lunedì 22 agosto 2011

the rock


the wave of the sea,

protect the love that many judge,

vary in their view ..

Indifferent to their hearts, love is love, no form, no words. To love is to live, being in love, to admire the moon, neutral feeling, which explodes, the appraiser is, the edge of a feeling.
Rock to stem waves carry, endless boundaries, total ecstasy.

The rock is a friend, is the rock border, double size, double the life, love is a wave, it's all love.

the rock is the neutral inprigionare film, with moments of time, do not expose that judgments. Life remains, will be, you, me, us, we love only when we remember the love, strength and not fear.

Amnesia, answers, call the Rock. Do not see the neutral love without boundary, the broken wave does not ask forgiveness, deny the love, the being that lives.

Games or arcane? Just shows, love is life, who escapes, represses, life is a whole, the stumbling block remains the friend if you want, protects, but limited. The wave comes in you to say, I love you, love you, I love life ... I love all, all, are simply ... Love. Hot air, which permeates the life, the real one, that bright.

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