lunedì 9 gennaio 2012

We are indivisible, we are soul forever.

Nothing seems what it is, you realize this only when you see the light in you, eternal soul.
We are indivisible in our nature which is reflected in the days of our lives. Life of sacrifice and uncertainty, where every day heaven and hell have only one aspect. Beautiful beings in us the moment of truth is only when a certain point of our journey we will review how much power there is in us, comporci elements that we are not always able to live a whole total of what they are. We are too attached to the right, apparently fictitious between people falter as weak human being simply themselves. The mind, the reason, the body, lack of that union which leads us to be real in the realm of a world already too fake. Rhetoric may be defined the same expression would change, I would be in addition to everything. Why not do it? What became of the brakes the whole person when it sees itself in its indivisibility entire composition without losing the animate. Perhaps fear is the only reality that we accept today as a simple habit to complain to the bar, between people. A sense of belonging that leads to nothing in our consciousness when we think we are real, and then everything does not go, but if not us who decides to be indivisible? We decide how to be and no one else.We are soul always and always will be this indefinite form in forms that live around and in the whole flow of the universe is boundless. We see that only the easy part of what we forget that simple things you live in comfortable, but comfort is not guaranteed to be immune to later events that remind us when we are weak and how much we could be strong. The strength in life is complete and not only be attentive to two-thirds of ourselves. It will always be the missing piece that we do not live to make us weak and attacked previous experience, but not everything is deciphered in the past experiences. The great book of our past does not have all the pages, our indivisibility as human beings is our true knowledge and understanding does not live in fear, and in those moments that we are weak and frightened, we have the trump card in us, we can be connected to a source of transmission in addition to what we think gives the knowledge to pass the moments that we fear. Too many questions live on little and ask how you can recognize the soul in us. The soul is the primary feeling that we, the sensitivity increased to vision and that connects us to God, is the indivisible union between us and the whole. Unfortunately, there is a picture that shows what this connection, there is only the chance to immerse themselves in us and try to believe that this is the means of unification between us and God Losing God is impossible even when you deny the evidence of that which connects us to everything. We could also say not to believe, will not be the phrase that will change our connection and will not be a requirement that we should live. Each person is free to live his life, and to be the tightrope of his journey in his life.
We are indivisible and we are always soul, where the apparent end we put in the dark soul will live forever in his light. You can believe this or not, you can believe that apart from us there is none, you can also change in a moment of pain, vision, because only in the hardest moments we surrender to what we are. We surrender to the evidence and as such we have no real defenses (internal resistance), but in this we recognize all of the way in us. We feel our whole being in its fullness without hearing arguments that only the struggles of us share more objective and mental parts, there is another and that other is the soul.
The soul is what makes us immortal, sensitive and receptive at that moment that we live in the moment of "yes", the immediate moment. The moment that is not processed in this way is our true sixth sense and takes away the risk. Risk because it's afraid to live without something that was rational, but we are indivisible and as such we can all live. We can and this remains one of our good fortune. When we were just there the division duals and as such are not "infinite" but the contrast between us and ourselves. Remember this is just accepting how much power there is in a single individual and how many times we do not live in fear of the consequences, which eventually will be the same as in a sea of ​​reasoning we are divided and we will not be in the way that we really belong .
The road remains to be total, some human, but in all that we total up, we are indivisible, we are soul forever.

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