mercoledì 31 agosto 2011

voices of utopia

The word becomes an end in itself.
The world wavers between consonants and vowels together in sterile words, phrases displayed in the weather will not remember. Only the damage will be visible, too many are the ideals that have no foundation. But the imagination is listening and everything becomes a utopia of life, without truly living.
All live and all complain about their life that seems never to have peace
This is the evil of the millennium that everyone wants to hide and that proclaiming megaphones explained on the contrary, with promises loudly exposed. Words of encouragement to join the crowds that sing, the words of the books where the stories are mixed between reality and illusion, is extremely beautiful, parrots and spread the word utopia and still felt that spread.
To say and do, simply being, that nothing will be that the time is ..
There are multitudes of these rules and false hopes to create robots which are alive and swollen words fly in the sky and then falling, nothing touches that bring that fantasy. Easy to talk to and be convinced of what is learned and is just for an emotional state. This involves a lot of people slowly, which in turn spreads and the perpetrators, in their absolutism, no one says no! At these words are true, very true absolute, this is the story of the love they say, and within this, the vacuum is absolute ..
Judgments and projections to comfort their utopian life, made of mercy and love, in the words they utter. But inside it there is a lot more, too much of the gulf that separates them from those with the words he wrote a love without ink, and some have read this book and heard this song, in their most intimate feelings, have heard all this. .
Say and not say, better to be silent, before the protagonists of the words contained in utopias,
Lives in us the courage, but often is not, this is the real sense that one can understand. Who speaks and says it exposes, in its entirety. Perhaps his words will resonate, but it will be true and photos to capture moments without retouching result, evidence.The words have plagued the happiness that was right. They did not and all you are aware, when listening to your little one in and then solve anything, because listening is not to put into practice, is and remains the shortcut, that Utopia becomes indirect.You say, the experience he had in life the one who said certain words is absolute! In the end it was his and not yours, there are many words that have no foundation and that will be said to satisfy the one who will tell you. He or they are the puppeteers and the puppets that we can say the end? There remains a sense that life is not a true, we will have words that come from deep, but often they stop and this is the life in half. Finding the answer or not if free from the wires that bind us as puppets, is very complex. It 'a phenomenon of everyday life and as such time will tell whether or not you can have true freedom, made decision-making powers that are born in us and are not influenced by anything.
Identify remains to be total in a total of themselves and when the word accompanies this is never absolute. And 'delicate, intense but never thrown into an impossible form as a word and never put more than those who listen. This is the case that the identification was established not by stereotypes and stories, but stems from experience gained from within, a journey made by touching the tips of the pins, and feeling the effects that cause harm. This is not a member utopias of voices proclaiming, belongs to us, mere observers of the pioneers to today's life. Pioneers say a word seems inappropriate, but who now lives by its own light and feeds the brain and spiritual level, what he discovers in himself, is a pioneer of interiority.Maybe it will be far from the true concept of enlightenment, but this is a big step anyway. In this society now where everything is complied conformist and a sediment of the past, try to be independent and free of all is like touching the peak of the inner level that exceeds the common average. May sound exaggerated, but enough to stop a moment and be observers wait to see this. It is easy to see, just open your eyes and lean over to watch the phenomenon that shows, and hear what is said every day, for years, for centuries now. If one succeeds in this is a true pioneer, is a free person.
The voices of utopia have saturated the system, polluted and done what was unthinkable happen,
This too live and too many are unaware of this. It will not be a small article to change everything. Everything will follow its course and as such will find that those who want the freedom that true, will include what to do and which voice to follow. Everyone can change in life, but only if you really want.

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