mercoledì 3 agosto 2011

the temples of love

Remember a time when the love of her innocence, a past of hate, hate this ..
Recall of life between a man and a woman, fleeting glances and subtle signals.The meetings have hopes, we put everything there, we observe in the hope of a flower that will blossom. The contact is verbal, words of description, understanding now only on notes and directions are thin. Smells to remember who is in front of us. The eye colors of light fantasy, the nuances are absent, it's all in the middle of his gaudy hues. Words that slowly bring the serene, quietly approaching infinity and is another way to participate in the ritual.
The skin, the contact says much heat that pervades the mind and flows into the cells that go insane, hot, cold, fire and then ..The contact to the temples where we live the game is almost the height of the lovers.
Game, life is a game at the end of warm and lively, full and empty, every moment is indelible in my heart. The temple of love resides in us and now its doors are open, gold and incense, intoxicate the atmosphere, the bright light envelops everything. The heat is warm and love is open, waiting.
The completion of the final meaning is the flavor, feel, one of the other, the temple will now be in its heyday. Steal "the essence" of the vortex that absorbs everything, we will be inside the temple of love, all senses will now be off peak and no desire ...
The contact will come in and see the deeper truth is love? or illusion? Everything seems bright hours ..
We have put us in everything we are, the desire is strong, but fear will not stop the instincts, the temple of love is now open and everything goes in his mystery.
We want the future to draw the map of life and love, but the first contact will unveil our senses, we will be bare, hoping that the heart be united with the heart that we met.
The desire for life is strong and this must be the gift .... To love and be loved, called the temple of love to life and deep knowledge of him and us in a whole that will be ..

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