sabato 6 agosto 2011


See from above, that gives the eye, boundless charm ... well in the gesture, saying in addition, observe in silence.

Everything is beautiful, the dancing look from up above. The stars that circle to keep in hand, twins are shiny. Incanto.

Now dance, do not stop, do not stop. See now everything is beautiful, your thinking was the horror of what you can not know, but now, everything is different.

You will see your float, land white, ice white, streaked with blue, sea and sky reflected in confounding.

Incanto ..

You'll see mountain peaks, natural colors, dark and deep. Scents of pine and all will remember the feel of grass lawns who heard the wires to caress the skin.

You will see oceans, the blue color to fade, pronfondi and calm, agitated and foamy, waves and waves ..
Break in the cliffs and you will see this ..

Incanto ..

You will see the forest, where nothing appears in the subject of vegetation, which seem to protect the mother earth, and you will see this now in the enchantment, six with me in my cloud ...

From there we will be without borders and we will dance with the stars,

you want the eternal,

I'll always I give my ...

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