sabato 6 agosto 2011

solitudes deception

Euphoric feelings, you see the world, people, everyone laughs. Do you think they're happy and you, inside you do not understand what you miss.
Maybe loneliness is a hoax, maybe it's a reality, everything is always too fast, now see and understand that it's gone. You see it's true but it is beyond what you are, how do you feel lonely or alone? Deception was alone, never in truth, say it is not simple, exhibiting a history of a thousand things, serves no purpose.Every past is the past, each one of us has experienced, but few took advantage of a revival. Ours is an era where everything is possible, and in fact everything seems impossible. The paradox is obvious. We are too sleepy to believe that this can change. Nobody will ever tell you what a rebirth, it is he who lives to live, but solitude is yours and as such you are called to say stop to this.The deception loneliness, memories are burned in a past that has no name and location is just in the past, your, my, his, are always in the past. Then it is time to paint this as the most important part, it's time to get in touch with yourself and understand that you can be free and happy.
Only an experience is an experience that creates, only this is the bridge to be built and once built are over and the past stays where it is. We passed along to everything and we will be happy and free.
It seems difficult? Maybe it's easier to stay in the illusion that enter into the truth, she did not track and has no form and is not identifiable, but this does not limit it in you, just do not ask for someone, just look ..
Finding it is not the mystery, you just close your eyes and breathe, listen to your breath, I feel alive, it is a truth, this is yours. Open your eyes and how nothing had proof that you have had a trivial thing like breathing with your eyes closed the door to the dimension where the mind is not accessed. This shows that you win enough to be alone for life and not for deception, a breath of life is a mouthful, is tangible proof. If this was born a crack then you realize that the rest is a second step, but the first is always the hardest. Understand that in us there is a truth that does not center the mind, says in no uncertain terms, that the moment we have experienced in listening to the deep breath, we were out of the constraints of the mind that always wants to tell that we are alone and sad .For example, both take a gamble for a passage, but remains free to decide to live. Deciding not to be lonely and unhappy it's up to you, but in us and in all there is breath and that's not an illusion of the past, that is, it is true, is strong. This simply says that will is power, and that the complaint leading to the complaint, as this is only the first step to real liberation ... ...
What everyone can do.

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