giovedì 22 settembre 2011

Melancholy Rose

Rose emblem
Crazy Love recurring
that in the gesture of the gift of a rose Trovan expiations
to cancel the case.

as links of a time when it was love,
disappear over time and nothing has donar red flower.

The melancholy of roses,
is living in the moment,
breaking nature,
running after a past,
all in vain,
completely empty,
everything is just fine.

All and everything,
that hide the truth,
running after a breathless love,
an end.

Now you're just on the corner,
see, the flower of roses,
You're intimate and melancholy of a moment as lovers,
a memory
painting color
broken into a canvas,
everything and everything.

The melancholy of roses,
is only the passage of the sirocco,
hot wind
that lasts only briefly.

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