giovedì 29 settembre 2011

The inner conflicts

Life today places man below her inner experience, we have become the contemplated the matter and this had to be progress ... or maybe not!
Everything is now surrounded by an explanation, even the air has written on how to use, sarcasm, we can say, that in itself reveals a reality.This reality can be summed up simply: we are always too need to have external support, to understand what in fact we can do alone. We need information constantly, and when we are simplifications of researchers in us and not outside, an inner conflict is often an indication we do not find help. "We complied on a plan that moves on a mass scale." That we are exposed to a constant we belong and we do not see the real small things solvers. We tend to magnify minor inconveniences, to create a constant emphasis, almost having to justify our not wanting to be leaders but only extras in a scene of life.Clearly not all of this trend, but it is still present in the manner set out today. With this in his heart, every person should ask himself a question which would express the truth because the answer?
Would be out of a sequence of words that would not end, the file size is huge!
With this, can not dwell on the immense variations of it, we can just see why today we are always in constant need for signs to be calm, happy and wanting also in turn leads to a trail of positivity.To achieve this, we can not exclude the factor of internal conflicts. This is not seen as a schematic, but as a simple situation that belongs to everyone sooner or later. In fact, those who have not experienced that feeling of wanting to do something a pulse? Obviously the answer, everyone.This is often the impetus as we take a wrong form, the substance of what we experience as a situation that we do or perform without thinking. We have entered into the concept that we rationalize everything and the times when we let go, even a simple purchase made on impulse, or feel the inner conflict within us, or we have to justify in any way.We have not followed in this case no indication given from anyone, we have acted without thinking and this has moved us in two factors that seem awkward at that time. Because we are accustomed to having to outline and plan a simple purchase, maybe a whim, but that base is not programmed. In our case this sort of conflict where the mind begin to take the questions we did well, we may have spent money at a time not so suitable. and all this is not just a rarity, and often happens.In the second condition, which supposedly forms must justify what we did, and here to bring more voices in the mind hypothetical shortcuts to say for himself, I had this desire and nothing else. In both forms, we are always in a conflict between us and us. Coming to synthesize the thing: we have an inner conflict or to get our approval in a premeditated gesture, we have to invent an alibi. The general picture is clear.To get better in what we understand a simple factor: we are simply composed of three things, body, soul, mind, spirit and if we want to be precise. When you do these little things, we have given a boost by a desire, such as the mind comes into action. Emotions take over so the heart and soul, and up to nothing bad here, then perform the momentum that we asked. Following fact that the satisfaction and joy of what we did (we should be happy with our purchase), took over the mind that even with these formulas described above puts us in doubt. Then arises naturally wonder how to do because it does not happen, there would be many ways to help us with more and more aware and less self-doubt. But in fact highlight a method would be complex, because of the differences that make each individual and as such would be a lot of things to say.
Instead, what must stand out is not a practical solution but only a small reflection can serve to understand what happens to us sometimes. Remains true, as already expressed before that not everyone is subject to the condition of inner conflict, but this is more reasonable to speak of those who live in these situations even if a little uncomfortable.In conclusion, we can say that even small things can be annoying and as such have a small understanding of conflict can become an important input to try to resolve it. Then each person, as rightly should be able to decide how to act on, but what remains important is to realize and be aware of. In fact, freedom does not say that there is a rule to feel good and happy, we are also in the little things that we must exercise our right to happiness and if we feel that this state of inner conflict does not make us happy, then we must act without seeking directions say that you act!

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