giovedì 26 gennaio 2012

Psychology and meditation new frontier of the human

various forms starting from the stress and anxiety and panic are passing on the agenda. The forms that affect people have different levels of incidence, but this gives a general profile quite worrying. As of today you can still fight well these forms of "disease". What is extremely important that it is always the primary step that says: I recognize that I have a problem. In this space to give people chance to be helped. Which is difficult because often associate these "diseases" although mild and transient things that can not be told and as such on the closing forces people to unnecessary suffering, no need to blame at how we can now be biased in this, what is important to give a simple explanation of how to begin healing.The conditions of the human being must be placed as a primary source of life compared with everything, and as such be serene and happy is an undeniable right of all. Having said that preconceptions are only obstructions that do not carry the right to happiness and peace, as I am to say that evil is not a crime, neither is seeking help from someone specializing in this field. It should not be afraid to be helped, much less what people may think of us in these moments. Also because it's easy to put summary judgments if you do not live these dramas that can be defined that hurt and feel bad about those close to us.The recognition that it is experiencing a period of pain dictated by the mind, must be seen as an obstacle to be overcome like all things in life. So to move towards a specialist is a decision that helps to begin to return to the stage that we deserve better. The work we're going to do for these people is always hard at first because of our discomfort factors emerge and as such is never easy, but you must also understand that this is the primary step towards the "healing." Then if we go to this psychological work to combine meditation can help because we have a double work on different layers of our being and this amplifies the benefit. Consider that there are a lot of meditation and give something to all those who practice them, are their real cleaning tools for the mind and not just act on our inner being so well defined. In fact all meditation always works on the mind neutral, ie that which is interposed between the positive and negative, but other than that works on precise layers inherent in us: fear, anger, pain, anxiety, etc.. as well as physical states of various kinds.Then combine two types of "cure" is a new frontier is not unknown to those who choose freely to date to match the ancient traditional cures to a discipline such as meditation and this finds its optimal condition. Obviously both of the two solutions should always be followed by specialists, because the so-called "DIY" may not be appropriate because the species in meditation, since it is assumed that a psychological therapy session can not be done alone, must be followed by people who know how to direct us to appropriate behavior to approach this. Also because it is not easy to understand how meditation functions initially for several reasons: they tend to want immediate effects, the mind itself is opposed to this practice of putting resistance that emerge in what we do while (a series of thoughts that begin to flow surfacing in the mind and tend to make us desist from this), respiration must be corrected and consequently all the positions of the hands and arms, and finally any mantras that are recited must have the exact correct pronunciation and phonetics.
If we look at the speech brackets mantra, a phrase is not random and as such must be pronounced correctly. It has a well defined sound, and this is effective because it makes the sentence itself. When we recite a mantra also going to stimulating the meridians (series of points on the upper palate) that act as stimuli themselves. So even this may not be random therefore always better to practice at least initially rely on courses where it is learned properly contemplated and then as a daily practice, coupled with therapy sessions already established by the specialist.This article is not scientific, but it is part of a series reported experiences where this combination has yielded positive results and as such is the only generic without specific written to follow (kind of psychological therapy, type of specialist courses leading to the practice of Meditation and meditations appropriate to the individual case).

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