venerdì 27 gennaio 2012

Mystical dreaming

Mystical dream
between oceans and starry universes,
empty words to confine,
real emotions, feelings of death,
that gravitate into hearts of metal.
Where the eye can see,
the sound of love will call,
gravitational defrost now tired of men
in the mystic dream of a will ...
Of a not be what the mirror shows.
The sweet dream accompanies this strange feeling of flight,
is falling,
balances tightrope walkers in the balance between stars and depths,
where now the love is only the end ...
Of a principle denied,
by those who are carriers of the heart of metal;
hanging on to this hope of games off the evil of a living
and a fate avoided
for fear of belonging to the merger of two souls,
hemispheres of their dance in these abstract
love you tomorrow and create the real universe,
between the mystic dream of a man who no longer knows how to recognize
what life
always told him.

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