giovedì 26 gennaio 2012

Do not get corrupted by negative mind.

We speculated how much until now passatto through our intellect, and how many of these thoughts are twisted?Too many in thousandths of a second and think about all this does not lead you to always see the negative things. We are accustomed to chronic pessimism, almost like a fad. We go places, we meet with people at this point begins a dialogue and in most of the time living in this pessimism. We put the trial in all, as if we were the judges of life. It could be said to be a common custom to date, as it seems normal for everyone. But when we analyze the conversations it is clear that we are in a permanent judge to shine and this leads to the negative that exists in us, we are not positive because we put our anxieties, fears, doubts, and all that junk we could define what mental we say. Do not put him with the sense of a reported speaking to us, this would be a critic and do not always have the courage to be seen for what it is. Then we find a way to vent this in conversations based on what happens, we see people in the "safety valve" and as such entering into these conversations we put our thinking above all, we are judges and Executioner at the same time and in that we are not alone, because in conversations involving several people.The negative mind is playing in this case the "master" with us and we can not at times be aware of it since, those who participate in the conversation of the media are like us. In them there are, differences of character, ideas, etc.. but this simply determines their approach to the conversation in a different way but still not convey that sense of neutrality that would be healthy for all the touches.This dialogue made the perpetuation of judgments and negativity, leading over time to erode the sense of beauty in us that we made up.People become increasingly arid, and eager to have the greatest ideas ever to say and feel happy. We do not recognize what the root might be the true sense of the good in us, because the negative mind corrupts the whole mental system at that time. We have several ways to restore this, leading to the zero point on our opinion and putting my mind at the disposal of the heart. We at that time the possibility of having some smile more, and this does not mean sacrificing if not identical to be negative and judges of all.We can consider that judging is very simple: we say that's wrong, not including the half that elevates us the truth we do not see and we will not accept. It 'a project our dramas to what we see, it is done intentionally or not does not change it. We do this and this remains the fact. If instead we take a period of time the exemption from commenting on the negative, we begin to feel what we can tell our silence, we will have a sense of recovery. Will initially float all our fears, hesitations, doubts, failures. We are human and all have sides that are not pleasant inherent in them. We recognize this and recognize how much space we have given the negative mind, without understanding that the neutral is the way to happiness. At this time we can avoid conversations that pose always exaggerate, to judge and shade in all, then we can eliminate the time that we can not, we can not, do not want. This is the first step that leads to direct us to the inner understanding and as such brings to us the correct way of things and to follow will benefit from this.The zero point, which we then understanding requires a simple meditation session done in the absence of noise, and without reciting anything, is in practice a self-analysis of what the mind tells us that, so we listen to what happens in us.In this step, we have dedicated to listening to the sense of what buzzes in our heads, we will see when there is bad in us. Simply recognizes that invades so our mind is too big to feel that we can then make an objective feature of the individual event, things, etc.. is a strong awareness that if you associate with will be happy leads to dramatically improve our relationship with ourselves and the context in which we live.Need reminding that this is a simple way to recognize in us what the mind is negative and how we can try to correct this. Obviously the effect can also be amplified and improved, but in this case we must make decisions that lead to different starting courses focused on discipline and as such there are many. But the simple fact of trying to understand what we are and what in us can be non-compliant with a happy life, in itself helps and encourages them to make steps towards specific courses bring into balance our being and lead to awareness and consequently an improvement of our standard of living.

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