sabato 30 luglio 2011


In us there is a mystery, unravel the enigma of the over brings us know what fascinated us in the stories. We have read and dreamed of this story that brings us to the desire for a happy life, but we have not really tried this. We stopped and we were waiting, and this remained so for now ...
We sailed in the sea of ​​words, books of all forms of lighting, we are fascinated and involved, we try to reveal what lies within us. The charm of the thing, it leads us to immerse ourselves in more and would like to touch our deepest core self. Hear and see the mystery unravel the puzzle to our understanding and approach. Now lives in the growing urgency of the malaise created an increasingly looking to ourselves, tired and perplexed the life that surrounds us, and we have heard too many people tell us of their arrival and their way of spiritual light. They are useful feedback that we see in people, but they still have and not ours. In us the riddle does not compare to anyone, much less the way to attain, the goal is the welfare or creative energy and this is fact.
But all this, then at the end because we really belong? And 'the question that everyone at times fails to ask and believe that with perseverance to follow examples and readings are adapted to him, this may be reflected only if we are willing and integrity in what we feel within us the energy and real , but not the emotion.The excitement did not last long and always goes out in these situations, the totality of the puzzle is to understand the event that gradually takes shape in us and does not follow strict rules, often the best of the true essence without knowing anyone and therefore do not enter comparisons that may confound our progression. A given fact remains, as always say, often the way of research, is pain. This one can not escape. All trips in search of its hidden essence, as the enigma that is contained within us and these are clues are like fragments of the pain that you make up slowly.We often live in the elimination phase of the thing, and we stay away for a real refusal to accepting that freedom as knowing what is within us is put to the test. This is all you need to delve into the research and understanding that we sometimes attempt, but the first step to overcome is that of pain is not constant, but has moments strong and vivid as life itself. And 'true intensity and therefore the price is acceptable if we are determined to understand what we will find in our self.
Unraveling the mystery is to understand the primary balance that keeps us be the flow of life, to which we are in symbiosis. All can have implications not beautiful at first, but if one does not see this step as well, is only found to be far away from understanding the enigma that exists in him. You do not need a will to think and I say it's true! But this depends on us as we are always seats, compared to what we are. If we are at peace with ourselves all that is good, but if we do not dare to see what in us can be output from the malaise.
All these steps are described that should always be viewed as a starting point, and I for one will never say that there is instant miracle in reaching the extreme point of themselves. It 'a hard and painful way, but in my personal life and try this, I always try not to expose it as an absolute, even for you will be banal to say that words are vehicles, but must be taken carefully because they are not all equal, no There is a method or a way unique. I feel free to dedicate what I have tried and give the reader the possibility of having a stable and wrote about an experience made by me. And I now live in its full and in its essence, this is a simple recount that is reflected only when a person realizes that everything is good, but he as an individual has in the courage to see beyond after the stimulus itself. This time it will be useful, but if a person seeks the magic pill that can be immediate, rather the whole thing like this and live a simple story ...
No one has the absolute truth, a truth to us to take and read the riddle, as a stimulus.

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