venerdì 19 agosto 2011

Love life

Eyes that look, man you come from afar, and everything you own. Hands to touch your luxury, real or apparent, that the place is sparkling ...
Distant lands, bright colors and scents of spices, surround your life. People in the frantic movements of the market that call, you stranger, look. Everything you brought with you, and now see absolutely nothing in life. People's love for their land, which is for your eyes wonder of creation. Men of that faraway place that few living things, they can only smile at life, which makes rugged tests every day.Children are always in touch, eyes that steal the hearts of those who, like me, us, we often speak of everything and anything that we think we have in mind. Being in this place now, has only one word that frames this picture african, love ...
The contact is always profound, Africa is the mother of the earth. We in the West, already frustrated by all that we possess, we're just lost souls from before this. The taste of sweet and bitter, which lives in us being there at that time, is the stream of consciousness, that axle. "We have everything and anything we see everything." The material gives way to interiority of the place, people are happy in an ever that we have forgotten. The love of life is complete here. We love life, made of alternating circumstances that surround the objectivity of our days. In Africa, you live here and now, everything flows from sunrise to sunset, with colors and scents, including poverty and love.
In the heart of this takes place very quickly, it's like a rebirth of the truth that lives within us. Hours explodes in being here, even for a short share of this purity of life, simple, colorful, where only the heart speaks. The money is of little importance, remains the medium of hope, full of contempt for a life that matters most now live in the absolute.The vile term and puts the money class in what we are, gaps, but not love of life. We are less ready to give, to hands that really need it.They, the people of Africa reaches out and asks .... In this gesture, there is only the dignity that is missing from a West blinded by too much. Maybe like a begging, but behind this there is a survival, denied, by human bases. Medicine and hunger, only what is asked. The money that is given or a gift is a symbol of brotherhood, which goes to enrich only to help children with genuine smiles who want a future like ours. We are privileged that cry for trivial things, that lacking, we can only be silent and to see the smile and love of these people who live in nothingness. We all have that in our homes, we are unhappy, too often; them in their houses, with thatched roofs or sheet metal, water current and light that illuminates not every day the sunsets coming soon, they are happy and share what little have. The heart can not help but listen to this, a profound reflection of who like me, he loves Africa and its people.
To love is to love this life, and not because you see poverty as a hypocrite and you should feel good, goodness is only an appearance often. The gesture of kindness should be the heart of love always and if so, all we would say without any social ladders today. And those children of a thousand smiles and shake our hands to have a secure future.
Love life, you touch all the details, love the carefree life is to embrace all the peoples of the earth. If this happens one day we will be reborn only in the world better. Where we all have the right to life and survival, where the great heart of the African people will be understood not only for those few days of a vacation, but it will be forever, as it was written at the antipodes of life. Today it remains in me, just the memory and the desire to go back, Africa is waiting for the gesture of love and heart that lives in us ...

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