in him really. A discipline became part of his life, like many, but at that moment was right, tough and loving at the same time. The dedication was complete without asking the arrival in anything, do everything, and followed the rules even if it is painful and hard, he opened his heart to the world without saying I'm never wrong. It was like opening their doors to the unknown that always scared because of that sense of incomprehensible that we have in us, when there are no certainties but only unknown. But he did so unaware of what could happen. I embrace life for what it was, never say where she was the direction it was like living in the moment present in every day by recognizing the stones hidden in the past and never really taken in hand. Nothing built something immediately, but he went straight ahead, and living simply abandoning the pretense that it was this wonderful journey to the center of his heart and his soul.In time everything back light, light that does not remember for how much and decided that this was shared between him and a higher world he had left to go. Just as he has brought this to others, the means are just simple steps for something that is all we ever really belongs.
When he felt that happiness was also born from his desire to live more in life, more present for everyone. A simple gesture of gratitude towards the whole, the universe. But the mere existence of this story does not live in order to become a happy, no point in living a straight life, must coexist a fall. Does because it is just the perfect living the imagery of those who do not really feel the perfection of hard ascents in the underworld, which are simply havens that we can have endless ...
Nothing lives in total good and life back in a few moments of pain. He resented this and saw how it was still small compared to the whole human being, a real particle of dust on a cubital. Not including the immediate event, there is not always right for this privilege is perhaps a growing leakage without waste and without fear. But the fall came up again in his life, because without a true, without a real motive, but as happens when the fall to see the pain you are already in pain itself, and this can only hear you. The error was not included in that he does not understand that every street that you live is not single and unique. But more than simply our will, we can not always feel when we are absent from what we believe is right. We only put the single vision and not put into question if we really are doing or experiencing the thing properly. It 's like being blinded by a knowledge too poor to say I know life. We can not but know that we have lived and learned, and never what we are living if we do not have a base, but he discovered how easy it was to fall in pain after watching the top and the bright light of his being in total. Then with a last effort after it was already falling back in pain once again recognized the mistake he had committed, he knew how emotions can not be in fantasy, but must be exposed for all to be understood, that the pain can not be sustained without acceptance total, and as if a voice at one point told him that. And he said to himself, between smiles and tears, now it's just time to start over, nothing has stopped me in if I have not really understood where I was wrong.

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