venerdì 2 settembre 2011

Spiritual enlightenment 2.0

Tales speak of this now age-old phenomenon: the lighting ...
Year 2011, now everything has remained in the books, in those persons who have attained enlightenment, or perhaps we can still get to see over the border in the static dwells in us?To date this will happen again ... ..Dilemma or fantasy surrounds the phenomenon of interiority Supreme, which leads man to the highest bliss.Tales 2.0 ..
The substance of the human being, remains the mystery that is studied. Readings that speak of men who reach the highest point of the interior, all charm and yet today it takes is growing. We are tired of everything and everybody, we are sleepy, lazy, and static. We want what we all have, then afflicted by evil dissatisfaction place our attention to the phenomenon that has made men divine, timeless, endlessly. In all that lives at times hope, and indifference. We are fickle in deciding what is important, too flexible like reeds in the wind, to be clear about what we value today and a true inner worth.
To say the value is to give due weight this mystical phenomenon that has revolutionized the whole existence. He left an indelible mark for millions of people. And as such, has created waves ocean, the abyss of the inner end of living, now on a flat sea. Deprived of what humans would have been the real force of life and the way of the inner consciousness.This wave has created religious and moved to the core of the individual actual research. He created what would be the missing link to mankind. And even now in 2.0, this resonates in people and grows as a counter and a challenge to the canons of society.
The lighting is now chasing the mirage that many, all that charm and takes the simple fact remains: that everything is extreme draws, attracts a huge. Maybe not the best looking specifically arrival, which involves immersion in themselves, but often those who live this phase poses to people as if he were a true light. It is now a growing phenomenon that fills the mouths of words recorded, but in all this we must separate the true reality of the phenomenon and the illusion that it is expressed. In a society, become weak and tired of these things raise their voice and bring the message that is false. All this has an end that one has nothing to do with the original phenomenon. If you read the story carefully, you realize that you had the masters, disciples, but in this discipline and there was not a payment of fees. This exists in some remote corner of the globe who today is still the source of the thing, you can define rarity. And this, moreover, is to see and discover, why is not exposed to advertising and posters.
Now the world needs a change, and this is shown more by what happens every day, just observing the simple life need to change. We are more and more detached from the values ​​of love and solidarity, ever more distant from spirituality and religiosity. But all this can be remedied without following anyone, much less who is proclaimed through the media. We can and we have the right to see what can be a vehicle for us, showing us and our soul to the existential level best. But we must be careful in all of this and sensitive to the words being expressed.To date there are still people who have to teach values, will not be illuminated, will simply be masters and teachers of various disciplines, who believe in what they teach. This may be enough to go back to being balanced. In itself it could happen to us the phenomenon of enlightenment, when we entered the true knowledge of ourselves, and be everything in the complexity of the whole. In fact there is no rule. The only rule is to observe who now is a bearer of truth and who is not.
In this we find the right path and the solution for us, and what will be the uncertainty of life. The important thing is life and not be in the same margins, and avoid those who want to make disciples of people who are only willing to fill in themselves and their egos ....

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