giovedì 22 settembre 2011

positive opposite

Speak up,
're sweet,
hidden in your walls,
I listen with innocence,
the voice, look, your poison.

Opposite positive
dialogue to wear down,
the simple truth,
a mirror of the same.

Opposites in space,
a wall that you want,
afraid to say what will hurt,
I wait, your poison.

Perverse positive,
a truth that has no meetings,
lovers in time,
in a time that belongs to no one,
I can not, console what is decided,
your poison is sweet,
hidden tears,

Opposites positve,
rational contradictions,
only fear rebellion,
I wait, your poison
gift of a truth, you want to show.

You are on the run from the mirror,
infrangilo! To tell you the end,
your poison is the love that you gave,
without even you knowing it.

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