martedì 13 settembre 2011

The thought that haunts

We tried at least once in their life, that feeling of a thought that is like a sword stuck in our minds.We were under siege, the recurring thought, and we wondered how to solve this feeling of buzz, that left no room for more. Surely we have given an explanation of what was happening in us, we tried to divert the concentration of the siege of mind. In some cases, everything disappeared by itself. In other cases, we were at the mercy of the will of this "torture," which he could decide whether to reflect ....
Often, we are subject to a life where we must run from morning to evening, we have too many commitments that vary from person to person. We stop to eat hardly at noon and there are those who do well in standing. All this increases our stress levels. This seems to offer an extremely well known and experienced by most people. The problem is that now this race is not leaving us time to relax our entire person. We are like cars that go forward until we have exhausted energies and in the evening now, we do not see the hours of bedtime. In all this, time running out, the days turn into months and years. All of a sudden we run into all this frenzy, which is now an index of the collective modern person who works and has family, an additional problem. We know already that our perfection is not always in us, and as such even a word spoken at the wrong time can trigger anger in us full. All this then can lead to an animated discussion, very simple example the classic discussion with our supervisor at work. In fact, while we are in a situation where we can vent, say our opinions and we bring all this negative energy at home.If we notice this is a common example. However, what happens is that this debate is that we do not end even entablature at home, at this point we have a fixed idea in us, and the mind begins to work against our joy! In fact, begin to manifest all variations of a speech left half, ie: what we wanted to say, do, as it was fair to conclude the matter and finally, have a logical reason for that was ours. This did not happen and now we have a recurrent thought that torture, leaving no need to recharge our human energy to face the next day.
In front of this many of us have spent sleepless nights since, to think and rethink all conceivable variations of this story that happened, we have built as a film that could change in many ways giving final impressions and the emotions of what to live almost . But in all this there are surely put to rest and in so doing we are tired the next day.
This is an example of many that can happen to us, in any context of our lives and at the same time is one of the less restrictive that we can live. Consider that far worse things happen, deaths, love affairs that end, distress from diseases, etc.. But in this case, see a common and simple example is useful to ask a series of questions: How could we do to the fact that we lived before? How can we calm down and not have his mind full of this thought that haunts us? Do we have something wrong with us?
In these three questions, it contains a possible solution, which in itself is not universal, but which can give us an idea for improving this condition.
Logic to the first question: How could we act before the fact that we put in turmoil, the variants are varied and depend more on how we set ourselves to life. We could not react and remain calm, this would have been well and untouched by everything but becomes complex to date with the hectic life we ​​are called to live, it becomes hard to be so superior. Stress, the always poses with poisoned claws and therefore we are too ready to react. So maybe the best solution could have been, listen to the discussion of interaction, and remains at the same time not so much focused on what for us was a one-way dialogue, but we are keeping the same level of anger in check through a long, deep breath . That even if it seems trivial proceedings would keep a certain balance in us.
To the second question: How can we calm down and get rid of that thought that now haunts us? Here the solutions are varied and depend not so much by how we are made, but as we know our body, understood in its entirety (body and mind). Someone to fix this and eliminate the thought that torments him, could make a walking, running, and cycling, this is an excellent means of disposal, but that requires an energy reserve, which in some cases is consumed in the same state of anger we have. In this, perform a motor activity after certain situations, can create an additional strain and therefore an increased level of stress in sports noi.Lo done in other conditions is a great way to expel toxins and stress, and the best thing occurs if done in advance, like all sports in general. The secondary method may be, do deep breathing: Breathing is a basic meditation, a little principle that puts us in touch with our essence. In fact we are dependent on air-breathing and as such, we can find in it a small benefit done to measure for us. Simply breathe through the nose, with deep and slow breaths keeping in touch with the very breath, put in a position to enter the complex inner world that belongs to us. If you add up to a breathing motion of the stomach, as if it were a balloon, or in doing swells and breathing during exhalation deflation have a calming effect, which can be observed even as we perform it. The concentration is still the breath and movement of the belly, so you can bring more oxygen to flow and take advantage of our full breathing capacity. In itself this little exercise is a meditation not true, because in meditation there are other factors which should add to the exercise, and how it is logical that the meditations are first learned from a teacher in a discipline that covers meditation.But notwithstanding that it be a small base, it offers the possibility primary, to meet themselves in the interior and at the same time to appease the "hum", the thought that haunts is giving us.
At the third and last question: Have we done something wrong us? The answer is because every single time we are faced with a situation that puts us in turmoil, stress, etc.. we can intervene early. Putting us in a position not too far from the penetrating question, and besides, if we are forced to be partakers of the thing we have to temper our response. Because between right and wrong way is slim. So often trap of helmets at a discounted logic and reason, only to find that a reaction leading to erroneous apparent wrong. Apparent say makes sense, because we were right ahead, we should be including in the thing but as such, we are not always understood, and our reaction even if it seems to us may in fact not be proportional. As such, even though we are suffering, leading to the wrong auto. The result is an argument that has no end, and as such perpetrerà at home. Where right or wrong, will not count anything.We who will suffer the effects of the thing. So to conclude you do not need reasons or wrong, but only at concentrations not to run beyond what the reason is in itself, a condition that "the time is located." Right or wrong only serve to comfort us, but the real comfort is to be calm.
This article I'm going to end well, as always has an absolute truth, but that's just my personal exposition of a situation I have experienced many times in life, where the solutions are given as answers to the questions the article, are personal experiences that I have done about it.

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