lunedì 9 gennaio 2012

I'll want to be just myself

Your brakes will not become live imagery ...
I grow up I want to do the job that I feel, how much time will pass before it is what I want. I see what I want to be the greatest, when did I make this I will also. A voice then we will say at once: I'll just be myself ....What joy there is in free-riding without seeing anything to be like us, we can see the sky and the earth and recognize how many of us in it there is. We will see people's faces and see ourselves in our being alike in form and essence away.What then may be all that's just the simple gift of seeing what few see beyond their desire.
Just one voice. do not need to say that we are choirs in our beautiful flaws, colors, feelings and opinions, we are and will remain a sense of diversity complementary and indivisible for the human future. We may be in the street but the weight of this dell'assomigliare not stand forever. We can be what we want, simple reactions of action fake, but we can not wait even for the best part of this. The truth does not blind and deaf.
It 's simple chase the dream, but it is much more complex to be alive. When we recognize ourselves in ourselves, without looking at what we have seen for some time as a point of arrival with more and better prospects for the future, we have only completed a better future and unmatched. Just because we are a step beyond the difficulties that the arrival inner terrain that lead to the path of no certainty. Uncertainty is simply an ally of a defeat is like the hidden human doubting almost certain now true. Reject all this means accepting an abandonment uncertain destiny to live indefinitely in space and in this live illimitante full of mystery touch the best possibilities, the reason is simple: when it falls on the wall of fear that leads to delineate an association convenient, begins in us the 'true expression of what we in our absolute potential. It 's like being left alone on an island, we can think to seek help the first time, but then when we see our primary needs are live, we will start an ingenious mechanism of the supreme and we will do what I can not think and who will not this, he will place a border of the imminent end and not the fate that has placed an extreme situation.
The examples are many, and as always we would like to try to be able to say, it is true. But what is true or false does not lead to certainties to be questions without answers. We are full of questions to which we will answer questions that will generate an endless cycle unproductive prohibiting the evolution that is normal for our highest good. We have two choices: live with questions or making a living sense of ourselves. When will we realize that being yourself in all respects is only the means to live life with no problems accepting the mystery and its proof, we just won everything in this passage of time that accompanies us for the time of this earthly sojourn. This resourceful and we will not attempt an arrival that we think best, we do not know if it will ever actually and in the end will really be a certainty of happiness.
Happiness is the vision we have no glass in a mirror when we see reflected not us, but others or other things that we think elevino us beyond what we are. We are what we are and that nobody will ever change and that we can only live in the fullness when we recognize ourselves in the mirror. That's when we can say that I am happy because we are just ourselves.
The phrase without time limit remains: I'll want to be just me, this is the phrase that carries over without obstacles that we overcome today and in the future

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