mercoledì 3 agosto 2011

The Drowned World

They are shadows, I wonder, have touched all the poles of existence, are now light ..
Tell the world that it is an area where we walk without even knowing which direction to take.Often the swaying motion of the sea is like a perpetual, many do not admit this. .Too honest to say that you do not have directions, but in this lies a truth. The direction is not the place where we will go and see, touch, and simply the projection that we give to our existence.It seems absurd to say, all this is clear, why ask a thing if we know what to do and where to go, we have created and proliferated. Everything is perfect, apparently remains, if the world becomes a bump and not a flat surface, many would fall and this is a highlight. That says just be free to think whatever you want, but remember:
that everything is not infinite to a finite, but the finite to the infinite.
But no one can say to someone who is experiencing a world of appearances to date. The structure is built up in us has been consolidated over time, and leave you a feeling of being lost. Often, in talking to people I realize this and if in a dialogue expose a different view, focusing inwards is exposed in the pillory. I love this now, and I say to all the people who are in the underwater world, this life, in the way of light.
Way of light, or by interiority, consciousness, and many many terms that can be said. The substance in the concept does not change, what changes is that fear is rampant and the abstract thinking that you are in these streets, many are not. Fear always belongs to those who are rational and logical, where a scheme poses a living. Remains true that fear is a necessity, which cling to the present, but remains a constant overdose leading to overdose with time. With this dose of fear is proportional to the need to have a stop to accidental falls of life, and with this we are always in awareness.
People struggle to understand this, and in itself the world that is below them or above, write a little change location to a world that lives in the spirit and not in matter. This is not a criticism, rather it is just to know that under what we call the world exists in an infinite space, a different world, one of the shallowness of people who only know and never feel the breeze of the wind transport.
People who are in the give and not to judge, in love and never hate, fear, make it an experience and not a public event. For them it's just an exploration of life and not possess a right. They are today and are happy about this, see the past with a smile and laugh in the future, the infinite in their houses and this poses no stops. Everything is included and all share is the true sign that belongs to all, and not exposed to show the wisdom of the superiority inclined to denigrate someone.
The underwater world is just waiting to be discovered in every discovery there is a gift, who denies the existence of this must be understood, so it's just a term that arises in a non-accepting differences. Remain without expanding to another not a certainty but a doubt, that those who are not opposed.
Besides, we are many and varied and each person is free in this thought, decides what is right and what is not.Accept of life and the weather can change anybody's terms but ourselves.

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