mercoledì 3 agosto 2011

the Fairy

She laughs and laughs at you ... hahaha, Look and words do not have. She is the fairy. Want to beg, hymn to the pain evident that alchemy live without time, a cry that you ..

Her the Fairy, who appears in the fog to your screaming I invoke, though now on his knees, fear your cloak ... Burden.

Now you do, stupid man invokes her clemency, she laughs. Look you do not know what to do, the smile she appears now, everything is light and crisp.

He said: Get up ..

You feel as if suspended by wires trembling legs to support us, the burden of fear crushes your nature, naked man hours without veils, called love, and the fog disappears.

Shadow of a rosy light that love lights up, takes shape in fear, you get up quietly.

Screams ... ... ... .. Fine, but to yourself.

The Fairy, beautiful you are going to be naked in your touch, hug and not be afraid, naked and alive you must take the soul that wants revenge, the horror hit me tell you ... No way, no time, fear is your prison ..

Now feel the infinity of the Fairy, contact of the lips.
Now close your eyes, the kiss is the covenant that you are going to do, including blood and tears must now pay nothing.

Wonderful feeling, now see, and you're already behind it goes.

Shouts, but who you are, you as the wind rolls his eyes and scoff at you, laughs, laughs, ...

... Word that thunders. the truth, you were looking for.

Man now walks toward a universe that belongs to you, naked six

the mantle has fallen.

Available now you can dance,

in truth you are,

understanding that you want to sing, everything is what it has always been,

fear only an illusion.

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