giovedì 22 settembre 2011

The apparent end

The black, the color that she is in mourning, observe the pain, imagine your time is screaming inside you, fear ..

Dress color gives light, walk and smile, taken for granted. Then the moment of a tragedy happens, the black dress robes as a sign of the dogma of the rite. Cross the lane, cold, and tears are ornaments in the air, the sun would look, but only gray clouds on the horizon.
Scene of a moment, thinking that accompanies all, time does not exempt anyone. You want a reason, you want to make sense of this.Include death, it is difficult. Systemic mechanisms only lead to pain, finally says. This is just one point.Life seems devoid of nuance, in these moments, but to decide this is just a desire to see the absolute black.
Death is only an appearance of a moment where the soul leaves the body, the soul is immortal."To understand death is to love life", there is no way that brings to life without a real or apparent death. We are born with a deadline, but we've come and gone many times, the memory does not lead to the memory of this. The memory brings only one life at a time, say a lot about this, but who says he fears is the first and the last one he loves. Love life, love her with everything you have, death is just a trait that gives a higher awareness of the beauty of who you are and live, the pain is just the feeling that manifests. The vacuum of the absence of someone who is not among us physically. But he will live forever and we like him.
The tears and pain are feelings, but if your thinking about the end of the thrill it freezes your breath, thinking that none of this is useful, not only leads to life. Fear is a dark shadow, and as such you are light, light shows and turn your world. Death can not be afraid if you get to understand the essence, will never be easy. But if you come to understand that everything is reborn in it will derive a full and happy life.Life is a cycle and how all things start and then finish, then start again, what has to fear then? The answer is hard, but there is this fear if you do not want it, exists only if you set boundaries, but life itself has none. To experience outside to see the death of others, shows that the last breath you exhale shows bliss, evidence that instant never appears to us, but that time and consciousness, the inner search for that show it is.This is because nothing is the end, it's just a biological end, but not spiritual. If you live in the suburbs all of life that dwells in you, do not understand why this is sad, but true.
The one day that will dive into himself and find himself the true spirituality, one made of a feeling God in itself, will not fear the end.
No one will ever change our destiny, we can only change our life and the passage is required. In the end we know there is a sense of existence and this is no consolation that there must be in us. Must be in us an awareness of our existence and that he never says the word end, if not apparent.
Every moment is a growth, death is a part of it, is to understand the difficulty in this view, but at the end of all things, evvenimenti, thoughts, words, and as such are divisions Devid if every person must see the light, or alone and Always the shadow.They will never let others to understand, what is life, only we can fulfill our potential in what is life itself. A path to our inner selves is always a threshold of the unknown, but besides being this is also our hope that we can understand the sense of our universal existence.

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