sabato 27 agosto 2011

The peak light

Blinding light, colorful horizons .. Borders on the vision of all creation.
Once asked what was the emotion of the peak light, the silence was the answer. The faces of the people were ice cream and did not understand why this response, perhaps too strange in a world of useless words. The time had to repeat endlessly the question, the silence was the master of the response.
The man who lives with questions, could only make a trivial question, what it was and how it felt the arrival of the peak light. It happened, because the knowledge must be logical and predictable, the mystery was too difficult for those who lived the logic and rationality. Some, perhaps taken from a genuine desire to understand, posed the question: how to get to the top light?Responses began to arrive, but they were absolute truths.

"Absolute live in the Olympus of the great Self."
Everything began to be exposed to those of logic and stale life had begun to see the side of suffering, existential oblivion made of empty and lonely. The change was imminent. Now it was time to listen.
He saw that the summit, then spoke: Start contrasting in saying that God was present in us in our inner being, the uninitiated of what remained speechless, now children of the given patterns. Everything had been made since childhood obliged to give a direction, say that God was in them was easy, but understanding of what it was like destroying fences erected by years of words reported.The diagrams given, as were the words that you learned, and as such, other than a beginning was to reconstruct the rights of the true freedom that exists in every individual. Modern times had only put patterns, imposed dogmas, and rules. The company required that, to make people "good", although not all this became like the precess' s education had decided.Exposing a theory, it was the only way to begin to understand that every person is free, and schematic. Some went, natural selection of those who live in fear of the inner change. But this was a natural process, which must have belonged to those who really wanted to see on its way to the top, well, light. Numerous common names that led up to the elevation of the soul. The few who stayed to listen, began to feel that no one was alone, and God was with them in always, everywhere, in the timeless time, and it was all over them. It was the first step, where to seek solitude stretched forever, began to fall.
Everyone saw themselves, change, and listened to the story, who lived between fantasy and truth. No one poses obligations, the words were calm and even those who did get a drop of that experience began to accrue real awareness of the soul.The story went on to recall the strenuous climb, walk to the summit where it all sea, sky, earth and space. All dimensions in a new dimension.The hearts of those who listened began to beat faster, these words were the apotheosis of an extreme view. Believe it or not, was never told about the dilemma of this trip. No one was in the scheme, hear and determine it was the freedom that every person could live off the board and out of what they called normal. Nobody remained indifferent to these words. The simple words to ask other questions, disagreements, which were symptomatic in this tale drops of light had penetrated the inner being of these people.
The story continued and the man who told said: That man was a fusion with the whole, where everything was similar and different. The contradiction was strong, but essential. Nothing was sure to walk to the summit, and who had decided to listen to understand. Certainty that would never have been made outside of words, the words would be born in them. All this was and could become possible only if you were immersed in themselves, eliminating the known by the mind to indulge themselves in the arcane.It was yet another selection, and many went away, disappointed by this. After all, the tangible world was the only reality they knew, and feeling that everything had to be put aside put them in fear of the unknown. The man who smiled at them and told them to embrace. There was hatred in his view this, any more than he believed in individual freedom.
The few, were now heard in these words, the true energy, the desire began to rebel interior after years of slavery. Sit and listen felt that the steps to the summit, were hard. Each step was an entry into the deepest dimension of man and his being, every step and a weight that fell from their shoulders. Without doing anything, they had started their way to the top light.

The man who says, smile and peace in the face, watching the faces of these people. Disciples of the moment, the disciples themselves, masters of tomorrow, masters of themselves.
The eyes began to glow with hope to the present, willingness to try what seemed impossible to conceive. None of them ever asked, what you see on the top light. No one could ever answer except silence, the sign of true happiness than he could give. Everyone decided to follow the movement that was born in them, was never told that the only way was, all the streets were walking. And only in the deep inner being of every person could be born a truth.Truth to follow, expand, disciplines and meditations, countless ways to walk toward the divine that lived in them. Companion of the ever-mate that would lead eventually to the size that the summit gave light.
These men and women, took their journey, God heard them, live strong, absolute. The solitude and the supplication of the past were only a memory stored in the mind. For years they had sought solutions to their life as nomads wandering in all the banks of the tangible world. Read books and professed any sort of illusion, which was placed the banner of their being happy. Then simple words, told them that everything was already in them, few were listening. Few were brave to go into what the world does not expose.
Life is not a unique dimension, life is multidimensional, and each person can be reborn in its true essence of what it was.Each person can hear God in a deeper way, I'm not saying ... never be truly a manifestation, is never a judge what you do not try. No one can know everything, we are just one step in this existence that is not the end. We are magnificent beings, in our apparent imperfection.Apparent only because the challenge of life, the risk and mystery, leading to excellence. This is for everyone, but everyone is also believe that everything that is not learned in the scheme is an illusion. Perhaps all is illusion, perhaps all that lives in size can only imagine, but this is the mystery of the peak light that no one can ever describe.
The top light is abstract, and this makes it fascinating in its research, "free from all our being and brings him back to the primordial moment zero". Where we were really aware and where everything was bright. The beauty of life living in this moment, where everyone can say and do, get, get away. Belief and disbelief. Everything is possible in the impossible of our existence. The top light is always there waiting, an 'other person to arrive and see what some have already seen ... ..

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