lunedì 9 gennaio 2012

Reflections of the stream of consciousness 6: conditioning of feeling

We are born with feelings and as such we are living in them and in their complexity ...
The feeling is freedom of emotion and as such every moment of our lives are full of impulses that make us have feelings suited to every circumstance. When our inner balance is correct in every situation we have an emotional state in proportion to the occasion and the feeling this is correct, we can take inspiration from the feeling of love.Love being the primary form of feeling does not live in any constraint, the only constraint is dictated to us through the rules and principles that we impose on ourselves and that we are inculcated with methodical mania. It may also be appropriate to attach conditions when viewed as a form of love in a relationship between people, this would mean in simple terms that two people who have a form a pair bond, which subject: respect, loyalty, mutual aid, etc. . In fact this is a conditioning that borders only one form of the principle or concept. As such rules are observed up to that feeling is at its best, and until we are able to observe the rules. There is inversely can also see the love between people with a non-binding and does not say that this can be couples with various people, is the same form of a couple "normal", formed by two individuals. The difference is dictated by a different inner lives in absolute freedom and how that love is in itself high and do not put any rules and constraints, such as depriving the feeling of conditioning is amplified and strengthened for a simple reason: if we set the rules and as such we are free, our consciousness expands so as not to require outline of everything we know and feel the sentiment alive in us and as such we think that without having to rules, etc.,. We love because we feel we have to remember hearing him and not because of rules, the rules only if they are spoken from the heart, few or none. Say a few means that the individual character tells her about so little rules exist but are not the same schematic and conditioning, we have simply the pleasure of being in the full sense, and we shall rejoice. Every action it takes will be moved by us in our freedom as we are and we will not be good until the feeling will have its peaks dictated by passion. For the love not being a straight line, but being a flow in every direction, if we identify it in some way, is "moved" by what the mind perceives through the emotions of the moment. Or if we see the first steps in a meeting, love is exhibited in a form more purely physical and passionate, but it is experienced as a result there is so much stronger because of this incidence, and we feel that we have amplified by factors that make it even more penetrating. In the passage of time will be a stabilization of the love that has not been changes, but will simply be more linear with high and low peaks more content like this if you are in freedom and inner knowing these simple moments that will live and who will not to influence the sentiment but to keep it stable and infinite. And 'in a normal married life there is a uniqueness of behavior every day, but this does not determine that we are bound, but only in its normal life with his needs and love remains the same is not affected. However, if we condition on and summarized the feeling we will have many occasions to wear: just bring a problem of life derived from work, friendships, etc.. to find a reason that we see where the rules are not respected, we may confuse the true values ​​with duties dictated not by love but by simple schematization consisting of rules and this will lead to arguments and anger in many cases over time lead to the break in relations .To love is to live life and not a deciding our needs. The same reasoning decision brings to a close and compressed between the mind and ego. So the feeling is boxed, and saw only one way. The conditioning at this point is inevitable, because we do not see nothing but our interest and our needs but we are not able at this point to live them expand through the path of love, but simply through the way of mental impulses. The feeling is a way of feeling human perceptions and expose them in our turn. The exposure and the perception of emotions is correct when we are not in an absolute center, but we are willing to be sentimental in a large complex where everything is free. As such we can live well and we have our egos to restrict the ability to feel the effect in both the transmit our deep feeling. This does not bind our freedom and you are not in the absence of benefits, even in us the feeling explodes into forms totals.
The totality of sentiment exists when we are free from fear and rules dictated by faults, which are in many cases, events in the past that have led to disappointments etc.. But if we live in the past and take on our suffering as a reference and then to think that the right of who we are and how to act is right, we made a mistake. This error hurt us because we ourselves will never be able to manifest our feelings, much less perceive the effect of who loves us. We will be always with a sense of lack and after we have found excuses for some time to understand that between us and telling us myriads of words just to compensate for our lack of evolution in this respect. We will meet in the street always sadder and emptier. The feeling does not ask for a moment to remember that the past, but calls for the revival of all times, like a flower garden that we grow and live through us and we see people who are close. This all takes a very different form full, and full of nuances and colors. Our consciousness extends to the shape of what we really are and never what we think of a painful past and an ego predominantly, but we think it is not real. Because when we stop to think consciousness is felt in its truth and we listen without saying anything. Who will understand what is the feeling free and feel great in these intimate words of love beautiful the way, who will be left to hear the truth and then evade the path will always feel that sense of emptiness in time and no one can escape the truth that shows itself. We are born free, and unconditional love, the rest is just afraid to win that we and only we can do, through the limitless courage that our soul has. Enter it when we hear the fear in this and we will see that it simply disappears giving way to the light of love.

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