domenica 7 agosto 2011

in the mirror

The thought is thin, fine, fine .. You can extend it indefinitely, edit it and expose it, from mouth to mouth changes, and becomes unreal.
Life is too beautiful to be seen always only an idea. I make myself an idea, on the basis of a thought in my mind says this. How many times will you still feel the buzz inside us? The answer is too simple, but now we do not know to be in the simplicity, restrict the viewing patterns of thought, and this is the limit that will not be explored.None or few can see beyond those that draw simple conclusions, no one judges them, but they are first in this. He talks to himself, a growth of conclusions that have no basis, and only the mind always tends to give the wrong path on, useless to attach to this, the defect is most beautiful in the world.Perhaps too many people do not see this, evade the truth, even if truth itself is elusive, you can not win, look, listen, live in a hidden space, where only the inner contact the exhibition, those who risk it? A few very few ..
The remainder is much easier to say thinking, expose the truth of the swarm that mumbles in mind, this is to make judgments and is certainly amplified a vision of life itself. We are aware born, and we have become schematic, this is the bond that asks to be dissolved over time.To date, I see and hear around my neutral substance, a sea of ​​words about words, they show little or no mirror, afraid to go into the self, the abandonment of the mind imposing patterns, dogmas, alignments, it is too difficult be abandoned. The moment one decides this, he feels the weight of their be light, fly, do not have boundaries, limits, one is aware at that point.
To say this is not a utopia, created by a thought, thought is only a wish, lives in the future, is to remember that. To say this is the true consciousness that dwells in us, when we have no boundaries and we use the heart as a form of reception and display. Then we'll see in the mirror if we in truth, it will not be absolute, but it will be created and generated by us, not from what we know and they said, and often forced to believe. The truth is born, no attempt is abstract and only conceived in us is the real one. The rest is a return patterns, words and whatnot.In the mirror we are pure in that moment and nothing touches us, everything is reflected and we are free in love, that true happiness. Shows that the fragrance of life, the flavors are full, the air is pure, snow is white, we are at the height of the light and everything is great. Let's leave the rest to those who want the summary, the scheme, which thrives on assumptions and judgments, none of us judge them.
Better to be judged that judge, those judges were impressed by us in one way or the other. The time will never give him reason but always and only to us who we are and mirrors are not influenced. In the mystery, we know that we follow and we are aware, therefore, can not be a judge in our interest. "We have everything in us" and as such we can just laugh about it, those who want to expose something that comes from a pattern. The mind is a beautiful essence of roses, but like all things scented tires in the long run, the mind has a fragrance that never fails, if neutral. This fragrance does not buy, do not study, and is put on display in the windows. Arises only from a mind that meditates. And who knows why the mirror, and well.
The world is divided, but who lives in the mirror is not affected by the divisions, but only by divine that lives in him.

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